Rapunzel Of Sweden Clip-On PonyTail

I recently cut a lot of length off of my hair.  I immediately started missing everything I can do with long hair… like a decent ponytail.  My current ponytail is pathetic to say the least.  I have been playing around with this Rapunzel of Sweden Clip-On PonyTail in the 40CM length.  I am excited.  It creates a ponytail that is actually longer than what I had before…

rapunzel of sweeden clip on pony tail

Rapunzel of Sweden uses synthetic fibers.  High-quality fibre that can withstand temperatures of up to 190C°.  The synthetic, heat-resistant fibres give you lots of styling options at an affordable price. Please note that the hair, despite its good quality, does not withstand high heat. Repeated heat styling may affect the hairs quality over time.  And no, you can’t curl it.  I would only ever use a flat iron on it if it started getting bent or something due to awkward storage.  Keep it laying flat somewhere and you shouldn’t have that problem at all.rapunzel of sweden pony tail

The ponytail itself uses a hook that attaches to the base of the pony tail.  I secure it into the elastic band that is holding my hair up and then use the loose hair to wrap the base, giving it that genie-in-a-bottle sort of look.  What is cool about these extensions is that when you attach the clip-on ponytail you actually wrap your existing hair inside of the longer hair, so it disguises the short pony underneath.  rapunzel of sweden clip on

Please excuse the lack of makeup and and crazy hair.  Crazy hair is what I am left with since I cut it all off! haha  You can see the total transformation in the before and after pictures.

rapunzel of sweden clip in ponytail review

This Rapunzel Of Sweden Clip-On PonyTail in the 40CM length is the perfect option for someone that is looking to switch up their look.  It adds a lot of length and looks very chic!  Tell me in the comments below about your hair and what you do to switch it up!

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