Ellis Faas: Ellis Eyes Mascara

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a mascara junkie.  
Reviewing mascara is fairly difficult because it is so subjective.  What works for me, may not always work for others.  I have a feeling that most people will enjoy the mascara from Ellis Faas.
The missile-like packaging is the same as the majority of their products.  In the same respect, it is one of their more traditional items.  The mascara comes in two shades, Black and Milk Chocolate.  On the flat end of the packaging there is an indicator of the shade, which makes it easy to distinguish.    

I feel like the names are actually perfect descriptions.  Mainstream mascara brands don’t variate much in color.  Even though there is usually a black and a brown, the brown is usually more like dark chocolate thank light and milky.  I like that Ellis Faas has an option for those that want a lighter brown.  Fair haired beauties may not want such a stark contrast to their natural hair color, and this provides a great option.

The brand boasts that the mascara is a creamy texture that perfectly coats, lengthens and separates.  I would have to agree that it does a great job at all three.  I wouldn’t say that this gives you an over the top look but it definitely does a great job for my daily routine.  

My lashes are average in length and I feel the results I get are really great.  I notice when I am looking at the want that it appears there are fibers in the mascara.  I can’t confirm that with the information I have seen on their website but I can say that even with the “fibers” I am seeing I don’t have any sort of reaction to this mascara.  

The Milk Chocolate mascara seems to be slightly different than the formula of the Black.  I don’t notice the appearance of “fibers” in this one and I feel like my lashes don’t look as great with it, although it could be that I just prefer a dark, dramatic color on my lashes.

As you can see below my lashes look coated and separated but the length is lacking.  I even did several coats of the Milk Chocolate and I felt like I really got nowhere with it.  

Ellis Faas Ellis Eyes Mascara retails for $34 and can be purchased at ellisfaas.com.  Overall, I give this mascara a 4 1/2 out of 5.  I adore the Black shade but the Milk Chocolate shade isn’t as impressive.  Most people prefer a black mascara, so that is what I am basing my review on.  I would also like to mention that the packaging gets a lot of attention.  I often do my makeup at work and every time that I have whipped out this mascara it was the enter of attention.  ;)  
I hope you found my review helpful, if you have any questions or I didn’t touch on something you were interested in feel free to tell me in the comments below. 
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  • vanessa

    omg i love ellis faas. nigels in burbank is the only place that sells it here in LA, and I always stre longingly at the display and wish i could justify spending 42 on an eyeshadow pen. the stuff is simply dreamy. DREAMY