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There is a new exciting Ciate London product on the market!  Cuticle Tattoos.  I have been posting about these on my social media accounts in the last couple days and I have gotten some mixed reactions.  Some people think they are silly, some people thing they are fun.  That will vary person to person.  I am a person that believes in the “do what you like” state of mind and I personally love these.  With all the nail art out there (that I am terrible at creating) I was waiting for something easy and fun and DIFFERENT!  Plus you can experience the look of a tattoo without the lifetime of commitment.

Ciate Cuticle Tattoo Designs

The box comes with 5 different cuticle tattoo designs with two sheets of each design.  You can decorate each cuticle bed or just accent certain fingers.  I think that too many can get too crowded but can definitely work for someone else.  There are bows (my favorite, stars, diamonds, a flower design, and a geometrical shape that resembles something sort of tribal. I can totally see these being popular at the music festivals that are coming in the next few weeks.  Very trendy/chic/fun and that is definitely a crowd that is all about personal artistic expression…

Ciate Cuticle Tattoo Tutorial

I am sure you all remember those water-activated temporary tattoos from your childhood.  Cuticle Tattoos are basically the slightly-grown-up-girly version.  With nail art reaching extreme popularity I can’t say that I am surprised to see something like this hit the market.  I am certainly thrilled though…  As you can see in the tutorial above—applying these cuticle tattoos is SUPER easy.  Even a small kid could do it!

I, myself, have a few tattoos but they are all on areas that no one will see unless I want them to be seen.  I have been itching to get another tattoo over the last few years.  I have thought several times about getting one on my hand.  Like a cross on the side of my pinky finger or something small and delicate like that.  I am certain that is probably why I enjoy these cuticle tattoos so much.  All of the cute with none of the commitment.

Ciate London Cuticle Tattoo Designs

The Ciate London Cuticle Tattoos ($12) are a fun way to express yourself.  Maybe you are thinking of getting a tattoo and you want to test out the idea and see it on yourself before you fully commit.  These are a perfect option.  Or maybe you just wanna be silly!  They are really affordable and will last you forever, especially if you just want to accent one nail at a time like me!  Don’t forget that the sale is still going on at Sephora!

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