Smashbox Full Exposure

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I have been wanting to show you this palette for a week or two now so I am so excited to finally post this review and makeup look.  Neutral eyeshadows are totally my thing and I feel like the Smashbox Full Exposure palette hasn’t gotten the fair amount of attention that it deserves.  This palette has 14 eyeshadows: 7 matte and 7 shimmers.  It is a neutral palette lover’s DREAM.Smashbox Full Exposure palette review


I love how in the Smashbox Full Exposure palette warm shades are concentrated on the right side of the palette and the cool shades are on the left.  Grouping them together in this fashion actually make it dummy-proof.  I also love how they placed the two perfect highlights, shimmer and matte, right in the center and both are very neutral in tone.  Perfect compliment to either side of the palette.  Ingenious placement, for sure.

Smashbox Full Exposure palette

Smashbox Full Exposure palette

Smashbox Full Exposure palette

Sort of GORGEOUS, right?  Well get ready for all of the swatch pictures of the Smashbox Full Exposure palette now!

The first two pictures are the first row of shimmer shades.  There are 7 shadows so I had to break it up into 2 pictures because I only have 4 fingers (not including the thumb ;P).

smashbox full exposure palette swatches

smashbox full exposure palette swatches

The 2nd row consists of the matte shades.  So pigmented and creamy for being matte shades.  I am so impressed by these shades because matte eyeshadows are known for being powdery, chalky and less pigmented than shimmery.  The mattes in the Smashbox Full Exposure palette definitely isn’t any of those things.

smashbox full exposure palette swatches

smashbox full exposure palette swatches


I included to different shots of arm swatches.  The first one was taken in direct sunlight to pick up the shimmer bits. LOOK at how saturated the color is.

smashbox full exposure palette swatches

The 2nd photo was taken in the shade.  And you can see that the darker shimmer shades just wont quit.  Amazing.

smashbox full exposure palette swatches

So this palette is also accompanied by a sample of their Full Exposure mascara.  I used it in the makeup look I show below.  I think it is really good.  I only did one coat and I was super impressed with just one coat.  I love big, bristle-y brushes.  They are my favorite for volume.

smashbox full exposure mascaraThe Smashbox Full Exposure palette also comes with a dual ended brush.  One side is meant for mattes and one side is meant for shimmer.  If you are like me you don’t really pay attention to the actual uses of brushes and use what you think they would be good for.  The “matte side” really reminds me of a MAC 217, which I LOVE and have 3 of…  I use this kind of brush in virtually every eyeshadow look I do.  it is perfect for applying color to the crease, applying lid color.  You can use the tip of the brush to run shadow along the lower lash line.  It is a huge work horse.

smashbox full exposure matte brush

This brush is interesting.  It is for “shimmer” but it is dual sided.  There was a whole collection of dual sided makeup brushes from MAC and I actually reviewed some dual sided brushes from Japonesque.  It is a nice brush.  Good for packing shadow onto the lid.smashbox full exposure shimmer brush

And the rest of the pictures are me wearing a few of the warmer shades.

smashbox full exposure makeup look

smashbox full exposure makeup look

smashbox full exposure makeup look

smashbox full exposure makeup look

I am totally in love with the Smashbox Full Exposure eyeshadow palette.  I love every single one of the eyeshadows and that mascara is a winner too!  I think that the selection of shades are the best compilation for neutral eyeshadow lovers.  There are many other high end neutral palettes on the market but none that really got me excited like this one. The entire bottom row reduces your need for the Naked basics palette, the entire top row reduces your need for Naked 1 and 2 palettes.  The only thing you would be missing is colorful shades, which isn’t the point of this palette anyway.  I recommend this palette to everyone because these shades are so versatile.  The mattes could be added into just about any makeup look and who doesn’t love a little shimmer?

Anyway, this palette retails for $49 and you can find it at SephoraNordstrom, Macy’s, and

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  • Jessica W

    This looks soooo great! You are rocking this look!

  • Cosmetics Aficionado

    Wowza look at that black! Everything in this palette looks like it is so me.

  • Carleen

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I have this and have not played with it yet! It is on my to do list!

  • Phyrra

    I adore your look! This is a great neutral palette and if it was CF I would snap it up

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    I need this, I need to have pretty eyes!

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    LOVe! I want this palette! I don’t actually need it though… lol

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    I have this and have yet to play with it – Now I need to go open it up!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I have so many neutral palettes, but this one looks amazing. I love how pigmented those mattes are! Great look, too. You look beautiful!

  • Betzy Carmona

    The shadows look so pigmented ! But I won’t be picking this up because I own to many neutral palettes, your eye makeup looks amazing

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    This palette looks great! I love neutral palettes :D The look you look created is really pretty!

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    Looks like a great neutral palette! I love your eye makeup!!!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I really want this palette!

  • Anastasia

    Beautiful look! I got a sampler sheet of this palette and honestly wasn’t all that impressed with some of the colors, and some of the shimmers had bad fallout on me. Glad it worked out for you!

  • Claire@ALittleClaireification

    Um, ok. You’re so beautiful and if you can please come put those smudgy fingers on my eyelids I would be forever grateful. Clearly Smashbox and I need to become friends. Pinned!!

  • Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

    This looks really impressive.

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    Loved the saturated mattes! They look so buttery and so even! I think the range of browns is great but I would prefer my neutral palette to have some pinks!