Love Knot

Affiliate LinksJewelmint Love Knot I am somewhat of a romantic when it comes to jewelry.  I love classic pieces with a twist.  A little something interesting but not obvious.  Studs are one of my many obsessions—or yes, {ahem} addictions.  The Jewelmint Love Knot studs are whimsical but classic at the same time.  I am sure everyone is familiar with Jewelmint, but in case you are not it is a sort-of subscription service where you pay $29.99 a month and you pick from a ton of different pieces they have available.  You can skip any month that you aren’t interested.  Most months I do find myself skipping, but when that perfect piece comes along I can’t help myself.

Jewelmint Love Knit

I have purchased lots of pieces for myself and gifted some to others over the years and here is my collection of favorites.  My very first Jewelmint LOVE was the Audrey earrings.  I missed out on the first version but because they were so popular they have designed new colors.  They were always very hard to get ahold of but right now there are 4 shades or so in the shop.  I have a pink, black and clear pair.  They are really large on the ear and I wear them when I am getting glommed up, for a military ball or date night.

The Sealed With Love Necklace is one of my favorites.  Everytime I wear it a conversation is sure to start.  People always ask me what I am wearing and I have to explain it is inspired from when people wrote actual letters back in the day and sealed their envelopes with wax.  It actually works.  If you wanted to do that it leaves an imprint that reads “With Love”!

I have shown a few other pieces over time so if you want to read them click this link —-> Jewelmint Jewelry <—- to see others.

Jewelmint Jewelry Collection

I ordered the Mint Chalcedony necklace at the beginning of the month and I am still waiting for it to arrive.  It is a gorgeous turquoise-colored stone on a gold chain.  Beautiful.  Cant want for it to arrive!  I am sure I will show you when it does!

Mint Chalcedony Gold Necklace

Basically, I love Jewelmint!  In fact, when I was going to get some details to write in this post I checked out with another piece.  HAHA  I am terrible.  They told me they loaded $10 into my account for a limited time, so I took the opportunity to get one of their Mystery Boxes.  It was priced at $29.99 and I just got it for under $20.  That is 3 different pieces!  YEP!  New members can actually get two pieces for the price of one using the code B1G1!  I wish I could get that deal, but I can’t since I have been a member since 2011.

What is your favorite Jewelmint piece?


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  • Katrina

    The necklace with the two hearts is adorable! And is that?? and elephant necklace??? It looks like it is! That is seriously perfect! My daughter loves elephants and I know she’s too young to wear it responsibly, but she’s adore it. Maybe I’ll get it for her for when she’s a bit older.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    The Loveknot Earrings!! I love them! I’m checking out their site right now <3

  • Phyrra

    Those earrings are super cute on you!

  • EBBlogAshley

    Love the earrings. You have great taste in jewelry!

  • erikatheicyone

    Your earrings are so pretty. I need to check out Jewel Mint. I am already enamored of Bauble Bar. Do i really need another subscription/debit card sucking drainer? Yep. Probably. :P

  • Honeygirlk

    I love those earring s- they are totes adorb ;)

  • Amber

    what?! you evil enabler! I have been lusting after a necklace like that. I love that color. I think the knot earrings are so sweet and feminine! <3

  • marciaf

    I love anything with hearts so I’d surely fall for the heart necklace. The earrings are very pretty.

  • Eugenia

    I love those knot earrings, super cute and dainty!

  • BeautyJudy

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Jewelmint. This sounds awesome. I love those knots. You actually look romantic in that picture with them!

  • jamie @makeuplifelove

    Those knot earring are sooooo adorable. I havent used Jewel Mint but I have used their sister site Shoe Mint. Now I need to head over to Jewel Mint, that elephant necklace is major!

  • Naomi Ganzu

    OMG how cute is that! :)

  • Aleya Bamdad

    They have cute pieces and I love that you can ski the months that you don’t like what they offer.

  • loveforlacquer

    Those earrings are adorable!

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Ohhh I love Chalcedony!

  • Norah Salazar

    The earrings are adorable!

  • beautybymissl

    These earrings look really cute!

  • Kim Porter

    I love those earrings, and the necklace is beautiful, too.

  • Kelly R

    Those earrings are screaming my name!

  • Miranda Mendoza

    I love your choices. So cute and dainty!

  • Anastasia

    Those are very pretty earrings! I’m a huge fan of dainty jewelry myself :)

  • Nidia Doherty

    I’ve never heard of Jewelmint, but you’ve gotten some pretty pieces from them! I love the Sealed necklace – how interesting! I have a lot of jewelry, of all kinds, but probably the one that starts the most conversations is one I got on clearance from Urban Outfitters that has a little dinosaur on it. It’s adorable! I love conversation pieces.

  • Sheila Arkee

    I just love that mint chalcedony necklace!

  • Citizens of Beauty

    Those earrings are so cute! Actually, I love everything.

  • Betzy Carmona

    Those are very pretty earings :)

  • veronicalee

    I love, love, love those earring! So pretty!