Manic(ure) Monday: Christmas Wreath Nails

What better way to get in the festive spirit than playing with nail polish to create festive designs.  You don’t have to be a nail genius to create something quick and darling.  If I can do it, ANYONE can do it.  :) 

Typically when I start getting into doing a design is when my plain one-color-nails are starting to wear at the tips etc so while I am touching them up I get inspired for playing.

In order to do this project you only need a 3 shades of polish and some dotting tools (and if you don’t have those a toothpick or bobby pin will work perfectly)!  
The base color I am using is Orly Rage.  It is a beautiful shimmery rose gold.  It is gorgeous on it’s own but also the perfect backdrop for the wreath.
To make the wreath I used Butter London Wallis.  It is a nice smooth polish that looks like it is made out of lots of gritty pieces.  PERFECT for imitating greenery.  All I did was make a semi-thick circle out of this with a large dotting tool.

Zoya America is one of the prettiest reds.  It is a perfect Christmas red.  I took a thin point dotting tool and dotted the berries on the wreath and then carefully drew out the bow with the same tool.
The tools I used were the largest and smallest.  :)
I hope you found this nail art inspirational AND helpful.  :)  What are you planning on doing with your nails in this holiday season?  If you have some nice festive nail art please link it in the comments below.  Even though my disclaimer says I delete links I wont delete valid links on this post.

Butter London Wallis

I just recently purchased a BUNCH of Butter London polishes and I am slowly but surely wearing them all.  I have had on the shade Wallis for 3 days now!

So 3 days in and it still looks exactly the same… minimal chipping on the pinky nail but that is about it.  

The website description says “tarnished, metallic olive gold” but I would say specifically it is a dirty olive with chuncky gold flecks.  It is AMAZING!

Since this has been on my nails I have been soooo ready for fall…. too bad it actually is still summer.  Hot and muggy Florida. :/

Have you tried anything from Butter London?  What is your favorite polish from them?  Let me know in the comments below!