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Something that I love that I don’t do often enough is a good hair masque.  I recently tried out the Kimble Beauty Conditioning Masque and Shower Cap and I am loving the moisture it provides.The Conditioning Masque is Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry.

kimble beauty conditioning masque

First things first, lets talk about that incredibly cute shower cap from Kim Kimble!  It is made from durable, waterproof fabric to protect styling.  I love all the hot pink lips on it.  I have actually been on the hunt for a nice, durable shower cap for months and I am glad that I have finally found them.  I tend to not wash my hair daily and that makes daily showers somewhat difficult.  I would put like 100 pins in my hair to keep it off my neck in an attempt to keep it dry and it never worked.  Not I can look cute while protecting my styled hair!  haha

The Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Conditioning Masque is extremely hydrating.  My ends can get very dry and brittle very quickly so I need to do a treatment every few days in order to not have to chop off split ends all the time.  This masque is so hydrating and it smells great.  I apply this about halfway up the shaft of the hair and concentrate it on the ends and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  My hair is like silk once I wash it out.  So awesome.

kimble beauty conditioning masque

It is Kimble’s belief that style and healthy hair maintenance should coexist. Achieving a look of style should not be at the sacrifice of hair’s own beauty and health. Kimble Beauty™ is a line created true to the concept of beautiful style and healthy hair. With its performance-tested formulas and quality ingredients, hair has the freedom to be styled without hesitation. While the diverse and versatile products can help achieve any desired look, they also treat and nourish the hair. Simply put, Kimble Beauty™ delivers great-looking uncompromised hair!  Right now you can get 10% off of your cart at using the code HAIR10!

Do you ever do any Conditioning Masques?  If you do, do you actually put your hair up in a shower cap while doing so?  Tell me in the comments!

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  • Jessica W

    I tend not to wash my hair daily because I don’t actually shampoo this crazy mop. I’ve been so needing a shower cap – and that one is super cute! I will definitely have to try out the masque as well!