Beauty Bar Sample Society December 2012

Hello my lovlies, sorry I haven’t been regularly updating my site.  I have been busy with work, holiday stuff, birthdays, shopping, and of course pregnancy.  I got this December Sample Society box a week or two ago and I have been such a slacker with getting the post live.  
It was full of deluxe sized products this go round so I will just dive right in.

First thing up is the Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Gloss in 302 Sultry.  I have worn it a couple times and I feel it has a rather natural look to it.  Nothing really sultry like the name implies but a nice gloss none-the-less.

The swatch below shows what it looks like.  More of a peachy nude really.  It is nice and feels moisturizing on the lips.  I have no complaints about the gloss but no praises either.

Philosophy was represented in the box with the Living Grace 3 in 1.  It is 1 fl oz in size and enough to sample the scent, but that is about it.  I will go through 1 oz in a couple of showers.  The scent is really nice though so I am definitely intrigued and want the full size.

Hanskin Perfect Super Magic BB Cream in the 10 ml size was also in the box.  Again, enough for a sample and not enough to last a long time.  

The color seems about right for me.  I am currently very light so this color will suit me perfectly.

You KNOW I love eye creams so this one really perked me up.  This is the Delany Beauty Reserve Grape Seed Rejuvenating Eye Creme.  It comes in a dropper bottle and is super easy to dispense.  It is a 1/3 of an oz or 10 ml size.  I think that this product is closer to a full size product and really will last a while because it only targets one small portion of my face.  The eye cream itself has a nice pearlescent look to it.  

Last but not least is the Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles.  I am a fan of Murad but I am currently testing out a different wrinkle product so this one will sit on the back-burner for a bit.

I have been getting these boxes for quite some time now and some have been good but most have been a let down.  I decided after this box to cancel my subscription.  It costs me $15 to get a bunch of samples.  Samples are great but I don’t think that the price of the box is really represented in the products received.  I would rather take my $15 and buy a nice meal or a new beauty product or something for my soon to be baby.  I have a ton of these types of samples in my sample basket and I will likely never use them.  I tend to ship these type of samples out with swaps, giveaways etc.  So… goodbye Sample Society.  
Is there something that you recently found to be “not worth it?”  If so, let me know in the comments below.  Also if you enjoyed the products from the box let me know that in the comments too!

Allure Holiday Beauty Box

Hello!  I am going to be sharing some Black Friday sales today and this is a great one.  Allure puts out these Beauty Boxes quite often and tomorrow their holiday box launches.
It looks to be filled with all sorts of products for hair, lips and nails.  :)  It starts tomorrow (12:01am EST) so get it fast!  They always sell out!

Sample Society August 2012

It is already that time again…. August sample subscriptions are rolling out!  I got this Sample Society box from days ago but it has been a raining mess for days and I finally caught some sunshine.  

As usual, there was a card and a booklet on top.  The card tells you your discount code and the bookley tells you what is inside, as well as some snippets that you may find interesting.  

The first thing that jumped right out at me was the new Deborah Lippmann Private Dancer nail polish.  The entire box runs $15 a month and this polish alone is $18!!!  There you go… price of admission paid for.  Essentially it is like I ordered this nail polish with a discount and got a bunch of awesome samples with it!  I mean REALLY!  

Now onto the nail polish specifically.  I am in love with it.  I hadn’t paid much attention since it was released but when I saw it in person my eyes were the size of dinner plates.  And the duo-chrome finish of it is something that I haven’t seen ever before.  It is a darkened purple polish with a darkened gold duo-chrome.  Tonight at dinner under the dim lighting at a restaurant my nails looked chocolate brown.  The pictures of the bottle capture the duo-chrome-y-ness superbly as the color changes around the edges of the bottle.  I now want the other two colors that were released with it.  

Another item in the box is the Phyto Phytonectar Oil.  I have never actually done an oil treatment to my hair before but I am actually looking forward to doing one now!  Should turn out interesting.

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8 was also included in this box.  I have lots of skincare to review coming up so this one is going to have to sit on the back-burner but I am interested in a plumping moisturizer, it sounds promising!

Another deluxe sample in this box is the Jane Iredale Longest Lash mascara.  It is a tube style sample…  There was a lipstick sample in one of the previous boxes from this brand… I don’t know why but this doesn’t excite me in the least… I wasn’t a fan of the color of the other lipstick sample and I am just meh about trying this mascara.  First impressions are lasting?  If you have tried this and I am wrong feel free to let me know!

One thing that also perked me up in this box was the Arcona Cranberry Toner.  I absolutely LOVE using toners and astringents in my routine.  Something about them makes me feel fresh and ready for anything.  And this one is pink and pretty.  When you shake it it almost looks pearlized.  :)  <— Happy Laura.

There was a small sample packet included in this box as well from Malin + Goetz called Vitamin E Face Moisturizer.  I usually chuck sample packets like this into a drawer and throw them in as extras in packages I am shipping out or give them to a friend that is in search for something new.  I don’t know why but I never ACTUALLY use them… 

Overall I am extremely pleased with this box.  Like I said… I went nuts over the nail polish IMMEDIATELY upon opening it up and it took me .000009238247982347 seconds to apply it to a nail so I could “oooo” and “aaaahhh” over it.  I am contemplating doing a pedi as soon as I finish this post.  >:o)
I have gotten a few of these boxes so far and I haven’t been disappointed with any of them.  I would also like to point out that EACH box costs $15 and you get a discount code in EVERY box for $15 off of a purchase from one of the brands featured in that box.  So if you take advantage of the offer code your box is free.  And I already have my cart full and ready to check out as we speak.  It is filled with 2 Japonesque brushes and the other 2 Deborah Lippmann polishes that were released with Private Dancer, they are called Sugar Daddy and Swagga Like Us.
Have you tried Sample Society yet?  What are you waiting for?  

Sample Society for June 2012

I was excited to sign up for’s Sample Society box in time for the June Shipment.  It is one that I have been interested in partaking in since I first saw it was launched.  I love that this sampling subscription is backed by a major company like Allure who is known for their beauty picks and the like…
First things first, let me show you what came in the box.  
Alterna Boho Waves Texture Mist (.85 fl oz)
Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream (0.03 fl oz)
Oscar De La Renta Live in Love Eau de Parfum (0.1 fl oz)
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper (mini-size not disclosed)
Murad Clarifying Cleanser (2.0 fl oz)

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love is a beautiful fragrance.  I am not good at describing scents so I am going to include info from the brand. 
“Live in Love opens with sparkling ginger orchid and bergamot, merged with lush hyacinth, green muguet and galbanum. The scent has a heart of florals, including jasmine sambac, orange flower and rose. Creamy white woods and sensual musk intertwine with amber, sandalwood and cedarwood at its base. The complexity of live in love evokes that of a classic scent, made with ingredients of the highest quality.”

I love that this isn’t one of those skinny tube samples that are simply given away at counters and such for free.  This is actually a beautiful mini replica of the full size bottle.  I love throwing little things like this in my handbag and having a conversation piece to pull out when I want to touch up.

Alterna Boho Waves Texture Mist is a styling product.  One of my FAVORITE looks in the summer is beach hair.  I actually used this spray this morning right after taking this picture and it worked wonderfully.  I simply spray this in damp/almost dry hair and scrunch it up until it is fully dry.  I then take my conical wand and wrap a few sections up to really add a wavier look.  It held all day.  It has no extra scent in it like some similar products do.  Sometimes I like that and sometimes I want the added smell-good.

There was a really decent deluxe sample-sized Murad Clarifying Cleanser.  I don’t recall ever trying anything from Murad but I am especially happy to try something to help me keep my complexion clear.  That is one of my biggest beauty worries so I am always on the hunt for new or different products to aid with that.   Here is some info from the brand.

“This cleansing gel effectively keeps skin clean and clear. Use it daily to help eliminate blemishes, prevent new breakouts, and maximize penetration of powerful acne treatment ingredients. In less than one minute, it reduces 99.9 percent of irritating surface bacteria.”

Another brand that I have never tried before is Jane Iredale.  There was a mini-sized Just Kissed Lip Plumper in the color Tokyo.  I tried this today as well and I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt it work immediately. Really nice and I may be getting more from this lip line.  

Last but not least is the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream.  I used this as well today and it went on well.  If there is one guilty pleasure of mine it is eye cream samples.  I am an eye cream junkie.  I guess another paranoia of mine is to have tired, dry, wrinkled, saggy eyes.  I have done my best since my early early 20s to apply some cream or gel to my eyes everyday.  

This sample subscription costs $15 each month.  One thing that also comes in each Sample Society box is a $15 off coupon for a $50 purchase for the brands included in the month’s box from the store.  So as long as you use each of your coupons your box is basically free to try out some really great products.  As you see you get around 2 months to use your code, so you don’t have to make a swift decision.  They want you to actually use the products and get a feel for if they are for you or not.  
My opinion of the box so far is that this is great.  I am enjoying everything that I received and I can easily see myself using each of these products completely up.  Great supper goodies!  Thanks for reading and if you have any questions just ask.  MAKE5204 is my referral code for the company, I don’t receive anything for my referrals.  Everytime you use my referral money gets donated to their designated charities.