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Coolway True Smooth

When it comes to time, my mornings are overflowing the brim.  I need all sorts of tools and products to help me minimize the time it takes me to get out of the shower and out the door.  I have rather long hair and I don’t have a lot of time for drying it but I need to look pulled together before I leave for the day.  Coolway True Smooth (retails for less than $25) is one of the newer tricks in my arsenal that help me get the job done.

“ºCoolway is the only all-in-one hair styling product with AminoLock Complex™, a unique blend of ionized amino acids and l-arginine that interlocks your hair’s proteins deep within the cuticle to hold your smooth style as you dry your hair.  ºCoolway’s AminoLock Complex™ is activated by the heat from your blow dryer, and actually works from within the hair cuticle. That means no added weight, so your hair retains plenty of bounce. You spend much less time with the blow dryer which is good for your schedule, and it is clinically proven to hold your style twice as long! And most importantly, you get professional results at a tiny fraction of the cost.” – Coolway True Smooth

Coolway True Smooth does a bunch of different things.  For starters: it is non-toxic, works on all hair types and protects against heat damage.   I honestly haven’t been depending on a hair dryer much lately specifically to avoid heat damage, but when you want that perfectly-smooth coif you do actually need some heat.  It tames the frizz and maintains long-lasting, vibrant hair color!  Some sprays that do all that leave your hair feeling weighted down and greasy but you will never experience that with Coolway True Smooth.  It also has been clinically proven results of x4 the hair strength and 75% less breakage—pretty awesome, right?

Coolway True Smooth Spray Nozzle

  I can’t talk about the product without mentioning the interesting nozzle.  It is your typical squeeze-handle nozzle, but there is a little toggle piece in the center that keeps it locked or unlocked.  It doesnt pull off like you would expect those little plastic “keep closed” pieces in the middle, it simple twists around and does what it is supposed to.  I really like that! The directions for applying are as follows: Shake well.  Apply Generously. 25-50 sprays evenly, depending on hair length to hair that is wet.   Comb product through hair.  Blow-dry using a brush to smooth through the hair.

25-50 sprays sounds like a lot to me, but when I did about 20 or so the first time I used it I didn’t feel like my hair had anything left-over in it once I had blow dried it so the next time I used it the way it tells me.  I have super long hair so I used about 40 spritzes.  Still looks great with no weighed-down look and I think my hair actually looked more straight and actually had a lot of body and movement still!  Sounds like a Holy Grail product in the making for myself because these are the results I am looking for on a daily basis!

Coolway True Smooth Collage Before and After

The before shot was after I washed and did nothing to my hair and the 2nd shot was after using this the way it was directed.  Night and day.  One side looks like a wavy mess and the other side look like I got my hair blown out at a salon.  You can pick up on all my layers and there is definition that I never see anymore, until now! 

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  • Amanda Loughridge

    I’m sorry but I disagree. Your hair in the before picture is absolutely lovely and is the texture that a lot of women try to achieve.

  • Pam Kutella Leeper

    I am intrigued but 25-50 sprays per application does sounds like a LOT! How many uses do you think you will get out of one bottle.