White Nail Trend: Pure Ice Superstar!

The white nail trend seems to be upon us!  I can remember when I was in middle school and when I was bored I would pull out a bottle of White Out and paint my nails… Not something I would ever do now but I was just a kid.  The white nail trend reminds me of this.

At first I wasn’t a big fan of this trend but the more I saw it the more interesting and nice it looked to me.  There is something very clean cut about the look.  

This Pure Ice nail polish in Superstar! only costs $1.99 so it is an extremely affordable way to get the look.  I find the formula to be very nice, opaque and smooth.  The performance of this nail polish is what I would expect from something 5 times the cost.  This is my first Pure Ice nail polish and I foresee many more in my future.
Below are some celebrities rocking the white nail!  
Really cool, right?  Are you gonna rock a white nail soon?  What is your favorite summer trend?  Answer in the comments below!

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