Ugly Holiday Sweaters are at Target #HilariousHoliday

This post is in partnership with Target.
Ugly holiday sweaters used to happen naturally but over the last few years they have become a big fad!  Ugly sweaters are even the theme of holiday parties.  Every year my place of employment gives a cash prize to whoever wears the ugliest sweater to our holiday party.  This trend is here to stay for a while!  Don’t have an Ugly Holiday Sweater?  Run to Target!  They have quite a few to choose from.

When I was walking past the men’s section the other day this sign was like a homing beacon for me.  I was drawn to the sign with the funny cat wearing a chain! LOL  I wanted that sweater actually, but they were sold out.  The ones they did have in stock were pretty awesome too!  

I am a pretty big fan of nutcrackers so I was drawn to the one that says “Let’s Get Crackin!”  So awesomely ugly!  Which one of these sweaters from Target are you most interested in?  Let me know in the comments below?  Also, do you have any #HilariousHoliday sweaters of your own!  If you do PLEASE upload a picture of it to my Facebook page!  I really want to see them!  I may just have to pick one person to win a fun, surprise gift!
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*This post is in partnership with Target.

Target’s Ugly Sweater Collection

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Target $25 GiftCard Giveaways!!!

Hello lovelies!  Target is giving away $25 GiftCards to twenty-five of their Facebook fans everyday!!!  
Whenever I see a deal like this I feel it a duty to tell you about it!  I entered and play to enter daily.  The holidays are HERE and every dollar helps.  Here is the link to enter the giveaway - !!  Thought I would share!  Good luck to all that enter!
*I am in no way sponsored for this post.  The image credit is Target’s Facebook page.  The link posted is the direct link to the giveaway and it is for your convenience only.

Target Beauty Bag: Animal Print

It has arrived and it is wild!  :)  The latest (and possible the last) Target Beauty Bag has arrived in my mailbox today and I am excited to show you all!

It is a really nice, high-quality faux-leather animal print makeup bag.  It looks very sturdy and easy to clean on the inside.  This rivals another of Target’s bags as a favorite so far (the other pretty bag is linked here)!  I think it might just win as I am really digging animal print lately.

The samples this time are mostly hair care, which is okay I suppose.  I prefer getting stuff like makeup wipes, etc.  I like travel sizes of things.  Oh well, I will never complain about free!  These will get used.  I like to throw these types of samples into a bin and use them at random or save them for when I go on vacation because it always seems I don’t end up liking the shampoo that hotels give.

Earlier I mentioned that the inside of the bag looked easy to clean, and here you go.  It is a nice nylon-type material and looks like it would wipe clean with a wet wash cloth.  

I recorded a video already, but my sleepy-pregnant-lady syndrome is hitting at the moment.  Doesn’t appear that that will be edited and up until possibly tomorrow!  Until then my lovelies! xoxo
Did you get a Target Beauty Bag?  If so, what did you like/dislike about it?  Let me know in the comments below!
*The item(s) mentioned above were sent free because I filled out information on Target’s Facebook page.  This post is in NO WAY sponsored.  All opinions are my own.