Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink

If there is one thing I love in makeup it is a nice taupe eyeshadow luminzer.  
I have dozens.  <—Understatement.
I have them in all different color families, textures, etc.  I feel like they are important because they create a wow factor that most other complexion products aren’t capable of giving.  Today I am going to be talking about a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  The one I have, Pink, is actually limited edition.  Even though you can’t get this specific one there are other gorgeous options always available.
I bought this one about 2 or so year ago while it was released.  I believe this specific Shimmer Brick was released on a couple of occasions so there is a chance that it could be re-released in the future.
One thing I like about the Shimmer Bricks is that they are multi-purpose.  You can use these for your cheeks or eyes.  The Shimmer Brick consists of 5 individual shades that can be worn individually or mix them all together with a big fluffy brush.  You can also focus on 2-3 individual strips to custom create your own perfect luminizer.

As you can see, the idividual shades are all in the pink family.  The pinky has the top shade in the palette and it goes in order to the thumb having the bottom shade in the palette.  The middle shade is sort of beige-ish.  This palette would be a nice shimmer palette for a girly eye look.

My favorite individual strip in this palette is the lightest one.  The lightest (top) shade has a bit of opalescence to it and I personally use that one most.  I take my finger tip and rub it over this shade and then highlight my cheek bones and go down my nose.    The beige strip (center) is also a very pretty one.  I bet you could come up with a nice eye look using that shade alone.

Mixed all together it turns into a beautiful pink highlight.  Obviously my swatches are fairly heavy so it looks super frosty but it doesn’t go on the cheek that way as long as you don’t pile on the product.

I adore this palette.  I have had it for two years and recently rediscovered it.  I tend to put up my limited edition or hard to find products in a separate area of my stash so I don’t use them all up and then cry later when I have no more! LOL  Yes, I suppose I sort of torture myself.  Anyway,… Since rediscovering this in my stash I have used it everyday and really enjoy it.  
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks retail from $39-$42 and you can find them on Bobbi Brown’s site or anywhere that Bobbi Brown products are sold.  I give this one my highest recommendation .
*This product was purchased by me and is sponsored in no way.  All links are for your consideration only.

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  • Niki

    wow! this is gorgeous!! i just LOVE the way it shimmers!

  • RChelle Mullins

    Beautiful colors! I wonder how this works on darker skin tones…I think I may to try it out and see.

  • Baking Beauty

    I love Bobbi Brown, this palette is truly a work of art!

  • …….

    I am so excited about this one. Ecspecially bec I’ve used many of their products before but never owned any and finally ordered my first one yesterday cannot wait to recieive! woot woot! xxoo thanks for this review! gigi. food and beauty blogger

  • Judy

    I love it! I don’t get why it’s called Rose though :p xx

  • JoJo

    Very pretty. Great highlighter.