October 2012 Favorites

Wow… this feels like strange territory!  It has been so long since I did a Favorites post… Like June or maybe even further back.  I have been sort of uninspired recently to do favorites because sometimes most of the time it ends up being a lot of the products that I reviewed that month and I hate to reiterate the same points.  This month’s favorites was all about rediscoveries!  I took these photos with my iPhone because my camera’s battery died RIGHT as I went to snap the first picture! Ready? 

For starters I want to mention the color products.  The MAC quad was made by me.  I haven’t been using my MAC eyeshadows much in the last year but they were calling to me.  My all time favorite eyeshadow in the WORLD is Sable and it is the top left.  The other three are Naked Lunch (top right), Smut (bottom left) and Shore Leave which is limited edition from years ago (bottom right).  This combo is GORGEOUS and I accidentally put them together.  I knew I wanted to use the top two in a look together and recently Shore leave has been my GO TO inner corner highlight.  Smut is always a favorite for the outer v and there you have it… History was made!  Favorite custom MAC quad!

A MAC blush that I have always lusted after is Fleur Power.  I acquired it in a swap at the beginning of the month and fell head over heels for it.  It has been on my cheeks for the majority of the month.  I love it.  Pretty bright pink with a TOUCH of coral.  I am pregnant but every time I wear this people tell me I am radiant.  I know it is the blush!!!

I am also loving the Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist.  I use it after cleansing to give me a nice hydrated feeling.  It smells wonderful and feels amazing on the skin.  A definite favorite from the Jurlique skincare line I am testing and will post about soon.
Billion Dollar Brows automatic pencil is amazing.  I have been using it non-stop since I purchased it.  Seriously–no other product has touched my brows since I opened it’s package.  I reviewed it previously here.
NARS Eyeshadow Base has been a favorite this month.  My hormones have my eyelids going nuts.  Bases that have never allowed creasing (on me) before aren’t working now.  I went through a few different ones and reached for this trusty base and it actually is working.  Thank the lord!  I haven’t given it a full on review yet but here is the haul post that I did when I received it a year and a half ago! WOW, right?
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in 2-Light has been my most reached for concealer.  I always love it but recently I have been relying on it and it alone to perfect my complexion.  I have tried not to use any foundation because my face has cleared up a great deal and this has really done the trick.  I need to get a  new one pretty soon.  It is about tapped.
I just recently reviewed the Laura Mercier Deluxe Travel Brush Collection and two of my favorite brushes this month came from it.  The Blush Brush is absolute perfection.  I haven’t ever used a paddle shaped blush brush before but it is really great for precision–which I need sometimes because I have big ole cheeks!  When I smile you can see I actually have pretty nice cheek bones but the precision of blush application really helps that stand out.  The other standout brush in this set is the dual-ended Smudge/Flat Eye Liner brush.  These are both full size brushes, they are just dual ended.  The eyeliner brush comes to a perfect thin point and I like that it isn’t angled.  The Smudge side is the real standout though.  I apply inner corner highlight, eyeshadow on the lower lash line AND smudge my eyeliner with it.  It is amazing.  
What are your October 2012 Favorites?  Do any of our favorites match?  Let me know in the comments below!  Also let me know if you would like me to do monthly favorites consistently like I used to!  I enjoy doing them but I sort of stopped at the risk of sounding redundant!  
*Some of the products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration.  In no way is this post sponsored.  All opinions are completely my own.

Rose Aurora FOTD and Ramble

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you all had a fantastic week!  I am just glad this week is coming to an end… It has been one of the most stressful weeks for me in a long long long time.  So many reasons, but I wont get into it.  Just celebrating Friday because it feels like it washes away the bad taste of the week.  :)  HOORAYYYY Friday!

This is a look I have been sporting all week long really, just switching it up a little bit here and there.  I have been in a rush all week so I basically just keep going super simple on the eyes and focus on the skin.  Looks like I forgot to tightline.  I hate seeing my skin under my lashes.  It is a personal pet peeve of mine.

I always get questions about my earrings so I am going to go ahead and address them.  My friend went through a jewelry-making phase and she posted her pieces on Facebook.  She lives far away from me now but I scooped up a bunch of them because they were great.  The ones I am wearing in these pictures are awesome.  They consist of 3 dangly diamond shape metal pieces and they all twirl independently.  I wish she was making more!  I would totally keep buying them.

This is one of the rare occasions that I winged out my liner.  Lately I just haven’t been digging winged liner.  

Tatcha Serum
Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream
Laura Geller Balance n Brighten in Regular
Rock n Republic blush
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #13
Smashbox Cream Liner in Onyx
It Cosmetics Hello Lashes!
Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora lipstick
And now for some good ole Instagram pics.  
So, Bath and Body Works just recently had a 2 for $20 candle sale and OF COURSE I got 2 Leaves candles.  I also got some others that I have never tried before:  Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Bonfire Maplewood, and Pumpkin Cupcake.  These arrived on my doorstep today and I sniffed them all and they are ALLLL wonderful.  I hate buying blind… or in this case without smelling them first, but my instinct didn’t point me in the wrong direction.  LOVE them all.
A while back there was a contest on the Fresh  Facebook page and the grand prize was their entire set of balms.  I came in runner up but I did score the Coral one.  I got this in the mail a while back but I never showed it to you guys.  Crazy summer…  I am enjoying it, and hope to get a review up soon?  Or has that window passed?  Let me know if you want a review.

Now for SHOES!  I was shopping in my Local NEX (Navy Exchange) and I ran up on THESE BAD BOYS!  OMG  I adore Michael Kors anything and I am totally obsessed with wedges.  These really need to be mine.  I was focusing on showing some restraint so I passed these up but if I go back this weekend and this pair is still there, these will be mine.

The next shoe picture is my most worn shoes of the summer.  You can’t tell it from the picture but the beads actually shine irridescent colors.  They go great with maxi dresses as well as just shorts or jeans.  I love them because they are totally flip flops but I can wear them to work and no one will say anything!  SCORE!  Oh yeah, and I got these from Target–total bargain buy!

Recently got a bunch of goodies from Jurlique.  I have never tried their skincare before but I am excited to try it out.  I have had several hand creams over the last year or two and I enjoyed them a great deal!  Keep your eyes out for reviews on these.

Two scents I have been wearing all week are Prada Candy and Lisa Hoffman Beauty Tunisian Neroli.  I adore them.  They are completely opposite form each other but I have been layering them together and I totally thing it is my SIGNATURE scent!

3 current favorite foundations:  Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Peach Girl BB Cream, and Too Faced BB Cream in Nude Glow.  I only have a sample of the Too Faced one but I am sure I will be getting the full size.  I am getting paler though so I don’t wanna invest in a full size of the darker shade.

The next picture is a Perfect Margarita from LongHorn Steakhouse.  BEST ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE OF ALL TIME!  I don’t like Margaritas (I know, I know… shoot me now) but these are PERFECTION.  I got it the first time on recommendation on Facebook because I “checked in” and my friend wrote me immediately to tell me to try it.  I did and it has been love ever since.  Don’t hesitate to try it! SERIOUSLY!  

That is it folks!  I am sure that I will be a crazy posting lady this weekend.  I have a lot to catch up on as far as reviews go so I am liable to do 4-10 this weekend.  :)  Depends on how insane things get here.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend and take care!