ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

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My hair has had such a journey since I was a child.  It has always been boring and straight and I always wanted to change it.  I had several perms when I was younger because I wanted that Shirley Temple look, I have had it cut short, I have let it grow out super long and I have even dyed it a burgundy/purple shade…  Since growing a little older I have learned to embrace my straight hair only now… it isn’t straight.  Since I had my daughter my hair changed to this naturally wavy texture and I am usually left not knowing what to do.  I either curl it or straighten it because I am not a fan of the wavy.  I have been using the ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener to give me a silky, straight do and I am liking it.

isa tourmaline hair straightener

ISA PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL 1″ TOURMALINE CERAMIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER FLAT IRON is professional salon quality, 100% solid tourmaline ceramic pivoting plates, neon background LCD display, and has digital temperature control 80 – 220 Celsius (175 to 425 Fahrenheit).  Fast and safe, perfect for straightening curls and waves and has an auto shut off safety feature.

isa tourmaline hair straightener

It is fairly lightweight, it feels sleek in my hands and it heats up in seconds.  As you are heating it up you can actually see the temperature climbing on the digital read out.  Other tools I have used in the past beep when they are ready but never can I actually see the digital read out, which I find pretty cool.  Also, once it reaches the temp you are looking for you can double click the power button to lock in that temperature.  It is nice because while you are using your tool it wont beep or change temperature if you accidentally press the buttons while doing your hair.

isa tourmaline hair straightener

This flat iron worked so quickly in my hair.  I let it air dry and you can see the weird waviness I am talking about in the before shot.  I quickly (like 5 minutes quickly) ran this tool through my hair and the end result was perfection.  It really was the fastest fix I have ever experienced with a flat iron.

isa tourmaline hair straightener

Overall, I am liking the ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener and I would definitely recommend it!

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  • Katie

    I may have to check this out! I need a new one and my hair is sooooo picky about what irons will work. I’ve even had Chis that didn’t work for me! Thanks for the great review!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Sounds like a decent flat iron. I stopped using mine because my hair is just so damn fine and fragile :-(