Wet N Wild Color Icon Powder Play featuring The Naked Truth

Few things excite me like seeing a brand new, untouched display on the drugstore shelves.  I recently stumbled upon the Wet n Wild Color Icon Powder Play 5 Eyeshadow Palettes.  I actually purchased The Naked Truth, so the review of that will be at the end.

Basically The Naked Truth is the neutral one of the bunch and the look of a few of the shades had me drooling.  I picked them up and brought them home ASAP!

The finger swatches turned out fairly nice after a couple passes over the eyeshadow.  Just one swipe wasn’t enough to build up the color.  It was initially pretty disappointing.  I am used to the super-soft almost creamy feeling shades from their past palettes.

Once I rubbed my finger onto the back of my arm I noticed that the eyeshadows transferred pretty accurately.  So my initial disappointment *poofed* right away.  I personally love a palette that has a few heavily pigmented shades and some others that are on the medium-sheer side for blending and highlighting.  This palette is essentially perfect for including all of the above.

I don’t have a huge, long blogpost on these with a lot of wording but The Naked Truth is really pretty.  I give it an overall B+.  I would also like to include it into the perfect travel palette category.  I did a post on the best eyeshadow palettes for traveling not long ago and I honestly wish I would have known about it them.   Go take a look in your local drugstore to see if hey have this display!  I hope you found this post helpful and I thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings of beauty!
*Press sample received.  All opinions are my own.
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BA STAR Midnight Smoky Palette and Glue Review

Press Sample

BA Star is a line that is new to me.  I haven’t seen it, heard of it or tried it before but I am definitely excited to show you this gorgeous palette.  It is called the Midnight Smoky palette and is brand new to the line.  This palette claims to be long lasting and have great pigmentation.  Keep reading to see if I find that to be true!

First let’s get into the shades.  BA Star’s palettes contain 5 eyeshadows.  From left to right this one contains an icy white, a silver, a gunmetal, a true black, and a blue.  I am not a blue eyeshadow lover but this one is really pretty.

When I put my fingers on the shadow to pick up the color I was instantly impressed.  The shades are so soft and have a wonderful creamy feeling even though they are powders.  When I transferred the product onto my arm for the swatches they were still showing to be very pigmented and perfect.  Great high quality shades.

The Glue, which is an eyeshadow and glitter base is REALLY nice.  It reminds me of Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy as far as what it does to eyeshadows, but has the lotion-like consistency of a primer like NARS Eyeshadow Base.  The eyeshadow in the picture below is the lightest one in the palette.  The left side is it swatched lightly on base skin and the right side is it swatched lightly on top of the Glue base.  Holy WHAT!  Look at the difference.  It is WILD how big a difference the base made.

In the eyeshadow look below you can see the look I created with the palette and the glue base.  It is so pretty and I love it.  I used each shade.   The gunmetal was placed all over the lid, the light icy shade was on the inner corner, the black shade blended into the crease, the silver on the lower lash line and the blue in the center of the lid.

From what I can tell on the BA Star site, the brand specializes in theater and cheerleading makeup.  I can totally see that because the shades are so vibrant and long lasting.  They would be perfect for those uses.  I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to peruse the site and see what else they have to offer.

*I received the products in this post free of charge in exchange for an honest review from BrandBacker.
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Boudoir Eyes, Too Faced Soft and Sexy Eye Shadow Collection

I bought it.  Affiliate Links.

Too Faced make some of my favorite palettes.  I bought the Boudoir Eyes Palette months ago (before Christmas) and sadly enough it got lost in the shuffle due to Christmas and holiday makeup collections coming out and stuff that kept getting pushed ahead of this amazing gem.  I am a nude, natural, neutral eyeshadow lover and I love one that lean toward the taupe-y variety.  I also love different shades of shimmery champagnes so this palette is perfect for me.  Taupes and Champagnes are always going to be shades I gravitate towards and will purchase a bazillion of…  I like that soft, sexy eye look.

I do realize this palette is older.  I have been wanting it since it was brand new but I tried to do somewhat of a no-buy when this was first coming out.  I am late to the party, but I like to think it is a fashionable entrance!

The names of these shadows are so flirty/dirty/sexy!

The Day shades are quite basic but nice.  The matte white shade is called In The Buff.  :)  I like it very much so.  The name and the eyeshadow itself.  Fuzzy Handcuffs is a nice medium toned brown/tan shade that is also matte.  Perfect for blending out an eyeshadow or to fake a crease (like I have to do). There is a lovely deeper, dirty plum shade called Voulez-vouz that has a touch of sheen.

The Classic shades include a shimmery golden champagne called Satin Sheets.  The finish of this one the eyes really gives off the affect of a satin sheet to, so it is perfectly named.  I don’t know what Sugar Walls is supposed to mean in the flirtatious, sexy way but it is a shimmery light brown shade that has a slight pinkish undertone.  Garter Belt is a nice matte grey-taupe.  I can see the touch of brow in it but it is really an unexpected workhorse of the palette.  When I want those soft, sexy “come hither” eyes Garter Belt is the shade I will use EVERY TIME to pull it all together.

The Fashion shades contain one of my all time favorites.  I bet you know which one before I even talk about these three.  The first shade in this row is the one called Birthday Suit.  It is a shimmery skin tone shade that definitely leans golden.  Lap Dance is a plummy-taupe metallic shade that ROCKS MY WORLD.  It is one of those eyeshadows that can do a beautiful one-shade smoky eye.  The metallic on this makes it so multidimensional.  French Tickler is such a daring name and it is quite honestly a daring eyeshadow.  It is a deep, dark brown/black shade that is really unique.  It also gold shimmer in it.  I haven’t done this yet but I want to do a rockstar chic look using nothing but this eyeshadow!

This collection of eyeshadows is great. It has something for everyone.  I love that they included NECESSARY matte shades and when I say necessary I mean crease work and brow bone shades.  There are also some shimmers and metallics.  There is one sort of glittery shade and that is the French Tickler.  I don’t notice a terrible about of fall out with it but just take precaution when you see actual glitters in an eyeshadow.

Overall the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette is great.  I love the texture, formula, finish and blend ability of each of the eyeshadows.  I like the variety of shades given and I love that it is so darn sexy, right down to the individual names.  I am also shocked that this palette retails for $36.  Check it out for yourself!

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*Affiliate links are in use.

Shine Bright with Stila ‘In The Light’

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatch swatches
I bought it. Affiliate Links.

Stila Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands and I have been obsessed with the brand since doing my review and swatches on the Masterpiece Collection.  I am a neutral eyeshadow lover, and particularly admire champagne shimmers and deep chocolates.  Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette has it all!

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

I think I own every neutral/naked/nude eye shadow palette there is (or at least very close) and I still see the beauty in them all.  That is what you call obsessed! HA  This one is extraordinary in the fact that I feel like it can suit ALL skin tones, buttery soft, blend smoothly and effortlessly, and can be used wet or dry.  And the eyeshadow themselves are pretty huge compared to most palettes.

Just LOOK at those finger-tip swatches.  You can tell that the texture of them is just splendid!  Opaque, pigmented, soft… PERFECT!

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten swatches

Stila Cosmetics In The Light Eye Shadow Palette beauty makeup gorgeous matte shimmer Kitten
The eye shadows in this palette are as follows: 

1st Row: Barematte ivory shade, Kitten: stila’s iconic best-selling shade, Bliss: matte beige pink, Sunset: shimmery canyon pink, Sandstone: matte light cocoa.

2nd Row: Champagne: shimmery pale gold, Gilded Gold: golden brown with shimmer, Luster: dark aubergine with gold shimmer, Night Sky: blue with shimmer, Ebony: black.

The liner in the palette is the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel, which is a deep chocolate brown shade.  The formula is great.  It starts out creamy, gives you time to work with them, and they set up and don’t budge.  I REALLY like them!
Stila Cosmetics Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner Damsel beauty makeup gorgeous matte In The Light swatch
I prefer the light, shimmery shades in the palette, but I will say that even though Bare doesn’t look like much it is a work horse.  It is one of those brow-bone colors that you wish were in every palette, also perfect for blending out edges!  It includes the super-popular shadow that Stila is known for, Kitten.  It also has a pale gold shade that looks very unique to me called Champagne.  
The entire palette is full of win and I encourage you to check it out!  I have seen these in Ulta lately, but they also have them in other high end beauty stores.  And the price point is super great!  It only runs $39 and can get you through any situation, be it formal or casual.  Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette is my newest addiction… no pun intended! :)  All pros and no cons!!
*This post contains affiliate links.

Jane Cosmetics, It’s Back And Better Than Ever!

Press Sample, I Bought It

When I first heard the buzz about Jane Cosmetics coming back to the market my heart fluttered.  The very first eyeshadow I ever purchased was from this brand.  I was so sad and disappointed when they left the market so long ago but they are back and better than ever!  
The packaging is also very sleek and chic.  It is a basic black with white lettering for the brand name. The colors are easy to see and easily identifiable.  The names are whimsical and sweet.  What more to ask for, right?

“The beloved brand is back … and better than ever with the highest quality formulas (at affordable prices), an array of beautiful shades and finishes and a renewed emphasis on making the world a better place. The packaging has been updated with fun, vibrant lomographic imagery, featuring unique lighting effects, vignette framing and richly saturated colors.” – Jane Cosmetics

I have a lot of the new products to share with you and NOT EVEN ONE of them is a dud.  Get ready for swatches-galore!  

I have 5 glosses, one pH Adjusting Stain Gloss, 1 Intense Color Lip Gloss, and 3 of the regular Lip Glosses.  All of the glosses retail for $7.
 Jane calls the Lip Gloss and Intense Color Lip Gloss “high performance” and I concur!  They are pigmented, shiny, moisturizing and fun!  The applicators of these glosses are slanted so they are comfortable on the lip and easy to apply.  They are sheer but highly pigmented.  They also contain vitamin E!

Lip Gloss in Be Bold (deep raspberry)

Lip Gloss in Charmed (sheer berry)

Lip Gloss in Inner Light (hot pink sparkle)

Intense Color Lip Gloss in Confident (bright pink coral)

The pH Adjusting Stain Gloss comes in a few different varieties and I have the one in Shimmer.  I did a test on my lips for you.  You can see that within 5 minutes my lips really did adjust in color.  It was pretty phenomenal the way the color transformed.

One of my favorite products from the line are the Cream Eye Shadows.  I find this formula to be exactly what I am looking for in a cream eyeshadow.  It applies on like a true cream (not dry like some cream eye shadows), allows for plenty of blend time, and when it is set it isn’t going anywhere! These retail for $8.
“Draw attention to the sparkle in your eyes with Jane’s metallic Cream Eye Shadow. A high-performance cream-to-powder shadow, our smudge-proof formula glides on seamlessly and dries in a flash, leaving a beautiful metallic finish. An easy-to-use wand makes applying a cinch: simply swipe lids for a soft, sheer sheen, or top with Jane’s powder eye shadow for supercharged shine.” – Jane Cosmetics

I have Shimmering Silver, Polished Pewter, and Precious Pink Orchid.
Shimmering Silver is just that, a platinum silver shimmer.
Polished Pewter is my VERY favorite.  It is, OF COURSE, a metallic taupe.
Precious Pink Orchid is a beautiful pale pink with white pearl.

Do you see the perfection in those swatches?  *drooling*

The Eye Shadow line from Jane has a WHOPPING 45 eyeshadows to choose from.  Some are shimmer shades and some are matte.  I have two shimmers and one matte for you today.  They are all very different in color, but one thing rings true in them all:  they are soft, pigmented, and perfect.  They retail for $8
“Radiate warmth and wonder through your eyes with Jane’s luxurious Eye Shadow. The petal soft formula contains intense color pigments in a gorgeous array of matte & shimmery shades… after all, Jane believes that confidence comes in many colors! A high-performance powder shadow at an affordable price, each is embossed with the brand’s signature blooms—Jane’s symbol for empowering women and inspiring social good.” – Jane Cosmetics

The two shimmer shades I have for you are Rosy Posy and Eclipse.  The matte shade I have is called Willow.

Rosy Posy is pink with soft shimmer.  It is delicate and gorgeous.  I would call this eyeshadow more of a satin than I would a shimmer. 
 Eclipse is a gorgeous, glistening copper sun.  I would say that this shade is downright metallic.  The opacity is unbelievable.  This is definitely going to be my go-to summer shade.
Willow is a matte, medium taupe.  It is also my new HG crease shade.  It is that perfect shade to contour your lids.  I have a mono lid and it is sometimes incredibly hard to create a lid that has depth and this shade changes that.  Today all I wore on my eye was a shimmery cream/white shade on the lid and this in the crease, some winged liner and mascara.  It was gorgeous.  I kept looking at my eyes and it was all because of the shade Willow.

I mentioned earlier that I wore winged liner today, I created it with the Water Resistant Liquid Eye Liner.  This liner has a bristle brush, not a felt tip.  I am not used to using these sorts of brushes, but it was easy to use and honestly… I may make a permanent switch to this line.  I love that the shade I wore had a sparkle to it and the wing was perfect and sharp.  For an example, take a peek at this look I created.  The liner is this!  They retail for $8

“Show the world your beautiful eyes with Jane’s Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liner, designed to deliver intense color in a single brushstroke. A high-performance liquid liner at an affordable price, the long-wearing formula dries quickly while color stays put. Whether you opt for subtle or super dramatic, the precision brush makes applying a snap.” – Jane Cosmetics
The three shades I have to show you are Metallic Lilac, Graphite and Golden Black.
Metallic Lilac is described as a shimmering plum.
Graphite is a charcoal with multicolored shimmer.
Golden Black is a black with golden shimmer.

The Water Resistant Eye Liners are also great.  They transfer easy, but they aren’t so soft they are messy.  Once these liners set, they are good to go for hours and hours.  They can be smudged or blended out a bit so you can definitely use them in a variety of ways.  I have been having fun playing with them in my waterline.  They retail for $6
“Enhance your eyes with Jane’s luxurious Water-Resistant Eye Liner. The creamy, color-rich formula glides seamlessly before it sets, so it blends like a breeze. Plus, it comes in an array of matte & shimmery hues that hold tight (after all, Jane believes that confidence comes in many colors!) so you can mix, match and experiment with your favorite beauty trends.” – Jane Cosmetics

The shades I have to share with you are Brown, Midnight Blue and Forest Green.  The tips come nice and pointy but after one or two uses you will be left with a dull, less fine tip.  That is perfectly okay though because my favorite use for these are for smudging under my eyes or in my waterline.  (In the picture above you can tell that I used the brown shade immediately!)
Brown is a shimmery, rich chocolate brown.
Midnight Blue is a royal navy blue.  It is truly unique.  It has a sheen that is unlike any other blue pencil I own.
Forest Green is a dark emerald green.  It is such a beautiful shade of green it has been making me think up different eye looks to use it with.  I tend to stick to my same old neutrals and taupes, but when I use this in combination with my regular looks they are completely transformed.

I have two Bronzing Powders and one Multi-Colored Cheek Color.  The Bronzing Powders retail for $10 and the Multi-Colored Cheek Color retails for $12.  All of these shades are so buttery-soft they seem like a cream to powder.  They are definitely only a powder but they apply so beautifully.
The Bronzing Powders are highly pigmented, soft, blendable, and packed with vitamin E.  The shades I have for you are Give and Inspire.
The Multi-Colored Cheek Color is all the same things as the Bronzing Powders and it is in the shade Pink Bouquet.

Pink Bouquet creates a soft, baby pink flush.  You can also narrow in on one specific shade inside the compact and create a look all your own.  One thing that I am known for doing is doing a cheek color all over my cheek bone but concentrate a stronger color on the apples.  This palette/compact will make that easy.
Give Bronzing Powder is ideal for a terra-cotta glow.  This shade is a bit strong for me, but a little can create the perfect contour.  When I use this on my light-to-medium complexion I blend the edges out really well and it creates that perfect shadowy hollowed cheek look.
Inspire Bronzing Powder is just described as soft.  I do agree that that is what this is, a soft tan.  I apply this with an intention to create a sun-kissed glow.  It is a few shades darker than my natural skin tone but not dark enough for me to contour.  It would be a perfect contour shade for someone who is very fair.

Jane Cosmetics‘ come back is mind blowing.  I remember all of the products being good but I can’t imagine that they were as good as they are now.  I am wondering how this is a drugstore line and not in department stores drawing in twice the retail prices.  The entire line is that GREAT!  Not only can you find the products on Jane’s website, you can also pick them up at Ulta and Stage Stores.
There is a lot of information and pictures to take in on this post so feel free to pin some of them for easy reference or bookmark this review/overview for a shopping reference.
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*Some of the products mentioned in this post were provided for editorial consideration/an honest review.  Some were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own and all links are for your convenience.  

Stila Holiday 2013: Portrait of a Perfect Eye

Press Sample, Affiliate Links
Holiday collections are coming out as we speak and I have one of Stila’s holiday palettes called Portrait of a Perfect Eye to share with you today.  It is a gorgeous palette of browns, taupes, and tans.  Two of them are matte and the rest are shimmer and they are all gorgeous.  The palette retails for $16 and is well worth the cost.  

Because everyone loves a neutral/earth toned eye this makes a perfect gift for the makeup lover on everyone’s list, including a great pick-me-up for yourself.  The shades from L to R are called Parchment, Organza, Vintage, Linen, Antique, and Rosewood.

As you see in the swatches below… THEY ARE GORGEOUS!  

The name of this palette suits it perfectly… Stila’s Portrait of a Perfect Eye is a must-have this holiday season.  It is going to be my go-to eyeshadow palette for a long time to come!  You can find it at StilaCosmetics.com, Sephora, Ulta, and anywhere else that carries the brand.
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theBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette

Nude and naked eyeshadow palettes are in abundance lately!  Companies finally realized that they could capitalize on the market when they offered an entire palette full of wonderful wearable colors instead of mixing in some of the ones that only a select few would wear.  I for one am happy about that.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy colored eyeshadow from time to time, but for my daily look I always stick to neutral, or nude, tones.  theBalm really delivers to the masses with their Nude ‘Tude palette.

theBalm’s Nude ‘Tude palette features 12 eyeshadows in a thin/slim palette with a dual ended brush.  One side of the angled brush is an angled eyeshadow brush and the other is a angled liner brush.  I find the brush pretty useless and would prefer an eyeshadow base or eyeliner as the freebie; it could even leave out the brush altogether and save on space.  This palette also features 6 nude ladies with their peek-a-boo parts neatly covered by their eyeshadows.  Each eyeshadow is about .032 oz worth of product.  It has a large, full length mirror and a magnetic closure.  The palette is also encased in a thick cardboard sleeve with the same print as the palette.

Sassy is a soft, frosted true white.
Snobby is a medium-yellow with gold sheen.
Stubborn is a peachy-pink shade with a finish that borders sheen and frost.
Stand-offish is a pinkish-brownish-champagne shade with a high shine finish.

Selfish is frosted taupe, it shifts from brown to gray.
Sultry is a medium brown that has a weird orangish tone; it looks matte in the pan but swatches out with a satin finish.
Sophisticated is a dark, olive-brown with bronzed shimmer.
Seductive (a.k.a. Schitzo) is a golden brown with gold shimmer.

Sexy is a deep burgundy shade with hints of red, it has a matte finish.  
Silly is a redish-brown with copper-like sparkle.
Serious is a dark matte black.
Sleek is a dark black/brown matte shade.

The swatches above are with the flash on and the swatches below are without flash.  The shade labeled Schitzo in the swatches is the one in my palette named Seductive; in earlier productions of the palette it had a different name.  All of these swatches are two passes of my finger over the shadow and onto my inner arm.  Most were fine with only one pass, but two really gave a good representation of color.
All of the shades were really soft and buttery.  I had no issues with any of them.  Some of the eyeshadows are, in fact, so pigmented that they may actually be able to stain your skin (i.e. Serious and Sleek).  I like the variety of finishes offered in this palette: ranging from matte to shimmer with everything in between.  

A lot of people want to compare this palette to the Urban Decay Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette.  I find that they are completely different in the colors that are offered (so feel free to own them all).  The overall cost of the Nude ‘Tude palette is less than that of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes by 25% but you also get less product–making it about even.  I actually purchased my palette during a sale on Hautelook so instead of paying the $36 MSRP I actually only spent half ($18 for those of you that don’t want to do the math).  theBalm often pops up on Hautelook and always has a nice variety of products available.
My Favorite Shades:
They are all winners but my favorites are Sexy, Selfish and Stubborn.
Sexy is that gorgeous deep burgundy shade that is really a rare find.  It has great pigmentation as well as a wonderful formula.  This shade will absolutely be a go-to for me in the holiday months.
Selfish is taupe… YOU ALL KNOW MY OBSESSION WITH TAUPE.  This gorgeous taupe has a soft finish and a beautiful shimmer/frost.
Stubborn is a shade that I also struggle to find.  It is a perfect peachy pink for my eye.  More peach jumps out than pink which allows you to wear it near your eye without making you look tired or sick.
theBalm Nude ‘Tude palette gets two thumbs up and 5 out of 5 stars.  It is high quality at a low cost.  It’s slim packaging and large mirror make it the perfect travel companion.  I would purchase this palette time and time again.  I feel that it has more actual neutral (meaning not cool and not warm, but in-between) shades vs. some of the other nude/naked palettes so if you struggle with other palettes for that reason give this one a try!  I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments below.
*This palette was purchased by me with my own money.  This post is in no way sponsored.  The link to Hautelook is my referral link.

Total Beauty Collection Revlon Edition

Total Beauty Collection has teamed up with Revlon for a newly curated box that will be available on TotalBeauty.com on April 8th and will retail for $15.  It is special because it is the first collection that is composed of all full-sized products AND all from the same brand.  I am happy to be working with Total Beauty Collection for this release and I am even more thrilled to show you the products I received!

In case you aren’t familiar with Total Beauty Collection, it is a beauty box service and it was launched in May 2012.  It is NOT subscription based which is a relief for so many reasons.  #1 You only buy it if you are interested and #2 You don’t have to remember to cancel that month if you aren’t interested, etc…  The boxes typically retail for $15, and on occasion there will be special collections which retail for different price points.  All of their collections are limited quantities so if you ARE interested in a specific collection don’t delay in snatching one up!

Now for the good stuff!  I got 4 full sized products in this box which include a nail polish, two brand new Lip Butters, and an eyeshadow quad in exciting colors.  Also included in this box was The Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman pamphlet.  It is a little booklet that adds a little more information and helps you get the look out of your products.  

First up, I am dying to show you the eyeshadow quad.  It looks like an odd collection of colors but when all used together it is gorgeous.  This is not a quad I would have ever purchased on my own but the first time I wore all of the shades together people were asking me all day what I was wearing and I had S E V E R A L compliments.  The name of the quad is Sea Mist and I wish it would have been named Mermaid Eyes.  :)  That is exactly what it looks like to me!  

The combination of colors is breath-taking.  Each color is gorgeous on it’s own but together they are amazing.  The pigmentation is surprisingly out of this world.  I couldn’t be more happy with it.

When I first opened the box I was thinking to myself… is that a foundation? :)  And then I read “nail enamel” and was intrigued.  I am a fan of all things nude and this is a very pretty nude polish.  Slighly darker than my regular skintone and very flattering.  It isn’t quite as opaque as some may like but with two coats I can somewhat see the white of my nail through the polish and I actually quite like that look…  Some will and some wont.  This polish is named Trade Winds.  Great color for spring/summer.

And last but MOST DEFINITELY not least, the brand new Lip Butters.  Lip Butters are really amazing products.  They feel great, they moisturize, they pack in a lot of color…  What more could you want?  The two shades I have for you are Sorbet and Pink Lemonade.  OOOOOO… AHHHHH…  
Sorbet is a bright candy hot pink and looks super great with a nice cat eye for a more modern pin-up look.  I have really come to love bright lips!  Pink Lemonade is really a very descriptive name for the shade.  It is light in color which is a pale, pale pink.  It is more like a balm but the color of it mixed with my natural lip color is pretty awesome, if I don’t say so myself! 

On April 8th, go to TotalBeautyShops.com and check out this Revlon Edition for $15.  It is a great group of products and I encourage you to try it out.  If you were to buy the products on their own at full price you will likely spend close to double the price of the box so the value is definitely there!  
Tell me:  Which product in this collection could tentatively be your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!
*The products mentioned above were sent by PR for editorial consideration.  All links are for your convenience.  All opinions are my own.

Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful: Glinda and Theodora

Have you seen these great new Urban Decay palettes?  Oz The Great and Powerful is a Disney movie coming out very soon and Urban Decay is asking, “Which witch are you?”  There is a Glinda and Theodora palette.  
The color palettes for the two witches are very interesting and very specific.  Theodora is played by Mila Kunis in the movie, where Glinda is played by Michelle Williams.  You can see how the palettes compliment them very well.  

The Glinda palette is very pastel, neutral, shimmery, pretty… lots of adjectives I can go on with.  The lip product included is also a very wearable, very beautiful pink.  

Theodora is a very smoky, neutral, and dark palette.  Of course with two beautiful greens.  The lip product is a very striking red.  
So, “Which witch are you?”  I think I am more of a Glinda.

Review and Swatches: Chanel Harmonie Du Soir Quad

Last year I missed out on the Chanel‘s Holiday Collection as a whole and specifcally I regret not picking up the Topkapi quad.  This year I was determined not to miss out on the Harmonie Du Soir quad.  It has the same round button look imprint on it and the colors were completely mesmerizing.  All 4 colors in the quad are ones I would buy on their own and completely drool-worthy.

I love that all of the Chanel products come in the cute duster bag-like protecters.  All of my Chanel packaging looks great because it doesn’t get scratched up from being tossed around in a makeup organizer.  

I love the sleek black packaging of Chanel products.  Very simple and chic with nothing but the Chanel symbol on the center of the top.

And for the big reveal.  LOOK AT THOSE SHADES!  Gorgeous.  I would also like to mention that the top of the quad comes with a nice large mirror.  You can easily use this large mirror to do your eyes with if you are travelling.  

With a closer look at the eyeshadows you can see the gorgeous imprinting.  I love that these look like buttons  you would find on a Chanel blazer. :) 

In this quad there is a lovely silvery pink shade, a mauve-cranberry, a taupe, and a true gold.  The texture of these eyeshadows are much softer than their regular quads and super pigmented.

The non-flash swatches look sort of dull, but they are quite gorgeous.

This quad has 4 shimmer shades of eyeshadow, so if you don’t like a lot of shimmer these may not be for you.  I find that when applied to the eye it is a touch more subtle.  I would also like to mention that I have been using these eyeshadows everyday since I purchased it and only adding a matter skintone shade for my browbone.  The colors, even though they look very different, actually work together very well.  I have used all 4 shades in the same look the majority of the time I have used the quad and they blend effortlessly.

Again, the non-flash swatches look dull.  You can tell that the pigmentation is great though because these are just one swipe.

Overall, Chanel Harmonie Du Soir is a beautiful quad and I would rush to your counter or website to purchase it immediately.  It does retail for $65, but it is completely worth the price point.  I have used mine so much already that the pretty imprint is wearing off.  That is saying a lot coming from a makeup junkie like myself.  I have so many quads/palettes/single eyeshadows that I rarely wear the same thing repeatedly but wow… this quad is amazing.  
Which Holiday 2012 collection are you most excited about this year?  What is it that is top on your wishlist?