Too Faced Melted

I have been a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics for a while now.  The eyeshadow palettes, in particular, are some of my favorite palettes in the world.  Right now I am kinda obsessed with super pigmented lipsticks and Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick is kind of a big deal.  They are an intensely saturated lip color with a precise tip applicator.  I have 4 of the newer shades to show you: Melted Candy, Melted Berry, Melted Fig, and Melted Marshmallow!

“The shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick, all in one high-impact formula. Bold, long-wearing color glides on cleanly with the precision tip applicator, delivering rich color with staying power.” – Too Faced
Too Faced Melted

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Shades

Melted Candy is described as a bright fuchsia pink.  The name is pretty dead on, because it is what I would consider a candy pink!  It has a warmer undertone than Melted Fuchsia, which I personally find suits me much better!

Too Faced Melted Candy

Melted Berry is a described as a berry red.  I really think that it looks like a berry/wine shade.  It is one of those shades that is PERFECT for Fall.  Bold, opaque and can go with everything!Too Faced Melted Berry

Melted Fig is described as a rosy orchid.  It is probaly the one shade in this assortment that I would deem as an “everyday” or “easily wearable” color.  It is still bold and opaque, but the shade isn’t as “loud” as the others.  I am kind of in love with it!Too Faced Melted Fig

Melted Marshmallow is described as a candy pink.  This is one of those shades that I have always wanted to wear.  I have a neutral undertone in my skin, but it leans slightly more warm than cool (only slightly) and these super blue-toned pinks look absolutely terrible on me.  And it is so sad because I want to love it so bad!Too Faced Melted Marshmallow

Side by side you can see how pretty they all are.  These shades just make my jaw drop!  Stunning!

Too Faced Melted Swatches

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks just jumped to the top of the list of “my favorite lipsticks”.  Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of these showing up in future posts.  You can pick these gorgeous lippies up at Sephora, Ulta, Macys,,  and anywhere else that carries Too Faced Cosmetics!

Tell me in the comments below: Which of these shades is totally “you”?

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Glossybox for Harper’s Bazaar

Glossybox for September 2014 has paired up with Harper’s Bazaar!  As soon as I saw the box I knew it would be a lot of great high end items and upon opening the box I know that my instincts were correct.  I love the actual box that is Glossybox for Harper’s Bazaar!  The white and black is so crisp and classy!

Glossybox Harper's Bazaar

Glossybox for Harper’s Bazaar products include the following:

Essie Madison Ave-Hue | “Both playful and chic, Madison Ave-Hue is a perfectly posh pink for day or night.”  I really love this shade.  It is a gorgeous pink with sparkles.

OCC Lip Tar Metallic in Authentic | Lip Tars are surprisingly becoming my favorite lip products.  I have tried quite a few lately and they are so rich in pigmentation and so smooth.  It is actually quite fun to mix and blend them together.  And you need the tiniest dot to do your the entire lip!  Amazing.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara | This is a mascara I enjoy quite a lot.  I love having these small sample sizes for my purse/travel bag.

Vichy Liftactiv Night | Optimize skin’s natural nighttime repair mechanisms with this evening moisturizer which stars anti-aging plant sugar extract, rhamnose, and continuous-release vitamin C.  Promising to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin’s firmness, this cream also offers 24 hours of hydration and improved skin tone.

BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Conditioner | Boasting a rich formula that contains extracts of rice and cotton, this gentle cream conditioner leaves hair lightly scented with BVLGARI’s calming Eau Parfumee au the blanc fragrance.

Glossybox Harper's Bazaar

I find this month’s box to be really luxe and totally something I enjoyed.  One thing that I have really super enjoyed are Lip Tars.  I have the shades Authentic and Black Dahlia and WOAH are they awesome.  They don’t look like much in the tube, but they are so pretty on the lip!

Glossybox Lip Tars

Glossybox Harper's Bazaar Lip Tars in Authentic and Black Dahlia

I am also excited to share with you a special promotion that I have from Glossybox for my readers!  If you enter the code ADDICTION when checking out you will get a full sized Boscia BB Cream Bronze!  I have been adding this into my foundation all week because I am just not ready to let summer go!  You don’t have to use it that way though, you can actually use it as a cream/liquid contour!  It would be perfect for faking a cheekbone!

Glossybox Harper's Bazaar GWP Use code "Addiction" Glossybox Harper's Bazaar GWP Use code "Addiction"

I have an unused Lip Tar in the shade Authentic and I would love to give it to a reader!  Tell me in the comments below what you love about Fall Beauty Trends!!!

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Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.

More often than not, I need to get ready in a flash.  A last minute invite, a rash decision to go somewhere and everything in between.  When that happens I don’t want to spend forever to get ready, but I need to know that I can get my face on quickly.  I am going to show you some things I have been using lately in my Ten Minute Flawless Face!
Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.

There are a ton of products from e.l.f. that I find truly outstanding.  First thing I would like to mention is the brushes.  There are a few that I have been using for YEARS!  There is a set, the Essential Complete Set of 12 Brushes that costs only $12!  There are some real gems in this set!

Another thing I use on a regular basis are these e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes-Vanilla & Coconut.  They are perfect for me, someone who is lazy.  When I am a hurry, I swipe these on my arms and legs straight out of the shower.  I also keep them in my diaper bag.  I love to use them on Raegan!  They also smell DIVINE!

elf lotion wipes 1

The e.l.f. Mineral Blemish Powder is very similar to another that I have used from a company that is leaps and bounds more expensive.  The active ingredient is sulfur, which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for clearing up your complexion.  elf mineral powder

Something new to my routine that I have fallen head over heels for is the e.l.f. Eye Refresh.  Again, this feels a lot like another eye refreshing product from a high end brand.  I think that e.l.f. has done a great job of creating affordable options of some of my favorite products.
Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Studio Daily Moisture Stick is really something I find really interesting.  It is this moisturizer in a gel formula that you can apply onto your FACE AND BODY.  That is something I have never done before – use the same product on my face as I do on my body.  I love this for my elbows and knees though, seriously quick hydration!elf moisture stick

I am a stickler for a good eye primer and this e.l.f. Glitter Primer really is good stuff.  This is ANOTHER dupe for a high end product.  It is a good dupe, too!

Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.

Eyeshadows are my favorite thing on earth!  e.l.f. makes a brilliant Custom Compact with Mirror that I have been buying for years.  Not only do they fit e.l.f. eyeshadows, but several other brands.  So you can absolutely mix and match shades AND brands.  I love the compact because the mirror is huge and easily portable.  The shadows in this set are: Dusk, Pink Ice, Taupe and Sage.  These shades may seem sort of unusual together, because of the Dusk shade, but I assure you that they create a gorgeous look!  It really shocks me that these eyeshadows are only $1 each because the pigmentation is really great.

Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 is actually a super fantastic gloss.  It is on the sheer side and easy to wear, but it does add a little something to the lips.  I am not even sure that this is supposed to be a lip plumper, but I could tell my lips were a little fuller after application!elf super glossy lip shine

Remember how I said the pigmentation is great?  Yup!

Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.


The only thing that is really hard to “figure out” about my look is eyeshadow placement.  So I want to share with you a mini-tutorial on what I did!  I didn’t mention this step in the tutorial, but apply the Glitter Primer first!

{one}  Apply the shade Taupe onto the inner 2/3s of the lid.

{two}  Apply the shade Sage onto the outer 1/3 of the lid and then etch it into your crease/socket bone.

{three}  Apply Pink Ice onto the inner corners of the eye.

{four}  Apply the shade Dusk as eye liner.

{five}  Go back and make sure your shadows are well blended.

{six}  Apply your favorite mascara!

Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f.


I call this my Ten Minute Flawless Face but I can usually get this COMPLETE look done in around 8 minutes.  The mascara is honestly the part that takes me the longest, because I am so finicky with it.  I hope you enjoyed learning about the things I have been loving lately from e.l.f.

Tell me in the comments below:  What are some tricks or products you do that save you time?

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Tarte Cosmetics | Colored Clay CC Eye Primer

My eyelids are oily.  I have trouble keeping eyeshadow on my lid without experiencing creasing, fading and transferring.  I also suffer from discoloration around my eyes, so I prefer an eyeshadow primer that actually color corrects as well.  The Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer was seriously something I would have only thought existed in fairytales!  It is everything I need all packed into a twist up chubby pencil!

“Tarte’s innovative, waterproof CC eye primer stick works on all skin types to color-correct the skin around eyes. Infused with color-correcting and skin-nourishing colored clay, this smoothing eye primer absorbs excess oil on the lids, offering a neutral base for the perfect eye shadow application. The lightweight formula addresses appearance of redness and discoloration, balancing the skin and instantly brightening the delicate eyelid area. This easy-glide, neutral pencil tip preps lids prior to makeup application for better wear and truer shadow payoff that can last for up to 12 hours.” – Tarte Cosmetics Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer

It is slightly darker than my light skin but when spread over the eye area, you really don’t notice.  It matches pretty perfectly.  I love that it does a great job at actually reducing the appearance of redness.  I even apply this along my lower lash line whether I am wearing eyeshadow there or not.

Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer Swatches

What I love about the Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer is that it {a} absolutely color corrects, {b} it lasts forever, and {c} it really does bring out the color of the eyeshadow you layer over it.  You can see from the picture above that the shades I swatched over the primer really stand out vs being swatched over bare skin.

It looks as though it would be very heavy and thick, but I assure you that it really thins out when being smoothed out.  I like to apply it onto my lid using the pencil itself, but smooth it out with my finger versus a brush because I feel like it reacts the best with the heat of my fingertips.  I have been using it for about a month now.  Every time I wear eyeshadow you can bet that the Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer is under it.

You can find the Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Eye Primer at Sephora, Ulta, in a set on QVC and anywhere else that sells Tarte.

 Tell me in the comments below:  What is it that you look for in an eyeshadow primer?

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.