IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tightline waterproof

IT Cosmetics debuted another Today’s Special Value on QVC on Monday March 10th, 2014 called the CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the press kit in time to show it off for the airing but it did finally arrive and I wanted to get my review out for you all ASAP!  It contains a SUPER-sized CC Cream, a new Tightline in Waterproof, a BRAND NEW CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss in the shade Love, and a fabulous Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush.

I am a HUGE fan of the Tightline Mascara Primer and it now comes in Waterproof.  It is the same goodness, but now lasts longer.  It has a skinny wand that allows you to get all the way down to the root of the lashes to give the appearance of liner and longer, thicker lashes.

As you all know, I am a ridiculously huge fan of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.  It has great coverage, doesn’t feel heavy and keeps your skin looking like skin.  It also boasts a high level of SPF, and it is the physical kind!  It is chemical-filter free and paraben free!  Like all CC creams, it has skincare aspects.  This one has an anti-aging hydrating serum.

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tightline waterproof

The CC cream included in this kit was super-sized.  When they say-super sized they aren’t kidding!  Look how this tube compares to the regular one.  My regular one is on the flat side because I use it often so the product is missing but you get the point.  This bottle was more than twice the product in a regular tube.  The shade I normally wear is Light and the one in the big bottle is Medium so it looks like it is time for me to get my self-tan on!

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tightline waterproof

The Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush is so beautiful.  It is made out of the same extremely soft bristles as all of IT Cosmetics’s brushes.  I am not a fan of flat foundation brushes in general, but this one has a thickness that it is similar to a buffing brush.  Because of the thicker shape and amazing quality I am sure this will become a staple  in my beauty routine.

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tight line waterproof, Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush

The CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss in Love is a brand new product to the line.  It is a super hydrating lipgloss that packs in a lot of color.  I have worn it everyday for the last couple days.  The applicator has a bit of a scoop in it that pulls a good amount of product out so you have the perfect amount every time.  Everytime that they do a lip product I need to have it.

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tightline waterproof

IT Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin, TSV, CC Cream, brush, lip cc+ cream, tightline waterproof
This was a great kit from IT Cosmetics, just like all of the Today’s Special Values that they debuted.  I am impressed with all of the products and I know you will be too.  I was trying to figure out which element of this kit would be the thing I most recommend, but I can’t choose one.  I think that each of them are winners and you should find yourself trying them all.  The kit is sold out on QVC at the moment but you can find them now at your local Ulta, which is nice because you can see them in person!

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Wear Makeup Like an Olympian with Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust

Press Sample.

With the Olympics going on I can’t help but get inspired by the metals  they are all competing for.  Gold, Silver, or Bronze… each one is a victory.  The eyeshadow I am going to talk about combines gold with bronze so it is a double-win, right?  Jane Iredale’s 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder in Bronze is beautiful.  This line actually has shades for all the major metals: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Rose Gold, and errr.. Champagne.  :)

Jane Iredale’s write up on this product: “Apply it to the cheeks, eyes and lips for a delicately gilded look. Mix it with a moisturizer for the décolletage; or into your favorite hair product for luminous locks!”

So this multi-purpose powder is finely milled and super shimmery.  It is essentially my perfect recipe for an eyeshadow.  I am almost speechless when I speak about it.  It is one of those things that to see it is to love it.  The micro-shimmers are brilliant as the light hits it.  You can see from the shadow above that it looks like a silky powder but when swatched it builds up to perfect opaqueness.

While I was pursuing the interwebz I found this video on Jane Iredale’s youtube channel and thought it would be nice to include it so that you can see the product in action!
For the look I used below I laid down a base of Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream Shadow in #13, a light champagne.  I then patted the Gold Dust over it with a flat shader brush.  The base was the perfect cream consistency to allow the shimmers to stick with minimal fall-out.  
The eyeshadow is much more shimmery and beautiful than this photo actually shows.
Anyway, wear the colors of the Olympians, whether it be gold or bronze… I did both! ;)  Rose Gold is the next on my wish list!
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Five On Friday: Browsing Beauty Counters and Shoes!

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So, I have been wanting to do something like this post for a while.  I saw this kind of post a LONG time ago on a blog far, far away and I thought…”Hmm.. I want to do that” except that never happened.  Well, I may not do this EVERY Friday but I do want to start incorporating the Five For Friday posts into my regular weekly routine!  After reading this, let me know in the comments if it is something you find interesting and would like to see continue.  
In this FFF I am sharing with you my recent trip to the mall.  I was browsing beauty counters and the shoe section.  I bought a pair of boots that I didn’t show, but I will have them featured a little later!
The fresh Guerlain Blossom Collection caught my eye IMMEDIATELY!  It is vibrant with pinks and peaches and lots of BALLZ (a.k.a. Meteorites) and lipsticks…  It has a little bit of everything.  The entire collection is gorgeous but the new Meteorites Bubble blushes are especially beautiful.  I want them both.
Guerlain Meteories Blossom Collection Spring Makeup Beauty Bubble Blush

Guerlain Meteories Blossom Collection Spring Makeup Beauty Bubble Blush

Bobbi Brown has a new collection called Nude Glow and the display has a very lovely Katie Holmes.  The collection has 3 face powders, two eyeshadow quads and two nail polishes.  Everything in it is super wearable and slightly boring, which suits me perfectly!  I love the Nude Palette on the top right.  The Bronze Palette would be entirely too warm on me in my opinion.

I also stared at the Old Hollywood Glam palette.  I wanted to get it but I just can’t let myself.  I have 13978234010937 palettes just like it.  I want it but I had to tell myself NO!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Nude Glow Katie Holmes Nude Bronze Palette Face Nail Polish Old Hollywood Glam

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Nude Glow Katie Holmes Nude Bronze Palette Face Nail Polish Old Hollywood Glam

I strolled my way over to MAC and was completely irritated.  I hate that if you don’t visit the MAC counter THE DAY OF A RELEASE or know someone that works there then you won’t get what you are looking for.  Pisses me off to no end.  (I know what you are doing, MAC.)  What is really ridiculous about this display is that if you inspect it closely, like I did, and know anything about the collection you would  realize that half of the items on it are from other collections or in the regular line.   For instance, both of the Fluidlines in this post are actually from the Divine Collection (correct me if I am getting the name wrong).  Anyway… the fluid line I am showing below is called Stare and Speculations.  :/ Grrr…  They are basically just trying to sell more of those things because other stuff sold out.  I get it but I feel like they were placed there to trick people.

MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nudes Collection Limited Edition Release Beauty Makeup MACAddict

MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nudes Collection Limited Edition Release Beauty Makeup MACAddict  stares and speculations fluidline

Chanel’s display is pretty but doesn’t interest me in the slightest.  I don’t know why.  I normally flock to their Joues Contraste blushes and nail polishes but not this go round.  I just can’t figure out what has me uninterested.

Chanel Spring 2014 makeup cosmetics beauty red pink lipstick blush nail polish

Finally… I forced myself to leave the beauty section and stumbled into the show department where I found the most awesome boots ever.  These Frye Studded Skull Boots are beautiful.  I totally wanted them but I honestly don’t reeeaaaalllllyyyy rock that style at all and I just got a pair of boots that have a similar build for Christmas.  I definitely love them though! :)

The other pair of shoes I saw that really caught my eye was the Sperry Topsiders that had fun little anchors all over it.  A lot of you may know, but my husband is a Chief in the Navy and I am obsessed with anchors.  I loved anchors before they became trendy.  They actually have a lot of meaning to the people that are in or have family in the Navy.

Frye Boots Skull Studs Studded Jenna

Sperry Topsiders Women Anchor Anchors boat shoe
So, this was my first Five For Friday post.  I really enjoyed writing it and I HOPE you enjoyed reading it.  Let me know if you are a fan of this theme in the comments below!  If you loved it I will try to post more like it!  

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Shine Bright with Stila ‘In The Light’

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatch swatches
I bought it. Affiliate Links.

Stila Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands and I have been obsessed with the brand since doing my review and swatches on the Masterpiece Collection.  I am a neutral eyeshadow lover, and particularly admire champagne shimmers and deep chocolates.  Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette has it all!

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

I think I own every neutral/naked/nude eye shadow palette there is (or at least very close) and I still see the beauty in them all.  That is what you call obsessed! HA  This one is extraordinary in the fact that I feel like it can suit ALL skin tones, buttery soft, blend smoothly and effortlessly, and can be used wet or dry.  And the eyeshadow themselves are pretty huge compared to most palettes.

Just LOOK at those finger-tip swatches.  You can tell that the texture of them is just splendid!  Opaque, pigmented, soft… PERFECT!

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten
The eye shadows in this palette are as follows: 

1st Row: Barematte ivory shade, Kitten: stila’s iconic best-selling shade, Bliss: matte beige pink, Sunset: shimmery canyon pink, Sandstone: matte light cocoa.

2nd Row: Champagne: shimmery pale gold, Gilded Gold: golden brown with shimmer, Luster: dark aubergine with gold shimmer, Night Sky: blue with shimmer, Ebony: black.

The liner in the palette is the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel, which is a deep chocolate brown shade.  The formula is great.  It starts out creamy, gives you time to work with them, and they set up and don’t budge.  I REALLY like them!
Stila Cosmetics Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner Damsel beauty makeup gorgeous matte In The Light swatch
I prefer the light, shimmery shades in the palette, but I will say that even though Bare doesn’t look like much it is a work horse.  It is one of those brow-bone colors that you wish were in every palette, also perfect for blending out edges!  It includes the super-popular shadow that Stila is known for, Kitten.  It also has a pale gold shade that looks very unique to me called Champagne.  
The entire palette is full of win and I encourage you to check it out!  I have seen these in Ulta lately, but they also have them in other high end beauty stores.  And the price point is super great!  It only runs $39 and can get you through any situation, be it formal or casual.  Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette is my newest addiction… no pun intended! :)  All pros and no cons!!
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Wantable January 2014 Makeup Box

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box
Press sample.  Affiliate link.

I want to preface this entire post by saying that it is EXTREMELY PIC HEAVY!  Everything in the January 2014 Wantable Makeup Box is so beautiful and perfect that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!  In case you are unfamiliar with the service, Wantable is a monthly subscription service that delivers Makeup, Accessories, or Intimates boxes depending on what you choose.  I love the name of it, because it is a box that always leaves me wanting more!

January’s box is a little bit different because it was curated by the beauty blogger behind Love For Lacquer, Jessica Scull.  She is a sweet lady and has awesome taste, which she shares with us this month!

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box open
The first thing I saw when I opened the box is an insert that says “Hello Again, Beauty!”.  It’s mama taught it well because flattery will get you EVERYWHERE! :)  I am a stickler for packaging and presentation and this is a really nice touch.  
At the top of every packing slip they have their return policy (which is awesome) and a list of our preferences.  I love how they hold themselves accountable for really providing the products that we want.  My box contained 4 full-sized products and one sample!

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box packing slip

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box open items
From FACE Stockholm, the exclusive grey-blue shade called Want-A-Blue (get it?) is so pretty.  I am not sure if everyone knows this, but this brand is actually sold in J. Crew stores!  Anyway, they include a Beauty Tip on the packing slip: “For the longest lasting manicure, apply 2 oats of polish over a base and finish with a top coat.  Make sure to let each layer dry before applying the next.”  And I do concur!

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box nail polish face stockholm blue nailpolish
Dex New York is represented in this box with the Revita-C Lip Treatment.  It looks like it is a lipstick with a center of something moisturizing, but it is actually completely colorless.  I love having a nice lip balm/treatment with me at all times and the packaging on this is so lovely that it just found a permanent home in my handbag!  This lip treatment has intensive healing and environmentally protective properties.  The Beauty Tip included on this product reads: “Can be worn alone as a lip balm or underneath your favorite lipstick to keep your pout in tip top shape.”

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box dex new york lipstick balm swatch lips
I was excited to see a Michael Marcus lipstick included in this box because I had never tried them and I have wanted to for quite some time now.  The shade I received is Inviting.  The formula of this lipstick is great, it is creamy as well as long-wearing; usually you have to compromise one for the other but not in this lipstick!  I actually applied it over the previous product and I am in love.  The shade is a bright pink and it has a subtle violet shimmer.  The Beauty Tip on this says: “For extended wear, layer over a coordinating lip pencil.  Apply with a lip brush for expert precision.” I didn’t do either of these when applying and I still came out with a gorgeous long-wearing shade!
wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lipstick lip swatch michael marcus inviting hot pink
Here are the swatches of the two lip products.  The one on the right is the balm and the left is Inviting.  This picture really showcases that violet shimmer I mentioned before.  This is something that I don’t have in my collection so it is really unique!

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lip swatch lipstick balm
Starlooks offeres pro-quality, deeply pigmented, incredibly smooth eyeshadows!  The shade included in this box is Pearl.  The packaging is very reminiscent of MAC Cosmetics single eyeshadows, and honestly I find the pigmentation to be better than a lot of MAC shadows.  I would describe this shade as a satin cream color, so the name fits really nicely!  I am fairly certain that this brand has their own monthly subscription service, also.  Beauty Tip: “Use this gorgeous satin shade as an all-over wash of color or to softly highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.”

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box starlooks eyeshadow pearl mac dupe

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box starlooks eyeshadow pearl swatch mac dupe
The sample product in this box is from Lise Watier, which is a brand I am extremely interested in since trying a lipgloss in my first Wantable box.  The Ombre Souffle Supreme are creamy, mousey eyshadows that are EXTREMELY beautiful.  They are also good for you with their anti-aging technology that uses Labrador Tea extract.  Beauty Tip:  “Apply with your fingertips, blending out towards the crease.”

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lise watier ombre soufflé supreme eyeshadow cream

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box list waiter ombre soufflé supreme cream eyeshadow sample swatch

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lise waiter ombre soufflé supreme cream eyeshadow swatches
The next two pictures showcase all of the eyeshadows in the box.  The two on the right are the Lise Watier cream shadows and the one on the left is the Starlooks eyeshadow.  The finish and texture of all of these are AMAZING!! 

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lise waiter ombre soufflé supreme cream eyeshadow swatches flash

wantable january 2014 makeup subscription box lise waiter ombre soufflé supreme cream eyeshadow swatches no flash
The January 2014 Wantable Makeup Box blew me away!  I am excited that the first box of the year was perfect, good sign for the rest of the year.  If you haven’t signed up already, you need to!  It retails for $36 a month but you ALWAYS get your money’s worth.  If you purchased all oft he products from this post separately it would retail for $73.  
*This box was provided for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are used.

WANTABLE, A Beautiful New Thing

Wantable is brand new to the subscription box scene.  It is a monthly box, but it is way better than most.  Wantable has mostly full-sized products with 1 or so deluxe samples.  It is also customized just for you!  Lots of other subscriptions give you a survey asking your preferences, but rarely do you really get a box full of products that is truly what you are interested in.  Most subscriptions give the same exact products in every box to every one.  Of the boxes I have seen from Wantable through other bloggers, each one is different.  Really remarkable.  Something else that is surprising:  If you don’t love it, return it!  

There is no way I would return my first Wantable Beauty Box.  It is filled to the brim with just the kinds of things I would buy myself!  

I am going to start out with the only item that isn’t full-sized.  It is from Echo Vie.  It is their Organic Body Oil.  It is made up of organic jojoba and seame oils and once absorbed it will restore moisture, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.  It is infused with 10 oils that naturally uplift, relieve fatigue, stress and anxiety.  It can be used after a shower or during a massage, as a bath oil, or even in your hair.  Aromatherapy and topical treatment!  Yes, please!

The first full-size product in the box is the MiA BelleZZa Summer Love Eye Crayon in Argento ($17.99).  This eyeshadow crayon is super creamy and swipes on so easily.  The color is pigmented and dries down so that it doesn’t move around and crease.  It doesn’t dry up the eyelid, it actually keeps it moisturized.  

The color I have is a sort of iridescent-peach-pink.  The closest thing I have in my collection is MAC Paradisco.  The two would probably be absolutely amazing layered together.  

One of the coolest things I got in this box is the Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Rouge Catwalk ($22.00).  The name is truly long but the product is amazing.  

The color I received is a gorgeous red shade.  It has high shine and intense color.  When I wore it to work a couple days ago I got a lot of attention.  I am not one to wear bold lips out but this gloss/lacquer feels so nice on the lips that I barely realized I was wearing color.  Felt like a balm.

Now for the REALLLLLY cool part.  Say it is dark out and you need to touch up your lips but don’t have any place with adequate lighting…  This lip lacquer has a built in LED light that pops on every time you open it.  The container has a mirror built into the side, so you literally need NOTHING else.  

How awesome is it?

Funny enough, the actual wand looks like a light saber.  :)  

A brush is included in the box from Japonesque.  I received the Travel Smudger Brush ($14.50).  It is actually the exact shape of brush that I love but have a hard time finding.  I love using this size brush to apply an inner corner highlight, line the lashes with an eyeshadow, smudge out liner, work in a dark color in my crease.  It is honestly a perfect brush.

Cailyn Cosmetics is also represented in my box with their Line Fix Gel Pencil in Charcoal ($17.00).  It is a gorgeous silvery charcoal grey.  

I am so clumsy and dropped my eyeliner on the ground while I was trying to photograph it.  You can see the dot at the bottom of the photo above.  It once had a lovely sharp point.  Even though it is sad when you mess up that perfect product before you get a chance to play with it, it can be sharpened back into a point.  I just wanted to whine a little about my clumsiness.  

Above you can see two swatches.  One isn’t blended/smudged and the other is.  I love this pencil!  Seriously!  It isn’t a color I owned beforehand, but so glad I do now.  It even makes a nice base for other shadows.  

The last item in my box is a FACE Stockholm Nail Polish in #12 ($12.00).  This formula is 3-free meaning it is made without DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.  In the picture above, I only did one coat.  It is perfect with two.  I am not a huge fan of the shade I received, but in the survey I marked that I liked neutral nail polish shades and this one is sort of neutral.  My fault.
If I could say that every subscription box I have ever received only contained 1 product I didn’t like then I would probably still be subscribed to them all.  I am not, though.  I cancelled most of my beauty subscriptions because I got tired of receiving fragrance samples and discount codes.
Wantable is really great.  I have absolutely no complaints.  The survey was a nice experience, the box came super quick, and the products made me happy.  The box runs $36 a month and my box is worth $83.49.  Very good value.
There are three different types of boxes you can subscribe to: Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates.  I only have experience with the Makeup Box.  I do have a referral link, so if you decide to join and click through my links you will be giving me credit.  Thank you if you decide to do that.
*This box was provided for editorial consideration/an honest review.  All opinons are my own.  The links will give me referral credit.

BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Night Star

BECCA Cosmetics is a brand that I have loved for a long, LONG time.  They released their Ultimate Eye Colour Quads a few months back with their Smoke & Grace Collection.  There are five different quads to choose from: Night Star, Sun Chaser, Eclipse, Galactica, and Astro Violet.  My favorite of the 5 shade choices is Night Star, which is what I am showing you today. 

The outer packaging is their typical brownish-black cardboard with their name in silver.  The packaging of the product is a rubberized plastic with a metallic portion donning their name.  

“What it is:
A luxe quad compact of smooth, highly pigmented eye shadows in matte, demi-matte, and metallic finishes. 

What it does:
Color, contour, and highlight the eyes with one luxe palette. Four velvety smooth powder shadows in matte, demi-matte and metallic finishes offer ultimate looks in a complete wardrobe of intense color with rich dimension. Highly pigmented mineral powders build quickly and blend easily for lasting color in a silky smooth finish.

This set contains:
- 4 x 0.07 oz Eye Shadows

What else you need to know:
This formula is enriched with antioxidant vitamin E that helps to protect the skin from free-radical damage and provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain a special blend of powders and emollient agents for a soft, smooth, and uniform application. These shadows are free of fragrance and preservatives. “

The quad itself is surprisingly small.  When I saw it online I was thinking of something along the size of a MAC quad.  My hands are incredibly small (my 7 year old has the same size hands as me) and this quad doesn’t even fill up my palm.  I find that a huge benefit.  It is a compact that contains a mirror and four eye colors with which you can complete an eye look without adding any other colors.  PERFECT!

The eyeshadows themselves are impressive.  A couple are just buttery soft while the others are silky smooth.  While the textures in the palette are slightly different (mostly the same) the quality is of the highest regard.  
There is a shimmery blush/nude shade.  Next is a matte brownish-taupe with a slight green tint.  The darkest shade in the quad is described as a jet black by the company but I would disagree; it is more of a blackened brown–also matte.  The shade in the palette that makes it for me is a shimmery pale slate with hints of green.
I have nothing negative to say about this quad.  I love the brand, I love the product itself, and I even love the packaging.  I put together a look using the quad and I hope you like it.  

BECCA Line and Pore Corrector
Chanel Perfection Lumiere mixed with YSL LTTE
Hourglass Ambient Powder in Diffused
UD Quickie powder blush
LORAC eye primer
BECCA Night Star quad
Benefit They’re Real mascara
MAC Mystery on brows
GOSH Bananas on waterline
MAC Garden Bed
To me this quad can easily be used for bridal looks as well as a night out on the town.  The 4 shades in the quad are perfectly varying enough to be a self-sustaining quad, meaning that you don’t need any other eyeshadows to complete an eye look.  You can even switch around the placement of the eyeshadows to create different looks.  I love versatility in my makeup products.
BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quads retail for $40 and can be found on the BECCA website as well as anywhere else that sells products from the brand.
Have you ever tried anything from BECCA Cosmetics?  What is your favorite product from them?  Let me know in the comments below!
*The product mentioned in this post was provided in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyeshadow Primer

Eye makeup is my favorite part of my beauty routine… It is also the part that seems to fade the fastest.  I have found several eyeshadow primers that work well for me, but I am always on a quest for another great hidden treasure.  Today I am going to discuss an eyeshadow primer from theBalm called Put A Lid On It.

First off, let’s talk about the packaging.  theBalm has always been known for great packaging.  The box looks straight out of a Sunday Funny Paper!  The tube itself is nice and simple.  It is a squeeze tube and has a nice precise tip, which helps you get just the right amount out.

As far as Put A Lid On It’s performance–I feel it is quite good.  Not the best I have ever tried but far from the worst.  It is a lot like the texture of most well-known primers (i.e. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, or NARS Eyeshadow Base) but maybe slightly thinner.  The amount on my wrist (below) is enough for both of my eyelids.  It spreads very evenly and goes transparent on the lid.  
Info from the brand:
“Let your eyes do the talking with Put A Lid On It, a quick-drying primer designed to give your boldest looks staying power. Packaged in an easy-to-squeeze tube, its light reflective properties brighten and enhance lids, while skin-smoothing ingredients ensure your favorite shades are anything but muted.”

theBalm Put A Lid On It retails for $18 for .4 fl oz of product.  You can find this product anywhere that theBalm is sold.  I personally enjoy this product very much.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  
What is your favorite eyelid primer?  Leave it in the comments below!
*This product was purchased by me.  I am in no way sponsored for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Miss Adoro #423 False Lashes

Nothing is as fun and transforming as throwing on a great pair of false lashes.  I have done lash serums of all kinda with great results from most of them, but as much as I loved the serums none of them really added any drama to my looks.  I have found a magnificent pair of false lashes that I love: they are the Miss Adoro #423.

My lashes are pretty nice on their own, but could never look like they do in these pics with all of the lash growth products in the world.  A great pair of lashes draws the attention right to the eyes and really allows you to make them a focal point of your masterpiece (i.e. makeup look) that day.  The eye makeup I did today was no different than my usual day’s face but the addition of lashes just glammed up my whole look.  My husband even said, “Wow, you look fancy.  Where are you going?”  He never comments on my makeup either, so for him to say anything at all is always a shocker for me.  The power of lashes is amazing.
Another thing… my husband was wondering where I was going…  When you wear false lashes, is it for a special occasion or is it just because?  I vary.  A lot of times I wear lashes for absolutely no reason.  I tend to play with my makeup more when I don’t have anywhere special to go.  

To touch on the Miss Adoro #423 lashes specifically… I feel like they are so complex.  For years makeup artists have been layering different lashes together to get a high-impact look, and these lashes have the appearance of a layered look.  These lashes are high quality and low in cost.  You can purchase them from or  I got mine on sale when LadyMoss had a set offer running.  
Let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to comment below.

*I purchased these lashes myself, all opinions are my own.  I am in no way sponsored and all links are for your convenience only.

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF40

For those of you that have been following my beauty loves over the last couple of years: you all know how much I love BB Creams.  There is such a large variety out there now and I honestly enjoy trying them out.  I love how they all target different things and have different claims, and I also love how they provide great coverage while still being considered skincare.  BB Creams really took off in the Eastern beauty scene, and recently has had a lot of hype from US or Western brands.   Hydroxatone has one called Anti-Aging BB Cream and so far I think it is the most impressive “Western BB Cream” that I have ever encountered…

“This versatile beauty enhancer looks like makeup but acts like skincare. Provide your skin with the hydration it needs to maintain a more polished, youthful look. And boasting a formula with broad spectrum SPF 40, antioxidants and botanical extracts, apply this cream to help protect your skin from environmental aggressors while smoothing its appearance. Add this multi-action cream to your daily skincare repertoire for a bevy of beauty benefits.  

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Sunscreen is your all-in-one multi-tasking perfecting cream . It hydrates, conceals, protects, reduces the look of aging and brightens skin in just one step. BB cream is also known as Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and is recently among Asia’s hottest beauty products.

First of all: I like the squeeze-tube packaging.  It makes for easily-controlled dispension of product.  No fuss, no muss.  I also like that there is no glass included in the packaging.  I have an upcoming hospital stay (the birth of my daughter) and I for one don’t want to travel with glass in my makeup bag… to be completely honest–I don’t enjoy having glass packaging ever.  I am a huge klutz and if something is breakable it will be broken!  Kudos on the simplicity of the packaging, Hydroxatone.
I have the color in Medium and I think it is the perfect shade for me.  It is my suspicion that the Light, Medium, Tan, Deep Tan, and Dark shades (all of the shades they offer) are pretty true to life.  Limited shades in BB Creams are common and the fact that there are 5 choices for Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream is actually quite good and honestly really surprising.   
The coverage is medium to full and can be layered to add more coverage.  You can see from the swatches below that it does a great job at perfecting the skin.  I have sunspots and freckles on my hand and from the first picture to the last you can see a major difference with just a small amount applied.  Some people like to use BB Creams as primers for their actual makeup and I think that this one is actually the one-stop-shop that it claims to be: skincare and makeup.  
It provides a nice, natural “lit-from-within glow”.  It is very moisturizing, but not so much that it looks wet.  It helps me look like a better version of myself.  Sometimes products that provide a luminous/dewy finish have a tendency not to last very long on the skin and that is not the case with this product.  It lasts my entire work day with little-to-no touch ups.  I do keep a translucent pressed powder in my bag to get my t-zone throughout the day, but I would do that with any product so I won’t count it as a flaw for this.  

I find that Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream is really great.  It satisfies all of my needs and honestly exceeds my coverage expectation.  A 5 out of 5 star-rating is completely necessary for this product.  I have no complaints, only praises.  Go out and try it for yourself!!!
*The product mentioned in this review was provided from for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  The link provided is for your convenience only.