bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0: The Cocktail Hour

Along with this review of the bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 palette called The Cocktail Hour I want to share some fun news.  I am now an employee of Bare Escentuals.  This last week was my first week and I am loving it!

I actually received this palette today as a freebie.  I believe it was previously a tester and has an ugly metal thing glued to the lid, but it isn’t the outside that matters!  The colors on the inside are gorgeous and work together so well.

I am trying to break free from my neutral/natural/taupe eyeshadow looks and move back towards more colors.  I used to rock so many pretty colors on my eyes and it seems that I have gotten soooo far away from them.  This palette is the perfect mixture of color and neutral to help me along my way.

The first set of finger swatches is the top row of the palette.  On my fingers they are backwards from the way they are placed in the palette.  L to R: Spiked, Swanky, Icebreaker, and Black Tie Optional.  It is absolutely insane how gorgeous and pigmented these shades are.  This is one swipe people.  Of course it is nice and rubbed in because this photo was taken after I transferred the swatch onto my arm.

The second row is gorgeous as well.  L to R: Shaken Not Stirred, Libation, Invite Only, and Elixir.  I have been waiting for a gorgeous navy color like Shaken Not Stirred to show up in my life.  This is going to be such a fun, beautiful shade for a nice holiday smokey eye.  Look for that to come.  :)

The entire palette is swatched here on my arm.  Top Row, L to R:  Black Tie Optional, Icebreaker, Swanky, Spiked.  Bottom row, L to R: Elixir, Invite Only, Libation, Shaken Not Stirred.  The swatches are on bare skin with no primer underneath.  They are also dry, not wet.  The pigmentation on it’s own is fantastic… add any other element into the mix and I am sure it will be breathtaking.  

My experience with the ready line so far has been amazing.  I have a Ready 4.0 palette as well as a Ready blush that I have also reviewed on this blog (link here).  I am thrilled that I am not a part of this company.  I have learned a lot through my training in the last week and the company really cares about people.  A company that cares and puts out great product is a company I am happy to work with/for!  
This limited edition palette originally retailed for $40 and is now marked down on the website to $29.50.  Here is the link if you are interested.  Get it before it is gone.
*I received this product for free because of employee perks.  This review is in NO WAY sponsored.  All opinions are my own.  

READY. HELLO. Bare Minerals READY Blush and Eyeshadow 4.0

I have been super interested in Bare Minerals new pressed line and finally decided to give them a go.  I was walking through the Navy Exchange a few days ago and ran across these lovely compacts and decided to give some a swatch or two.  :)  
I am truly pleased that Bare Minerals has come out with a pressed line because as much as I love their eyeshadows I never use any of the ones I have because in a pinch it is a hassle to get out all of the jars and foil them etc.  (If I would have had the Minerals Mate years ago I would probably have used the original BE eyeshadows more.)
Immediately I was drawn to “The Faux Pas” which Bare Minerals describes as a blushing pink.  I like to think of it as a pop of a natural bright pink.  It is super smooth and pretty.  I have worn it every day except 1 since I purchased it.  I can honestly say that it doesn’t wear off throughout the day like some other blushes I own.  The formula of it is really long-wearing.

You all know that I am a sucker for taupe and “The Truth” quad is really perfection.  This is a nice, easy everyday go-to palette.  It featuring Serendipitous + Magnetism +Fate + Apropos (delicate peach/brushed taupe/light mocha glaze/twinkling espresso).  I love it because it offers different finishes and textures as well as light, midtone and dark shades.  This is basically a great more compact alternative to the Naked/Naked2 palette.  

Here are my swatches.  Even though these swatches look nice, I promise it will blow you away in person.  And I would also like to appologize about the swatches being slightly smudged.  I swatched them inside of my house and on my walk outside I think my arm brushed against my side.  :(  It is true to color though, so no worries there.  I plan to try more of these quads out.  

Have you tried anything from the Bare Minerals READY line?  If so let me know which item in the comments below.  What did you think about them?