December Beauty Photo A Day Challenge

As many of you know, I am an Instagram addict.  A few months ago I started participating in other bloggers’ photo a day challenges but I never seemed to stick to it.  I always ventured off because I am mostly searching and putting out photos of beauty items and the other ones I have done are just all over the place.
I am going to do my best to be focused and complete this ENTIRE month worth of beauty photos.  If I get a good response/turn out I am going to continue doing this every month.  I hope a lot of people get on board because I have the most fun sifting through the photos and seeing what other people took photos of.  I have found some of my favorite Instagrammers that way.  Let me know in the comments below if you like this idea.  
Just remember: When posting the pictures remember to use the hash tag #DecemberBeauty and if you would like you can mention me in the photo although that isn’t necessary.  My Instagram name is @LauraJean396!  Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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  • Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty)

    I love this idea Laura! Not sure if I will have time to participate all month. But, I will try! I need some inspiration to get started with Instagram as I am a newbie there!

  • The Beauty Satchel

    Im in on this!! Just set up a new Instagram for my blog!! Im a little behind but ill be sure to catch up today!! :D xx

  • The Beauty Satchel

    Also. I have linked your post on my blog too :)


  • Tram

    I definitely will be participating! I was looking around for beauty Instagram challenges! Yay!!

  • GirlFridays BeautyBlog

    Are you still doing these? I really want to do a photo challenge but can’t find any beauty ones…

    • Laura

      I am not currently doing any but I was thinking about starting one back up

      • GirlFridays BeautyBlog

        If you do, please let me know!