Spirit of Chaga Face Serum

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Am I a face serum junkie? YES!  I have tried a ton of different serums in the past but none from an etsy shop until now.  Free The Spirit hand made the Spirit of Chaga Wildcrafted Organic Anti-Aging Facial Serum.  The owner of the etsy shop hand picked the Chaga Mushroom herself in the Catskill Mountains, which is the active ingredient that makes this serum so magical.  It truly has a spirit all its own and it is actually her best seller!

spirit of chaga face serum

This moisturizing serum has super simple ingredients.  I love knowing what the ingredients are just by reading a real name.  Most skincare labels are extremely confusing.  “Wildcrafed Chaga Mushroon, Organic Extra Virigin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic RAW honey, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Love, Grace.”  The instructions say to shake well before use.  The honey likes to sit at the bottom. After washing, apply one half dropper of the serum in your hands and rub onto your face/skin.

spirit of chaga face serum

The first time I pulled the dropper out and took a good look at the product I could see what she was saying about the honey sitting on the bottom.  I then decided to warm the bottle up in my hands while shaking.  I shook the bottle off and on for about 5 minutes, which I feel is ample time to prep a product for use.  I found that the honey still stayed somewhat separated.  It wasn’t nearly as bad though so I decided to first test he mixture out on the back of my hand.

I applied a pea-sized amount to the back of my hand and I really adored the scent.  Fresh and clean is the only way I know how to describe it.  The texture was sort of sticky on my hand but not unbearable.  It actually smoothed away after a few minutes.  I decided since the trial went well on the back of my hand I wanted to apply it to my face.  It went on perfectly.  It wasn’t sticky.  My face loved it too.  I find that it is too heavy for me (an oily gal) to wear during the day under makeup but it is brilliant for my night time treatment.


Overall I give the Free The Spirit: Spirit of Chaga Facial Serum two thumbs up.  It moisturizes and heals the skin and smells great while doing it.  I am glad I discovered this homemade jar of goodness.  I am going to leave you with a quote from the owner that I feel sums up the feeling of the store very well!

“Each plant has a spirit.
It’s very own medicine.
Each plant has a wisdom all it’s own,
If we would but listen to it’s song.
I named this shop Free The Spirit
In reverence of the Spirit that dwells within all things…
And for the plant medicines
Waiting to be free to act as magical healers
Inside each product I make.”


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  • Elise Tiralli

    What exactly does it do for your face? Like, is its purpose to heal, moisturize, etc? I’m trying to find new skin care options! I’m a vegan so this one wouldn’t work because of the honey (I also try not to use products that are obviously not veg haha), but I can always alter!

    • http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/ Laura

      It moisturizes and heals. It really is a great option for you!

  • Amber

    Love the addition of the honey! Natural products (all natural) can be hit or miss for me. This sounds like it’s a promising serum!