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Skincare Sunday!  I am going to try to get back into the habit of doing a skincare post every sunday.  Today I am bringing you a fabulous beauty tool.  Le Mieux Skin Perfecter is a 4-in-1 beauty tool; it improves lines & wrinkles, pores, uneven texture, clarity, and smoothness.  It’s a non-invasive tool that performs exfoliation, deep cleansing, extractions and infusion (of serums and creams). Very simple and different from sonic brush devices.

“An ultrasonic, handheld device that goes beyond ordinary cleansing by deeply flushing pores of excess oil, makeup residue, and cellular impurities using high frequency vibrations. Deep exfoliation decongests pores to combat acne and blemishes and allows better absorption of products for heightened results.” – Le Mieux Cosmetics

le mieux skin perfecter

I have had this tool for about a month now and I have only good things to say about it.  As most of you know I am completely obsessed with skincare.  When I first started using this I think that the “unknown” had me a little apprehensive but once I started using it I was completely at ease. This machine completes 28,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second.  Those vibrations perform a micro massage of the skin and strengthen skin tissue.  And, if you use a magnifying mirror during the cleansing/extracting process, they can see the exfoliated debris, including whiteheads/blackheads that are being extracted from the skin.  Some may think that is gross but I honestly am fascinated!  I always have been!

The Skin Perfecter has an easy to hold, ergonomic design.  It fits perfectly into my hand and the flatness allows it to be easy to hold with my thumb and forefinger for when I am trying to get precision strokes.   An intensity indicator shows the four levels of intensity: low, low with pulse, high, high with pulse.  I like that there is an option to have each intensity with and without pulsing.  Other specifications on this product include a LED indicator that lights up when the device is plugged into a socket, automatic shut off, a rechargeable battery, ten minutes of continuous operation time with a low battery signal and warning alarm. and a DC power supply adapter.

Want to know about some of the SKIN PERFECTER CLAIMS?

Two-Week Independent Clinical Study

  1. In a clinical study 100% of participants saw an improvement in skin exfoliation in two weeks.
  2. In a clinical study 85% of participants saw an improvement in overall skin appearance in two weeks.
  3. In a clinical study 80% of participants saw immediate improvement in brightness in two weeks.
  4. In a clinical study 69% of participants saw immediate improvement in radiance & luminosity in two weeks.
  5. In a clinical study 69% of participants saw immediate radiance and healthier look to their skin due to micro massage that encourages microcirculation
  6. In a clinical study 65% of participants saw an improvement of the appearance of pores in two weeks.
  7. In a clinical study 62% of participants saw immediate improvement in the appearance of skin texture & smoothness in two weeks.
  8. In a clinical study 50% of participants saw an improvement in fine lines & wrinkles in two weeks.
  9. In a clinical study the use of the Skin Perfecter improves absorption of serum compared to using ones hands.
  10.  Gentle enough for all skin types.

Great statistics, right?  The Le Mieux Skin Perfecter is actually going to start being sold on QVC but you can currently find more information on their website.

What has you most intrigued about this beauty tool?  Tell me in the comments below!


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  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    Grezt concept and produvct!
    Thank you for this lovely review and presentation!
    Have a fab wunday!

  • http://www.makeuplifelove.com/ jamie @makeuplifelove

    This looks awesome. Die hard skincare phenomenal myself, I think it may be needing to hit my checkout basket. Great review!!!

  • marciaf

    This sounds fabulous. I love getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads so I think I’d fall in love with this.

  • http://www.beautybymissl.com/ beautybymissl

    Never heard of it before, but it sounds great!

  • http://www.blushingnoir.com/ Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    That sounds so cool!!

  • http://beautylitfromwithin.blogspot.com Nidia Doherty

    I’d love to watch the extraction, too. Gross, but cool! You need to make a video of this thing in action!

  • Betzy Carmona

    This is way to cool !

  • Amber

    Sounds like a really neat device!!

  • Brenda Sheffield Nordling

    Would seriously like to own one of these. I am 64 and can use all the help I can get. Will be calling the company to find out where I can purchase this Skin Perfecter and possibly other products. Worth a try!

  • Grandhuff

    I went to the the website and searched for “Skin Perfecter” and got this message “There is no product that matches the search criteria.”