Sephora VIB Gift Card Haul

I hardly ever do “haul” posts, but I wanted to share with you all of the things I got.  It was seemingly boring, but all things that I have been wanting for a while so I took advantage of the gift card and picked them up.

First things first, I got the Sephora by OPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat!  It is amazing!I have been drawn to other gold top coats recently and thought this was a steal since it was just marked down.  Get it while you can, if you still can…

Another thing I have been dying to try is the Ko Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water.  The brand is known for it’s quality and I have been tempted on several occasions to purchase it.  I have heard NOTHING but good reports from those that have tried it.

Lastly, I have wanted the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool since the day it came out.  It resembles one from an Asian brand (name I can’t remember) that I wanted for ages but I have never ordered due to it being so hard to get my hands on.

I had a coupon code for a free Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner so I went for that too.  I have never been a huge liquid liner fan but I figured that it would be nice to give a few for try…. in the name of blogging! LOL ;)

I love having mini mascaras to throw in my travel makeup bag so the Clinique High Impact mascara was perfect to have as one of my free samples.

And I also picked two scents.  Kate Walsh Boyfriend and Lady Gaga Fame.  I love both and I also love having mini perfumes for my bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

That is everything that I got folks.  Sorry it wasn’t EXTREMELY exciting but I am satisfied.  Got me through my “I can’t buy anything for myself because it is Christmas without feeling guilty” phase.  I am excited to finish my gift shopping.  What did you get with your Sephora VIB Gift Card?
*I purchased all the products mentioned in this post.  I had a reward for being a part of a loyalty program with the store that helped cover some costs.  All opinions are my own.

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My AM and PM Skincare Routine

Today I am going to write a much requested post.  I get asked all the time about my skincare routine.  I have been hesitant to post this because I don’t use any high-tech fancy products.  I don’t use peels and such on a regular basis.  The key for my skin to look it’s best is just keeping it super clean.  I am acne prone so keeping the oils cleansed away is my biggest concern.  So, without further adieu…  
My morning routine changes a little every morning.  For years I have used Philosophy Purity Made Simple in the shower but recently I have noticed that it really isn’t working as well for me as it has in the past.  I switched to a Clinique facial bar soap for oily skin.  Since making that switch I have noticed a harmony in my routine.  
Ater cleansing my face in the shower with the Clinique soap I take the Konjac sponge (the one for oily skin) and go over my entire face.  This helps to get my face extra clean as well as exfoliate.  I am going to do a full review on this sponge in a later post so don’t worry that I am not giving much information on it now.  I am going to go into a lot more detail on it then.  
When I get out of the shower I immediately tone my skin with the Biore Triple Action Astringent Complexion Clearing.  I have used this going on 2 years and countless repurchases.  I have bought several things in between and they all do nothing for me.  This is the only one I know I can count on for the results I expect.  
As soon as my face has tried from the toner I apply my serum from Origins called Brighter By Nature.  This item has also been repurchased many many times.  It smells great and wakes me up.  Not to mention that my face has never looked better since starting to use this under whatever moisturizer I choose that morning.
I don’t have a specific moisturizer that I use because I have so many that I tend to rotate them out.  I get lots of samples of these all the time and I haven’t found one yet that is better than the other so I haven’t committed to purchasing a full size of anything.  I have some that I have never even opened from my past New Beauty Test Tubes.  

When I am removing my makeup for the day I use the Pond’s Evening Sooth towelettes.  These are the wettest wipes I have ever come across, and that enables me to breakup the makeup and remove it completely.  Before I would use two wipes to do the job that this one wipe does for me.  Thanks to the Target Beauty Bag for this discovery. 
I then take my Biore toner and a cotton pad and run that all over my face.  Since switching to the Pond’s Wipes I hardly see any residue on the cotton pad when I am done.  I then take my LUSH Grease Lightning and rub it into my oily areas and follow that up with my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  If I am clear of breakouts I don’t apply the spot treatment and instead put on a night cream. 
My skin has gone through a terrible time in the last couple of months and this routine has slowly improved it.  It may seem like a lot of steps for one day but it only takes a couple minutes out of your day.  DO NOT SKIP SKINCARE!
People ask me all the time “What is the most important part of your makeup routine?”  I am sure they are expecting me to say a finishing powder or mascara or what have you, but my answer every time is skincare.  Even though I use basic (mostly) inexpensive products they are the ones that are effective in giving me the results I want.  I am not telling you that my routine will work for you, in fact I doubt my exact routine will work for everyone because everyone has their own specific needs in skincare.  I am just stressing the importance of taking care of your skin.  If you don’t take care of your skin, WHATEVER you later on top of it will never look the best it could!
Hope you enjoyed this post and I thank you for stopping by!  

My Newest Addiction at times reviews products provided by PR companies. This is disclosed at the top of those posts. We also use affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.