ECRU New York Acacia Protein Shampoo, Conditioner and BB Cream

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A week or two ago I chopped about 6 inches off my hair.  It was way to long and lifeless.   I have been told by several hair dressers that my hair is dehydrated even though I have oily scalp so I am always looking for something to make my hair perfect!  Everytime I switch my hair I feel the need to try a new hair care line.  The ECRU New York Acacia Protein collection has been amazing!  I have been using the Shampoo, Conditioner, and the BB Cream.  This line is paraben-free and color safe.

The Acacia Protein Shampoo ($9) contains acacia collagen, hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein, panthenol, and sunflower extract.  The shampoo itself is really nourishing and infuses moisture, strength and other nutrients into the strands of the hair.  You are left with smooth, shiny, and moisturized hair.

The Acacia Protein Conditioner ($9) contains acacia collagen, wheat amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein, and safflower seed oil.  When I follow the shampoo up with this conditioner I can feel the hair underneath instantly become creamy, smooth and tangle-free.  I only apply it to the ends and work the product halfway up the shaft of my hair.  It is so conditioning that I worry about adding any more moisture to the scalp area.

The Acacia Protein BB Cream ($30) contains acacia collagen, hydrolyzed silk protein, silk amino acids, jojoba oil, and monoi oil.  This is an all-in-one styling cream that is light, versatile, and amplifies the moisturizing and protective power of the acacia protein.  My hair tends to get pretty damaged through heat styling and putting it up with hair ties often and since using this daily my hair feels just as soft when I pull it down in the evening as it did when I put it up.  Amazing stuff.

I am a believer in this line.  It has been a while since I fell head over heels for a hair care line as hard as I fell for this one.  It is quite luxurious and I hope that I will always have the BB Cream in supply! The products are reasonably priced for what they are and I encourage you to seek them out and try them for yourself!

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My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.

Molton Brown London Papyrus Reed Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been looking for a new shampoo and conditioner lately.  I love trying out different hair care products because I feel like it is healthy to switch your hair products.  I have always done it since I was a teenager.  Lately I have been trying the Molton Brown London Papyrus Reed Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner and I have really been enjoying it.

“London via Egypt
Out with thirsty, damaged hair. In with a shampoo and conditioner for moisture and improved condition.
Best for: dry, damaged hair
The way we blend it
- Papyrus reed to help moisturise
- Conditioners to help smooth, detangle and reduce risk of breakage
- Amino acid to help improve shine
- Aromas of black pepper, tiare flower and amber” – Molton Brown

For me, this blend of shampoo and conditioner give my hair balance.  It isn’t necessarily dry or damanged but my ends to get a bit dry while my scalp is known to get pretty oily.  I get a nice frothy lather from the shampoo and I apply the conditioner to my ends first and work the remaining product into the hair around my crown.  I have found that since using this duo that I don’t really find the need for a leave-in product.  After I use these products my hair looks silky, shiny and stays looking nice until the next time I have to wash.
The scent of this duo is fabulous.  I love musky, masculine scents for my bath and body products and this one takes me away.  It really will remind you a bit of egypt or ancient fragrances.  It claims to have the scent of black pepper, tiare flower and amber.  I definitely smell the amber and a sort of warm smell, which I assume is the black pepper.
Molton Brown London Papyrus Reed Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $60 as a set of 10 oz bottles.  This duo will last you a long time.  I find that I need very little of the conditioner and still get a nice sheen and tangle-free do.  You can find this brand on their website and at retail locations, such as Saks,,, Blue Mercury, and Neiman Marcus.  It is a great luxury shampoo and conditioner set and your hair will feel just that… luxurious.
*The products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration/an honest review.  All opinions are my own and all links are for your convenience.

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.

Michael O’Rourke Rock Your Hair Review

Volume has always been a problem for me.  I have a thick head of fine hair.  With a lack of product in my hair it is super limp and sort of boring.  All my life I have been on the looking for something to give me the look I want and I am MORE THAN HAPPY to say that I have found it.  Thank you Michael O’Rourke for bringing us the Rock Your Hair line!!

First of all, let me talk about the AWESOME packaging!  First of all, pink me and HOT PINK is even better!  I love the little crystals added to the packaging.  It may not be super chic or classic but it sure is fun and makes me think, “This has got to give my hair some oomph!”  And it really does. 

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo
“Provides luxurious volume without depleting moisture or fading color.
Vitamin enriched for strength and ultimate shine.
Sulfate and Paraben Free formula is safe for all hair types.”

Big Hair Rocks Conditioner 
“Weightless Conditioner that delivers maximum body, volume, and lift.
Sulfate and Paraben Free, Color Safe formula.
Great for all Hair Types that need conditioning without the added weight.”
This shampoo and conditioner is really nice.  It doesn’t weigh down my hair which probably the “big hair action” at work.  It doesn’t leave behind any film or residue… washing completely clean and really is a nice pair.
Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler
“Leave-In Weightless Detangler
-Rock your best hair yet
-Shinier, stronger, healthier hair
-Soy, wheat and oat proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends
-Replenishes moisture and shine to dry, color treated and chemically processed hair
-Tangle tamer for all hair types”

This is actually a nice dual action product.  Not only does it do a great job at detangling the hair for easy combing but the Leave-In Conditioner part is perfect.  It is a very light Leave-In but I must admit that a little goes a long way.  I like that it is light on the hair because THAT is the key to giving the hair a bit more bounce.
Bombshell Big Hair Powder 
“Get Bigger, Thicker, Fuller Hair!
Backcomb In A Bottle with a Rockin’ Fragrance.
Explode lifeless hair, instant lift and volume.
Lightweight formula, thickens hair.
Talc & Micah based powder that liquefies to provide boost, shine and texture.”

Thank you Michael O’Rourke for creating this product.  My hair DOES NOT BACKCOMB!!!  I try but it still looks sort of limp and stupid.  This product does what years of trying to backcomb COULDN’T!  It really thickens up the hair and makes adding volume simple and easy.  This may be the KEY to giving my hair a lot more height!
Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray
“Fast Drying formula locks in volume and keeps humidity out.
Firm, flexible, workable hold with long lasting memory that adds instant shine.
No flaking or stiffness.”

I am really not a big hairspray fan because I hate the stiffness that most have but this one is really a light hairspray that allows for movement.  I like that my hair feels close to the same but it really does hold what I want it to hold.  Great hairspray! One of the best I have ever tried.
Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift
“Aerosol Spray Mousse that creates volume from the root without weighing down ends.
Humidity resistant formula that protects against dry & brittle hair.
Use Prior To Blow Drying.”
I actually am a pretty big fan of mousse and I love this one.  It does add a nice bit of lift to the roots.  I like to use this when I am not even trying to add more volume through teasing or the powder.  My hair feels bouncier!  
Michael O’Rourke has really done a great job with his Rock Your Hair line.  Great packaging as well as products that do what they say.  I think it is genius!  I am hoping to do a video/tutorial this weekend and I will be sure to post it for you all to see.  Go check out their website for more details!
*The products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own.  All links are provided for your convenience only.

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.

DermOrganic Hair Care Review

Lately my hair has lacked moisture.  Maybe it is due to pregnancy, maybe it is just one of those changes that happen unexplicably.  I have made a conscious effort to put healthy ingredients back into my hair and DermOrganic Hair Care has so many positives that I couldn’t resist putting them to the test!

DermOrganic Hair Care is made with Argan Oil, which adds in moisture.  All of their products are also vegan, and of course they do not test on animals.  They are also made with no artificial preservatives, sulfate and gluten free, no salt, no sodium chloride, no artificial thickeners, no glycols, no parabens, no MEA, no DEA, no dyes, and also they are pH balanced.  It seems like none of the bad stuff is in this!  Such a plus.  
Daily Conditioning Shampoo
“Daily Conditioning Shampoo is made with facial cleansers derived from lipids and amino acids that moisturize and strengthen salon-treated hair. Gentle on hair, scalp and skin, it creates a rich luxurious lather that makes other sulfate-free shampoos jealous!”

This shampoo caught me off guard at first… the look, texture and scent reminds me of a popular beauty brand’s facial cleanser.  I really love this shampoo.  It has a nice rich texture that gets sort of foamy and really has an intoxicating scent.  Overall, my hair feels hydrated, smooth, and surprising strong.  It reminds me of how my hair feels when I use a shampoo and conditioner in one.  Big thumbs up!
Daily Hydrating Conditioner
“DermOrganic Daily Hydrating Conditioner works at the molecular level to neutralize tangled tresses without silicones, propylene glycol or glycerin. Loaded with natural moisture factors, lipids and Panthenol B5 to increase absorption, improve slip, eliminate tangles and prevent flyaways. “

This conditioner actually feels a lot like a treatment for your hair.  It is honestly everything I want a conditioner to be.  It eliminates tangles, prevents flyways, controls frizz, improves slip and brushability, lightweight and rinses clean, neutralizes static (THANK GOD), keeps hair manageable, pH balanced,  and color safe for everyday use.  It is simple… use this after conditioner and step back to look at gorgeously moisturized hair.
Intensive Hair Repair Masque
“DermOrganic Masque Hair Repair is rich in rice amino acids that replicate the keratin structure of human hair. Repairs damage, seals the cuticle, neutralizes pH, and restores resilience to salon-treated hair.  DermOrganic® Masque is an intensive deep conditioner that revitalizes and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It has unique properties that won’t build-up or over-proteinize hair, making it safe for everyday use.”
I love this product.  I enjoy a good hair masque once in a while, and I intend to use this every 2-3 days as the instructions say.  I will likely replace the conditioner with this on those days.  This product repairs damange, smoothes and softens, strengthens and texturizes, along with many other things.
Leave-In Treatment
“The Original! DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment is made with Certified Argan Oil of Morocco to repair, protect and improve hair shine. Restores optimal moisture balance, smoothes and softens, speeds drying time, and protects hair from thermal styling.  Adds incredible softness and shine, protects hair from thermal damage, speeds drying time up to 40%, restores optimal moisture, revitalizes and repairs, seals cuticle & protects color, smoothes and softens, enriched with Omega-6, Lipids, Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Natural Moisture Factors, AND made with Certified Argan Oil of Morocco!”
Leave-In products are my favorite!  I have people come up to me all the time and ask me what I use because my hair always looks silky, shiny and very healthy.  I do have naturally oily hair (until it recently dried up out of the blue) so that is part of it, but my secret weapon is the fact I love leave-ins.
Leave-In Spray Therapy
“DermOrganic Leave-In Shine Therapy seals, repairs and protects. Fine mist spray for easy application on long hair and especially for curls, adds softness, eliminates frizz and improves slip. Speeds blow dry time, protects cuticle and offers incredible shine and sleekness.” 
Again, another leave-in product.  This one is a bit different because it is just a fine mist that is good for targeting specific sections, as opposed to an all over treatment.  It is nice to use when you are styling your hair to seal in a pretty shine!
OVERALL: I love the entire DermOrganic line.  I am happy with the way my hair has been looking since I started using this line.  I have nothing but good things to say.  I did receive this as a sample from PR but I am absolutely thrilled to have been introduced because I feel like several of these products will make their way into my permanent rotation!  I would also like to mention that the line is of moderate price range.  It is salon quality and the products retail (depending on product and size) from $5.99-$30.00.  
*The products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own.  All links are for your convenience only.

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.