Miss Adoro #423 False Lashes

Nothing is as fun and transforming as throwing on a great pair of false lashes.  I have done lash serums of all kinda with great results from most of them, but as much as I loved the serums none of them really added any drama to my looks.  I have found a magnificent pair of false lashes that I love: they are the Miss Adoro #423.

My lashes are pretty nice on their own, but could never look like they do in these pics with all of the lash growth products in the world.  A great pair of lashes draws the attention right to the eyes and really allows you to make them a focal point of your masterpiece (i.e. makeup look) that day.  The eye makeup I did today was no different than my usual day’s face but the addition of lashes just glammed up my whole look.  My husband even said, “Wow, you look fancy.  Where are you going?”  He never comments on my makeup either, so for him to say anything at all is always a shocker for me.  The power of lashes is amazing.
Another thing… my husband was wondering where I was going…  When you wear false lashes, is it for a special occasion or is it just because?  I vary.  A lot of times I wear lashes for absolutely no reason.  I tend to play with my makeup more when I don’t have anywhere special to go.  

To touch on the Miss Adoro #423 lashes specifically… I feel like they are so complex.  For years makeup artists have been layering different lashes together to get a high-impact look, and these lashes have the appearance of a layered look.  These lashes are high quality and low in cost.  You can purchase them from MissAdoro.com or LadyMoss.com.  I got mine on sale when LadyMoss had a set offer running.  
Let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to comment below.

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  • Christienne

    Those look amazing on you! I really want to play around with false lashes more.

    What brand of lash glue do you use?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I actually use the black Duo glue. I have tried other stuff but I always go back to Duo!!!