Manic(ure) Monday: Private Dancer

It is that time again!  Monday manicure!  I think I have talked about Deborah Lippmann Private Dancer previously but I am happy to talk about it again!

It is a beautiful shade that changes due to lighting.  In these pictures you can pick up the brightness and the deeper darker tones.  In the bright light it is a blue toned purple and sometimes it leans toward a redder toned purple.  It also has that fun greenish gold flash in the dark and around the edges you can sometimes pick up an almost brown color.  
The chrome finish is gorgeous, and it is accompanied by micro shimmer.  The formula is completely perfect, thin but pigmented!  Extremely easy to paint on without any gooping what-so-ever.

If every polish were like this one I would be a full time nail blogger.  Private Dancer makes painting your nails more fun and less of a hassle.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy painting my nails but I am not skilled at it.  I sometimes remove polish on one nail 2-3 times because it looks streaky or goopy or whatever… This polish helps a novice, like myself, enjoy the hobby of nail care!
What are you wearing today?

Manic(ure) Monday: OPI Boris and Natasha

I have always been a Rocky & Bullwinkle fan!  The cartoon was a bit before my time but it still played on Saturday mornings when I was growing up and I watched it happily every chance I got!  Maybe it was the cute little animals or maybe it was for the knock-out spy Natasha Fatale!  OPI matched her dress color spot on when they created the Boris and Natasha polish in their Russian Collection in 2007.

Please excuse the HORRIBLE job I did while painting my nails.  I did it while I was watching The Walking Dead last night!  I kept jumping and stuff and it got ugly! :)  But I adore this shade.  I have had it since the shade came out in 2007 but almost never reach for it.  It is a beautiful deep burgundy color.  In the light you can see more of the wine side of it come out but in low light you can see a brilliant grape.  Love it!

This shade is really such a great formula.  I think I am afraid to use it because the quality is so great and I don’t want to use it up! :)  IF you can get your hands on it, please buy it!  Do yourself a favor! 

What are you wearing on your nails this Manic Monday?
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Taupe-tastic Tuesday: Butter London All Hail The Queen

Taupe-tastic Tuesday is upon us again.  Thank goodness!  I hate that I had to skip last week but I had a lot on my plate that I wanted to show you and put it off for a week.  This week’s taupe is Butter London All Hail The Queen.

This is a GORGEOUS nail polish.  Butter London describes it as an opaque, holographic beige polish.  It is quite beige-y but I still think of it as a lovely taupe.  I would describe it as a beige-y taupe base with very, very muted duo-chrome shimmer.  The shimmer I pick up is pinky-purple.  

Of course, same as yesterday’s Manic(ure) Monday post, the sun wasn’t shining and rain filled my backyard but I did best I could for you.  You can see that the shimmer looks sort of silvery but in the right lighting it turns a very pretty iridescent type of shimmer.

As for the formula, it is amazing.  It is very thin but completely buildable.  The mani here was accomplished in 3 coats.  Each layer dried SUPER fast and never got goopy.  I didn’t use a base coat or a top coat.  The polish dried to an even, shiny, PERFECT finish.  This polish gets two thumbs up and a high five.  I haven’t liked a single Butter London nail polish as much as I LOVE this one.  It isn’t fussy and it is gorgeous.

I got this polish in a set from  Coterie is a website that sells bundles of high-end, desirable products at a low price.  They just opened their internet doors yesterday so if you go and take a peek there may still be some awesome goodies from Butter London and Kevyn Aucoin available.

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Manic(ure) Monday: Butter London Knackered

I almost didn’t think I would be able to get today’s Manic(ure) Monday post up.  I did my nails today using Butter London Knackered but it has been raining and I couldn’t get any pics with great lighting.

The nail polish is actually a pale purple to pale blue to a pale green tint, so it is multi-chrome.  It also has a bunch of beautiful micro holo glitters all throughout.  The polish itself applies very thin and the pictures I took are of 3 coats.

You can see in the picture indoors with the flash that the micro holo glitters are gorgeous, and there are a ton of them.  
I was told to use this polish over a dark base because it will really help it’s unique-ness to stand out so that is next on my list.  

I got this Butter London and a few others from  It is a new website that just launched.  They put together groups of products from great brands for one lowered price.  I am looking forward to placing many new orders there and encourage you to check it out.
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Manic(ure) Monday: Layla Magneffect in Fucsia Sky

Today I wanted to show you the beautiful Layla Magneffect nail polish called Fucsia Sky.  

This is a magnetic nail polish.  You lay one coat down of thepolish and after you lay the 2nd coat down you hold the magnetic lid over it and you create a design.  This magnetic lid doesn’t have a certain spot for your nail to go so you can actually position the decoration however you like.  You can see on my nails in the picture above I played with the magnet a big to see what all I could achieve.  I really like that this gives you that option.  

On the swatches above I went with them being all the same design.  Below is the hand I played a big again.  You can see that the forefinger has up and down lines.  

The polish wears nice but I had a little problem with chipping on my pinky nail.  If you look through my pasts nail pictures you can see that that happens quite often.  I have incredibly small hands and I tend to use my pinky a lot with I am typing and I think that is what causes most of the pinky chipping.  
What are you wearning on your nails this fabulous Labor Day?
*The product mentioned in this post was sent for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own, I wouldn’t wear it or talk about it if I didn’t like it.

Butter London Wallis

I just recently purchased a BUNCH of Butter London polishes and I am slowly but surely wearing them all.  I have had on the shade Wallis for 3 days now!

So 3 days in and it still looks exactly the same… minimal chipping on the pinky nail but that is about it.  

The website description says “tarnished, metallic olive gold” but I would say specifically it is a dirty olive with chuncky gold flecks.  It is AMAZING!

Since this has been on my nails I have been soooo ready for fall…. too bad it actually is still summer.  Hot and muggy Florida. :/

Have you tried anything from Butter London?  What is your favorite polish from them?  Let me know in the comments below!

Polish & Co: Mint To Tell U, But You Knew That

Some of my readers know that I am very, VERY southern.  Due to moving quite often (because my husband is in the US Navy) I have lost a lot of my accent but it only takes a split second of chatting with a fellow southerner to pull it all back out.  One thing that comes with a southerner is a touch of pride: pride in oneself, pride in where they are from, and pride in the success of other southerners.  Polish & Co. is a North Carolina based nail polish company, and I am proud that they southern and sassy!

North Carolina and Mint Juleps go hand in hand so it is no surprise that the beautiful mint colored nail polish has the sassy name “Mint To Tell U”!  The orange-coral shade is called “But You Knew That”!  I cannot tell you how many times I have said that phrase in my life while playfully teasing someone.  The playful phrase and fun polish, to me, are a perfect fit.  Also, what an AWESOME combo!  Not only the colors look great together but the titles of the polish are hilarious when paired with one another..  :)

The formula of these polishes are a tad thick.  “Mint To Tell U” is perfectly opaque with one coat, but I realized that “But You Knew That” needs 2-3 coats to build up to that same opacity.  They applied easily and lasted a few days without any chipping and minimal tip wear.  

The colors I have are on the more summery side but they easily transition into the fall!  There is one passage I read on their “About Us” page on their site that I LOVE, which is:
Now, thanks to founder and nail industry expert of 23 years, Theresa Williamson you can have at least your nails emulate that syrupy, southern belle look. Nails are just as important as the latest fashion accessory and can have a large impact on an outfit and a personal general look, so getting them right is crucial.”

A few months back I wouldn’t have agreed with this statement because my nails were always bare or a basic french manicure and only my toes had fun colors on them, but I am now a full blown nail polish addict and couldn’t agree more.  I change my nail polish on my hands several times a week, okay… probably more like daily unless I am testing a polish for longevity!  I love to coordinate them with what I am wearing or coordinate a design with an upcoming event.  

Polish & Co. nail polishes retail for $12 and are available on their retail site.  If you buy more than one polish it automatically qualifies you for free shipping on your order!  Who doesn’t love free shipping?  You can also check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed!  
I adore these polishes and I am certain you will to!  What color nail polishes are you going to be wearing to transition you into the different weather and different fashion trends?
*The products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own and all links are for your convenience only.

ManGlaze Nail Polish

Recently I ran across some fellow beauty lovers discussing a nail polish sale and they were talking about which polishes they wanted to purchase.  I took notice that the majority included a very specific color.  When that many people love something I always feel the need to google it.  When I did my jaw dropped and I immediately placed my order.  The ones I chose to order were ManGlaze Mink Mitten and Fuck Off and Dye.  
ManGlaze polishes are known for being the original matte nail polish.  It is cruelty free as well as being big-3-toxin free.  When I actually ordered these (online, unseen) I had no idea that these would be a  matte finish.  I was really confused too because they look so sparkly in the bottle.  As I was applying the nail polish onto my nail it looked pretty and glittery and glossy.  As it dried I just couldn’t quit staring…  It looked like frosted glass. 
Do not get me wrong…  You can see the sparkle or shimmer but it is encapsulated in a matte finish.  It is the craziest, most awesome thing I have ever seen in person.  And the texture…  it feels soft and satiny… It lasted for days on my nails without any chipping AT ALL.  I took it off because I wanted to play with other new goodies that I have received but I know that these nail polishes will be played with again, VERY SOON!

Mink Mitten is a gorgeous light purple/lavender/periwinkle shade with sparkles, and of course matte.
I wanted this one so much due to the gorgeous swatches I found online.  I can’t get over just how unique this one particular shade is.  I think it became an INSTANT favorite among my ENTIRE collection.
Fuck Off and Dye is hot pink with gorgeous micro-shimmer.  
I bought this one PURELY for the name.  I am sorry if this nail polish name offends you, but I think it is quite awesome.  I can’t wait for someone to see it, love it, and ask me what it is called.  >:)  They are not going to know how to take me… I might get punched in the face and that excites me a bit! LOL  Anyway!  You should totally check out their Facebook page by clicking here!
Do you own anything from ManGlaze?  If you do, which ones (I need more)?  If not, which ones are you most interested in?

Manic(ure) Monday: Summer Brights

“It’s just another manic Monday 
I wish it were Sunday 
‘Cause that’s my funday 
My I don’t have to runday 
It’s just another manic Monday”

Well… I do feel that the song is appropriate… who likes Mondays?  I am trying to make them more enjoyable by talking about my most recent obsession… nail polish.  :)  Today’s mani is a few different brights… I had planned on doing a nude but I was outside playing with the fam by the pool on Sunday (the day I do my nails for Manic(ure) Mondays) and chose to do something a bit more fun.  I know that these pictures of my nails are pretty much TERRIBLE but I didn’t clean them up before snapping pics.  

The top picture is outside in direct sunlight and the pic below is outside in the shade.

The last picture is indoors with a flash.

The nail polishes I used were OPI Fly, Julep Parker, Julep Neicy, and OPI Do You Lilac It.  My middle finger and thumb are in the same color.  I was going to do a design on one of the two but I got lazy and decided it was more important to enjoy what was left of the day at that point.  
What is your mani today?

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 903 Silver Elements

Sally Hansen makes lots of nail products I enjoy, the Magnetic Nail Color line being no different.  I got the color 903 Silver Elements.

I have one other magnetic nail polish in my collection but it is totally different from this.  The one from Sally Hansen is very sparkly and really lasts a long time.  I had this on my nails for about 3 days with no chipping and I removed it because I got antsy for something new! 

I can’t even explain how amazed I am at how easy it was to get the effect created.  It took a matter of seconds and the lovely curved stripes popped up!  First you shake the bottle, apply two coats, and then you hold the magnetic lid over it for 10 seconds and VIOLA!

My overall opinions on this nail polish are a HUGE 2 thumbs up.  I am not all that great at nail art even though I like to experiment and the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors honestly allow me to look like I know what I am doing when I don’t!  :)  Yay for that!  I plan to pick up a few more colors!
Do you own any magnetic polishes?  What is your favorite thing about them?

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