Review and Swatches: Chanel Harmonie Du Soir Quad

Last year I missed out on the Chanel‘s Holiday Collection as a whole and specifcally I regret not picking up the Topkapi quad.  This year I was determined not to miss out on the Harmonie Du Soir quad.  It has the same round button look imprint on it and the colors were completely mesmerizing.  All 4 colors in the quad are ones I would buy on their own and completely drool-worthy.

I love that all of the Chanel products come in the cute duster bag-like protecters.  All of my Chanel packaging looks great because it doesn’t get scratched up from being tossed around in a makeup organizer.  

I love the sleek black packaging of Chanel products.  Very simple and chic with nothing but the Chanel symbol on the center of the top.

And for the big reveal.  LOOK AT THOSE SHADES!  Gorgeous.  I would also like to mention that the top of the quad comes with a nice large mirror.  You can easily use this large mirror to do your eyes with if you are travelling.  

With a closer look at the eyeshadows you can see the gorgeous imprinting.  I love that these look like buttons  you would find on a Chanel blazer. :) 

In this quad there is a lovely silvery pink shade, a mauve-cranberry, a taupe, and a true gold.  The texture of these eyeshadows are much softer than their regular quads and super pigmented.

The non-flash swatches look sort of dull, but they are quite gorgeous.

This quad has 4 shimmer shades of eyeshadow, so if you don’t like a lot of shimmer these may not be for you.  I find that when applied to the eye it is a touch more subtle.  I would also like to mention that I have been using these eyeshadows everyday since I purchased it and only adding a matter skintone shade for my browbone.  The colors, even though they look very different, actually work together very well.  I have used all 4 shades in the same look the majority of the time I have used the quad and they blend effortlessly.

Again, the non-flash swatches look dull.  You can tell that the pigmentation is great though because these are just one swipe.

Overall, Chanel Harmonie Du Soir is a beautiful quad and I would rush to your counter or website to purchase it immediately.  It does retail for $65, but it is completely worth the price point.  I have used mine so much already that the pretty imprint is wearing off.  That is saying a lot coming from a makeup junkie like myself.  I have so many quads/palettes/single eyeshadows that I rarely wear the same thing repeatedly but wow… this quad is amazing.  
Which Holiday 2012 collection are you most excited about this year?  What is it that is top on your wishlist?

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READY. HELLO. Bare Minerals READY Blush and Eyeshadow 4.0

I have been super interested in Bare Minerals new pressed line and finally decided to give them a go.  I was walking through the Navy Exchange a few days ago and ran across these lovely compacts and decided to give some a swatch or two.  :)  
I am truly pleased that Bare Minerals has come out with a pressed line because as much as I love their eyeshadows I never use any of the ones I have because in a pinch it is a hassle to get out all of the jars and foil them etc.  (If I would have had the Minerals Mate years ago I would probably have used the original BE eyeshadows more.)
Immediately I was drawn to “The Faux Pas” which Bare Minerals describes as a blushing pink.  I like to think of it as a pop of a natural bright pink.  It is super smooth and pretty.  I have worn it every day except 1 since I purchased it.  I can honestly say that it doesn’t wear off throughout the day like some other blushes I own.  The formula of it is really long-wearing.

You all know that I am a sucker for taupe and “The Truth” quad is really perfection.  This is a nice, easy everyday go-to palette.  It featuring Serendipitous + Magnetism +Fate + Apropos (delicate peach/brushed taupe/light mocha glaze/twinkling espresso).  I love it because it offers different finishes and textures as well as light, midtone and dark shades.  This is basically a great more compact alternative to the Naked/Naked2 palette.  

Here are my swatches.  Even though these swatches look nice, I promise it will blow you away in person.  And I would also like to appologize about the swatches being slightly smudged.  I swatched them inside of my house and on my walk outside I think my arm brushed against my side.  :(  It is true to color though, so no worries there.  I plan to try more of these quads out.  

Have you tried anything from the Bare Minerals READY line?  If so let me know which item in the comments below.  What did you think about them?

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.

A Beauty Splurge, Sometimes You Just Gotta!

Ladies…. Sorry to be on hiatus for so long.  I have had sooo much going on this week that I found it nearly impossible to do anything on my blog.  I think the craziness is over *keeping fingers crossed* so my regular posts will keep coming.  
After such a stressful week I really went and splurged on myself at the mall.  A co-worker was showing me some quads she got from the MAC Shop, Cook collection and I just kept thinking about the purple one called Shop & Drop and I left for lunch just planning on doing some small errands and subconsciously pulled RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MAC STORE! lol  I am just going to blame this all on my co-worker though, of course! :D  While I was at the mall I ran into a department store and hit up one of the counters that I know little to NOTHING about.  In the department store that I frequent there is a counter that houses Giorgio Armani, Guerlain and Shiseido all on the same counter… I suppose that there isn’t as much business at those counters in that particular area to have their own separate counters?  Who knows, really?
The Giorgio Armani display had this lovely little tote/travel bag sitting out and I got curious of it and examined it a little bit closer…. IT IS FULL OF STUFF!  The SA that helped me explained all of the items and MOST of the items are full-sized!  The cost of the little “kit” that she had thrown together was a tremendous value for the money so I just went ahead and got it!  I am VERY excited to give it all a go!

As you can see from the photo, there is Face Fabric, Fluid Sheer, Fluid Master Primer, eyeliner, mascara (one that I have REALLY wanted to try–which is the whole reason I was flitting around the counter), a gloss, lipstick, a couple skincare deluxe samples and some face product deluxe samples.  I am sooo excited to have a play with these!

And alas, the Guerlain Meteorites… lovingly nicknamed ballz.  I have listened and drooled over people professing their love of this item for YEARS!  I have never been as tempted as I have been for the last several weeks.  My knees finally buckled and I now am the proud owner of beige ballz!  ;)

On to the MAC items… this year I haven’t really purchased much of anything from their collections or their main line to be honest… I just haven’t been as head-over-heels for them lately.  This collection stirred some nostalgic love because of the tender tones they F I N A L L Y repromoted.  I have had several throughout the years and I am so excited to have a new one.  I also am a fan of the quads that they came out with in the collection as well!  
The quad that I chose was Shop & Drop.  It is full of lovely shades that I am always drawn to!  There is a pale pink, a taupe, a purple, and a deep blackened-blurple!  I will do separate posts on these with proper daylight to show what this quad ACTUALLY looks like.

This is the tender tone in Hush, Hush!  Sooo pretty!  I love the smell of these!  

And last, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, I came home to a beautiful package from a fellow blogger.  She knew that I had been searching my entire area to find this and had no luck.  She informed me that she was done with it and I purchased it off of her!  :)  I am so excited!  I love it.  I have already used it and I have only had it in my possession for a couple of hours.  

I will be doing proper posts on all these items with real pictures.  As you could have guessed all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone and transformed through instagram.  It is the fastest, easiest way to get pictures to you all!  I hope you don’t mind.  I get home after its already getting dark and I rarely have good daylight to take good pictures.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend!  

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.