Brightly Scented Sun Care from Sol Scents

Press samples.
Sunscreen is so important for skin health.  I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen because a lot of times it usually smells terrible.  I don’t have an excuse anymore because the sunscreens from Sol Scents smell FABULOUS.   Sunscreen that smells good?  AHHH!  The two fragrances I have are Angelica and Flower Blast.  They are made in the US, have skin nourishing anti-oxidants, and a portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Richie L. Lin, MD, board-certified dermatologist, advises that consistent use of sunscreen is a main factor in preventing signs of premature aging including skin discoloration, dark spots and creases. According to Dr. Lin, ‘Moderating sun exposure over your lifetime is probably the single best thing one can do to slow the aging process. If you can prevent it from happening, you will be ahead of the game.’”

Each of these bottles are 8 fl oz of product and have an easy flip-top lid.

Angelica is SPF30 and is my favorite of the two.  The scent is so vibrant and fun with notes of Passionfruit, Lily, and Wild Rose.  To me this screams feminine and flirty.  It honestly smells like a scented lotion rather than a sunscreen.  I would buy this lotion if it REGARDLESS of the sunscreen factor.  

Flower Blast is SPF50 and is scented with floral notes of Jasmine and Cattleya Orchids and have a slightly musky undertone.  For me this one is the more tame of the two I got, vanilla if you will.  I think most people would prefer this scent based solely on the fact that the SPF is higher and most people don’t enjoy strong fragrances.

Sol Scents Sunscreens ($14.95) smell amazing and are full of other good stuff as well as having a decent amount of SPF.  They are water resistant up to 80 minutes and and NOT tested on animals.

Let’s recap.
Affordable?  Yep
Good amount of SPF? Yep
Smells great?  Yep
Charitable? Yep
Cruelty-Free? Yep

I am sold.  My favorite is Angelica but I think that MOST would love Flower Blast.  Flower Blast (though the name sounds contradictory) is a lighter more subdued scent where Angelica is fun and flirty.  Check them out for yourselves!  They are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

*Press samples.
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Vitabath Spice is Nice

During the holidays I love warm, comfortable scents.  I love bakery scents as well… I guess maybe I just associate sweets with being comfortable because… what is better than being cuddled up in PJs and a blanket, watching movies and munching on something delicious?  Well… since I am trying to kick my sweet-tooth I am looking for other ways to satisfy that craving and Vitabath has me covered with their new Spice is Nice scent.  I am not even kidding, I really want to taste it.  This set is one of the three limited edition holiday gift sets on their site right now that are running $16.99.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice…what more is there to say? I mean really? You will love this NEW Vitabath Spice is Nice™ scented Holiday Set. It’s a perfect blend of fresh pumpkin and allspice mixed with delicious cream cheese icing and finished off with notes of rum and maple syrup. Vitabath’s new spicy holiday fragrance is the perfect treat for anyone on your list, even yourself! Each Holiday set contains a perfect pairing of moisturizing sulfate and paraben free Body Wash and Hydrating Body Lotion in a limited edition 16.9 fl oz /500 mL size bound together with holiday cheer.” – Vitabath
If you aren’t familiar with Vitabath they are a bath and body company that have been around for over 55 years and make products like lotions, sugar scrubs, hand creams, etc.  The products they make are high quality and very affordable.  I have heard of Vitabath before but this is my first experience with trying their products and I have to say that I am blown away.
The Body Wash was thick and lathered well.  It washed away and left a hydrated clean feeling behind, not a feeling of tight or dry skin.  The scent was delightful and made me smile.  Funny enough, it actually gave me goose bumps the first time using it.  Have you ever gotten goose bumps from a great scent?  Like maybe it tickled my subconscious memories of a time that was unforgettable?  It took my by surprise.
The Lotion was the perfect median of thin vs thick.  It sunk into the skin fairly quickly and really anchored down the scent that the body wash left behind.
Even though I keep talking about how amazing these paraben and sulfate free products smell, I want to mention that they aren’t overpowering.  You can enjoy them and not gag or be tired of them half an hour later because they are so potent.  They have a heavy scent in the bottle but have a nice airy scent after applied.
Now that it is November, Christmas is no longer sneaking up on us.  It is charging us full-speed like a crazed bull.  Gift giving is what is on all of our minds.  I feel 100% safe with saying that I am sure the Spice is Nice gift set from Vitabath will be the perfect gift for more than one person on your list.  The other two sets are Sweet Pink Peppermint and Cherry RedApple, so if bakery isn’t your thing check those out.  You can find Vitabath products on their website which also provides a store locator so you can check their line out in person!
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*This product was provided for editorial consideration/an honest review.  All opinions are my own and all links are for your convenience only.  Affiliate Link.

Everyone Soap and Lotion For Every Man Review

I have always been fascinated with multi-tasking products.  Since as long  as I can remember I have been a lazy girl.  I like for one product to do several things.  Mostly because I don’t like clutter or 20 steps to achieve one routine.  I like to use the same product for as much as I can and be done with it.  I think I have rubbed off on my husband who enjoys the same type of thing.  I got the Everyone Soap and Lotion For Every Man in the mail for review purposes from the brand a couple weeks ago and my husband has been testing it and giving me his feedback as he goes.  After his initial report to me, my interest was sparked–I too started testing the products.

EO® introduces Everyone Soap for Men – scrubs and cleanses every man in the family.

  • 3 in 1: shampoo, shower and shave – perfect for an invigorating shower and shampoo, and a fresh, clean shave.
  • For the informed, practical, value-conscious person
  • Pure essential oils and plant base ingredients nurture and soothe the skin gentle and fragrant with ingredients and essential oils that are pure, natural and organic
  • Cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free
  • My husband has never been one concerned with soaps that contain parabens or SLS or any other “harmful” ingredient.  He just wants a product that gives a nice lather that will leave him clean.  He is a military man: he likes to be perfectly squared away and get it done quickly.  For that reason he loves this.  He said that it lathers well, foams up nicely in his hair, and provides a nice shaving product.  He even mentioned that as much as he likes this HUGE bottle he would love a smaller size to throw in his travel bag.  So I did just that.  I put the 3 in 1 product in a travel bottle so he can keep it with him.  
    I also reviewed this product and I will agree that the lather is fantastic,  It cleans well without leaving my skin dried out, and the scent is likeable.  We have the scent Cedar + Citrus.  While it is a light fragrance, it is still masculine.  I quit like it for myself but I have always been prone to wearing more masculine scents.  

    EO® introduces Everyone Lotion for Men – all purpose ultra moisturizer for every man.
    • 3 in 1: lotion for hands, face and body
    • for the informed, practical, value-conscious customer
    • pure essential oils and plant based ingredients nurture and soothe the skin
    • gentle and fragrant with ingredients and essential oils that are pure, natural and organic
    • cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free, non-GMO Verified
    Every lotion my husband has ever used is by a big name brand.  It is full of parabens and SLS and I have been trying to get him to stop using them but he never has.  I smoothly talked him into this one by telling him he can use it on his body and his face.  He replied back to me “I use all of my lotions that way.”  WHAT!!!  I then went on to preach against using most lotions in that way and he was finally convinced that it was a terrible idea.  He LOVES this lotion.  After using it for a couple days he immediately could tell the difference.
    I love that he loves these products.  It has brought his products into a modern routine without being scary or odd to him.  He enjoys the fact that each of these products do more than one thing.  He likes the scent.  I enjoy them as well.  Overall this is a win/win!  Everyone Soap and Lotion For Every Man (and even women) is a great product.  5 out of 5 stars!  I love it!  Each of the products mentioned above retails for $9.99 for a whopping 32 fl oz of product!  You can purchase them from their website or anywhere that sells EO Products.
    My husband enjoyed reviewing this product so I am looking forward to reviewing a few more men’s items.  I find reading reviews on men’s products helpful.  I never know what “beauty”/skincare/fragrance items to get my husband and reading a woman and a man’s perspective always helps me.  I am thankful to bring you both!  
    What is your favorite multi-tasking product?  Leave your answer in the comments below! 
    *This product was provided in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my husband’s and my own.  :)  All links are for your convenience only.

    Target Beauty Bag: Animal Print

    It has arrived and it is wild!  :)  The latest (and possible the last) Target Beauty Bag has arrived in my mailbox today and I am excited to show you all!

    It is a really nice, high-quality faux-leather animal print makeup bag.  It looks very sturdy and easy to clean on the inside.  This rivals another of Target’s bags as a favorite so far (the other pretty bag is linked here)!  I think it might just win as I am really digging animal print lately.

    The samples this time are mostly hair care, which is okay I suppose.  I prefer getting stuff like makeup wipes, etc.  I like travel sizes of things.  Oh well, I will never complain about free!  These will get used.  I like to throw these types of samples into a bin and use them at random or save them for when I go on vacation because it always seems I don’t end up liking the shampoo that hotels give.

    Earlier I mentioned that the inside of the bag looked easy to clean, and here you go.  It is a nice nylon-type material and looks like it would wipe clean with a wet wash cloth.  

    I recorded a video already, but my sleepy-pregnant-lady syndrome is hitting at the moment.  Doesn’t appear that that will be edited and up until possibly tomorrow!  Until then my lovelies! xoxo
    Did you get a Target Beauty Bag?  If so, what did you like/dislike about it?  Let me know in the comments below!
    *The item(s) mentioned above were sent free because I filled out information on Target’s Facebook page.  This post is in NO WAY sponsored.  All opinions are my own.