Target Beauty Bag: Animal Print

It has arrived and it is wild!  :)  The latest (and possible the last) Target Beauty Bag has arrived in my mailbox today and I am excited to show you all!

It is a really nice, high-quality faux-leather animal print makeup bag.  It looks very sturdy and easy to clean on the inside.  This rivals another of Target’s bags as a favorite so far (the other pretty bag is linked here)!  I think it might just win as I am really digging animal print lately.

The samples this time are mostly hair care, which is okay I suppose.  I prefer getting stuff like makeup wipes, etc.  I like travel sizes of things.  Oh well, I will never complain about free!  These will get used.  I like to throw these types of samples into a bin and use them at random or save them for when I go on vacation because it always seems I don’t end up liking the shampoo that hotels give.

Earlier I mentioned that the inside of the bag looked easy to clean, and here you go.  It is a nice nylon-type material and looks like it would wipe clean with a wet wash cloth.  

I recorded a video already, but my sleepy-pregnant-lady syndrome is hitting at the moment.  Doesn’t appear that that will be edited and up until possibly tomorrow!  Until then my lovelies! xoxo
Did you get a Target Beauty Bag?  If so, what did you like/dislike about it?  Let me know in the comments below!
*The item(s) mentioned above were sent free because I filled out information on Target’s Facebook page.  This post is in NO WAY sponsored.  All opinions are my own.

Target Beauty Bag for Summer 2012

Hello all!  Looks like Target is doing another Beauty Bag with free samples and coupons.  All you do is sign up and wait on it to arrive.  Do it quick though because they have a limited amount every time and it goes quick!  This time you sign up through a Facebook App so click the picture or link above and it should take you right to the site!  I am in NO WAY affiliated with Target or the Beauty Bag, I just linked these to share the awesomeness that is free!  :)  

Speaking of freebies!  Don’t forget to check out my Minerals Mate Giveaway!  It is only going to be posted for a little while longer!  

Sephora VIB Gift Card Haul

As you saw in a previous my Sunday Night Ramble post, I recently picked up some stuff from Sephora with the gift card they give Beauty Insiders and VIBs every year around Christmas.  I have been wanting to try the brand Hourglass and I have been on a lipstick kick recently so I picked up a MLBB (My Lips But Better) color.  I have also been dying to try Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara because it always gets really great reviews.  With every order you get to pick 3 samples and I also used the code “FromSephora” to get a Hello Kitty cosmetics bag filled with samples.  
I will be reviewing the products I picked up soon.  I want to get them a test run and get a good feel for the performance before I do that.  I did want to show you pictures of my purchase so here goes…
The Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara comes in a very nice sleek tube.

And the wand appears similar to most tradition wands, but the bristles appear a little thicker.  

Here is the packaging on the Hourglass lipstick.  I got the shade Fresco.  It is very nice heavy packaging and is soo sleek.  I love how the name of the brand is engraved into the cap.

The bullet of the lipstick is beautiful.  It has an hourglass emblem indented into it–and as I said before, it looks like a little corset! :) 

Here is Fresco swatched on my arm.  It was very overcast when I did the swatches, but I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible.  When I do the actual review I will swatch this in better lighting.  
Here it is on my lips.  It looks a little deeper in the tube but on the lips it is truly a gorgeous MLBB color.  I am so happy I picked it up.  

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Tell me in the comments below what you picked up with your Sephora Gift Card.  If you would like, you can find me on YouTubeTwitterFacebook.  If you don’t already, follow me here.  Thank you for all of your support!

Awesomesauce Package

This is probably my favorite package I have ever received.  It holds in it the one item that I have lusted after for 2 years.  O_O The lovely Mira sent this! I frikken love her!!!
See the pretty Hello Kitty sticker on it! So much awesome!!

One of our mutual loves is food and candy! :)  She shared some love…

You may like some of the pictures in this post.  I found some of them hilarious with their little gifts in the corners of the shots.  I edited them less than I normally do because I literally laughed out loud at some of them!  The next one has a gnarly looking spider in the top left corner! :D  My son got some fake spiders and randomly leaves them all over the house to scare us.  Anyway, I digress…
Bronze Universel is finally in my possession!  It is perfect.  Yeah, some people thing it is orange but I looves it!

Bourjois foundation samples! :D WAHOOOOO! I can’t wait to try those bad boys!  What I find hilarious about this picture is that my little pumpkin snuck his feet into this picture! LOL And our Mimi hates feet!  I had to leave it in there!

Boots 17 Mardi Gras is suuuuuch a gorgeous eyeshadow.  First of all it is a taupe, second it has a fantastic texture.  Really a great eyeshadow!  Since Target has some of the Boots line in the store I hope they decide to stock these eyeshadows as well! 

Thanks to the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge, I have been totally interested in this Rimmel Colour Mousse 8Hr in Sassy.  Such a great liquidy consistency.  What is even better is that it actually lasts a long time.  It is such a good product! Lisa Eldridge is a genius!
Swatches of the awesome taupes.  The first one is inside with no flash and the second is with a flash!

Look at the awesomesauce Mickey paper she wrapped some stuff in! *squealllllz* 
I hope you loved this post as much as I loved this package!  Also hope you enjoyed some of the hidden little funnies in the corners of some of the photos!  

Sephora VIB Weekend Haul

I haven’t gotten any emails from in a very long time.  I have reported it to them over and over again but for some reason I am just not getting my emails.  I never get notification of VIB events or even specials that they run.  Luckily I have many friends that are not only Beauty Insiders but also Very Important Beauties (VIB).  I heard that they were having a special weekend for those of us that are VIBs.  Sephora was giving double points for the weekend as well as a hatbox full of deluxe samples if you made a purchase of $35 or more.  
I placed an order online for a Anastasia kit, Supergoop, and a Lavanila deordorant.  I suppose my package went through hell before arriving to me because the palette arrived busted and the Supergoop was spilling product out.  I returned those two items and ended up purchasing a Too Faced Matte Eye palette.  
I am a little uncomfortable talking about deodorant but here goes…  In recent months the deodorant I have been using for years has stopped working for me.  I used to use the Dove Cucumber Melon deodorant but I suppose my body chemistry has changed because it isn’t holding up any longer.  I can apply it and an hour or two later it just doesn’t seem like I have applied anything.  I have been on the hunt for a deodorant that works for months without any luck.  I decided to try this Lavanila one for god knows what reason.  It retails for $18 which is completely expensive.  I probably wouldn’t have been driven to try it had the cheaper ones worked for me.  
I was skeptical about it at first because it is supposedly all natural as well as strangely expensive… But alas I like it… It works. Keeps me dry and smelling fresh all day!!!

LOOOOOOK at this gorgeous palette.  For some awesome swatches check out Karla Sugar.  I attempted to swatch these but I couldn’t get the color to show up true to what they look like in real life.  I wore the palette  and LOOOOVE it too. :D 
Here are the 3 samples that normally come with any online order as well as the hatbox.  

Thank you so much for looking and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Collective Haul #2

I have been slacking on updating this for a while now.  The things in this haul are over at least 2 months!  There is probably something I am forgetting, I am 100% positive there is, but for now this is what I want to share.  This haul is from a Hautelook purchase, a pre-blogsale purchase, a swap and a gift!

First up: The purchased goods!

Rock and Republic eyeshadow in Fade

Rock and Republic lipgloss in Trust Fund
Next: A gift from the beautiful Mira!

Accessorize Molten Truffle pigment and Truffle eyeshadow 
I dropped the eyeshadow on the carpet the RIGHT AFTER I opened it.  It is such a soft buttery shadow that it broke apart.  Luckily it is such a soft buttery shadow that it pressed back together very easily and is still awesome! :)

Third: A swap with Chrisssa :)
Chrissa sent me the Josie Maran My Favorite Powders palette along with an Argan Oil Stick and a couple Bare Escentuals samples and other various samples!

Last, but not least: I bought an awesome palette off of the lovely Jude! :) Because of her awesomeness she sent me samples that totally lifted my spirits!  Fragrances!  They smell so good!  I was instantly in a better, happier place when I sniffed them! 

Awesome, awesome products! As I use them I will be doing reviews and FOTDs for you guys!  Pinks are appealing to me at the moment so both of the palettes are going to be fantastic for the season!
Hope you enjoyed my collective haul!  Thanks for looking!