2013 Beauty Resolutions

Last month I got a little behind in my blogging due to the photo challenge I put together.  This month I want to incorporate my photo challenge on my blog.  Hopefully you will enjoy that since there will be a little something extra everyday.  And hopefully that will lead me to actually follow through with my challenge.  :)
My resolutions for 2013 are really simple.  
1.) Drinking more water has a lot of benefits.  I am actually a person that loves water but I also love teas and lemonades, etc… I am going to make a conscious effort to actually drink lots of water everyday.  
2.)  Treat my skin regularly.  That is a quite broad statement but I meant it that way.  I want to thoroughly cleanse my skin twice a day, do moisturizing treatments, incorporate a special night cream, treat my oily skin, etc…  I want to actually make my skin a priority in 2013. 
3.)  Wear more color.  You all know I am a neutrals girl.  I want to really throw caution to the wind and wear color on my face!  Not just lips.  I have some ideas and my job at Bare Minerals will help encourage this resolution.
4.)  Make more videos!!! I know most of you are happy to hear that one.  I get terribly busy and don’t have a lot of time to film but I want filming videos to become a priority as well this year.  My husband gave me a MacBook Pro for Christmas and I asked for it because I enjoy using iMovie.  My recent videos have lacked in quality due to filming on my phone.  I have been filming on my phone BECAUSE of the ease of editing with iMovie on it.  I am going to do more!  I promise!
Happy New Year, my loves!!!  Tell me your beauty related resolutions in the comments below.  I am very interested!