Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream Dupe: Urban Outfitters Sea Dust

I am a huge fan of many Deborah Lippmann polishes, but I often wont spring for them.  They are highly duplicated by many more affordable brands so I like to sit back and collect those.  I was strolling through Urban Outfitters a few weeks back and I sifted through the nail polish bins as I always do.  Most of the time I don’t find anything interesting or unique, but this go round I found a nail polish called Sea Dust which is the DL dupe for Mermaid’s Dream.

For those that know nothing of the original, let me describe it.  It is a nice metallic sea foam green base with small hex glitters that are either blue or teal… I really can’t tell.  

The polish is beautiful.  I use 2-3 coats when I wear it and it looks amazing.  I would think that it would be slightly gritty but I find that it is amazingly smooth.  

You can see that with a flash it is highly reflective.  Very hard to capture it’s beauty on film (or electronically)!  

Urban Outfitters Sea Dust is amazing and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  I am now going to try more UO polishes in hopes they are all as amazing as this one!
What nail polish dupes have you found that you love?

  • Sara Hassan

    Such a pretty shade. love it! x

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Love it!

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    This looks so pretty

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      It goes on so easy too!