Julep Maven November 2012 Maven Choice Box

It has been months since I actually chose to have my Julep Maven box shipped.  There was a new option to choose from this go round and it was the Maven’s Choice Box.  This box was voted on by Julep Mavens and curated from our votes.  With tomorrow (Tuesday) being voting day here in the US I thought this was very fitting to be posted up and shared!  :) 

The cards included in this box were fun and offered tidbits of advice: from fashion to gift giving.

And in addition to the items in the box that I already knew about they threw in these wonderful nail polish remover pads (3 to be exact).  I have already used one of them and they are spectacular.  Just one pad took off the majority of my polish.  I had thick layers on so I am surprised that one did what it did.  These get two thumbs up and are added to my stocking-stuffer list! :)

The two polishes in this box were Trina and the Matte Top Coat.  I have 3 other Matte Top coats so I am going to use this one for an upcoming giveaway!  ;)  I took the plastic wrapping off of Trina but didn’t open it.  I am thinking that I am going to use it in an upcoming giveaway as well!  Sorry there are no swatches of these!  I hope you forgive me.

The main reason I wanted this box was because of the Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub.  I really enjoy a nice body scrub and was sure that I would enjoy this one due to loving other exfoliating products from Julep.  I am happy to report that I was correct.  I really liked the scrub.  It came with a towel and mit.  The scrub itself is very gritty and really does the job it sets out to do.  Immediately once water is running over the scrub the sugar crystals dissolve and you are left with the most luxurious moisturizer.  I am planning to reserve this scrub for my feet vs other areas of my body.  My feet have been lacking the moisture they once retained and I need to figure out a way to seal the moisture back in.  I think this may be the ticket!

Did you get your Julep Maven box this month?  Are you a Julep Maven?  Get your first box for only $0.01! Yep, just a penny!  Here is my referral link and the code to use is COLOR2012.

*I am in no way sponsored for this post, I purchased this subscription with my own money.  I am making use of referral link.

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