Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Chanel recently introduced a great mascara into their brand called Le Volume De Chanel.  With one of my last purchases I got this wonderful mascara as a sample and was completely impressed immediately.
I usually dislike sample mascaras.  A lot of the time you rarely get a lot of product to try.  This mascara had plenty of product that came out on the bristles on the first go.  The actual wand itself is great.  It is a 

rubber bristle type of brush but the pattern in which the bristles sit on the brush are genius.  It will absolutely coat every lash on the first pass.  The formula is great because it is a bit wet but it sets up pretty quickly.  It is supposed to volumize and it does a great job at that.

As far as the sample of this mascara goes, I am in love with it…  The full sized mascara is another story.  I haven’t tried it in the full size (mostly because I have a ton of opened mascaras right now and no need to purchase anything additionally), but if it is like the sample then I am telling you–IT IS TERRIFIC!  

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  • Mandy Jean

    I love trying mascaras but sometimes I find with a small sample size I fall i love with it and the brush but when I buy the full size the brush is bigger. :( This looks like a great mascara!