TATCHA: The Water Collection

I have fallen hard and fast for TATCHA skincare and today I want to show you their Water Collection.

The thought process behind this collection is simple: hydration.  The inspiration is sooo much more.  It was inspired because of the group of islands south of the mainland called Okinawa.  There is lots to be treasured from the area, from gorgeous seas, beautiful beaches, and lots of greenery and wildlife; it is also a lesser known fact that the people from these islands average the longest lifespan in the world.  The live healthy and Vicky (owner of the company) wanted to bottle up some of the key good-for-you ingredients from the island and bring them to her patrons.
There are two parts to the collection, three if you count the limited edition folding fan.  It consists of the Dewy Skin Mist and the Deep Hydration Lifting Mask.
As usual, TATCHA leaves no detail undone with the packaging.  The Dewy Skin Mist, a hydrating facial spray, comes packaged in a wooden patterned box that opens up into vivid colors.  The product itself is wrapped in gorgeous paper that is labeled and has added info on the inside when you unwrap it from the bottle.
The bottle itself is glass and has a light blue to white gradient.  The printing on the bottle is gold and it has the signature blue and white patterned tape holding the lid tight for transit.
The atomizer on the bottle is actually of the finest quality.  It gives an even, perfectly diffused spritz of the nutrient rich product.  It omits a silky, milky emulsion that re-hydrates your skin while offering up a dewy finish.  It doesn’t use alcohol or fragrance like most leading hydrating mists.
The Dewy Skin Mist retails for $48 and can be found here on Tatcha’s website.  It has recently been mentioned in lots of publications and is highly regarded for its luxurious hydration and quality.
The Deep Hydration Lifting Mask is one of the more exciting elements of the collection for myself.  If you use the search bar in the top right corner of my blog you can type “sheet masks” and likely find a dozen or so posts on products similar to these.  I have been fascinated with them for a long time now and never let down.  A big difference from the ones I have shown previously to this one is that this mask was created with a coconut-derived bio-cellulose material, which was originally created to speed the recovery of burn victims, and allows for more than twice the penetration of the ingredients.
The packaging on this product is just as pretty as the Dewy Skin Mist with exact details.  The pack of masks you buy online has 4 in a set, where I only have one in the kit I received to share.  It combines a red algae blend with the HADASEI-3 complex to infuse the skin with powerful moisture-enriching actives.  It should result in smoother, more taut skin.
The masks retail in a set of 4 for $95 and can be purchased here on Tatcha’s website.  It has also been mentioned and praised recently in the press.
The Water Collection is not only luxurious skincare, but is also was derived from a beautiful story.  I learned so much while I was testing these products and have a whole new appreciation for the islands of Okinawa.  I am a Navy wife but I almost never get to travel and Japan is one of the places high on my lists to check out.  This collection allows me to daydream and picture for myself the beautiful lapping waves on the islands south of the mainland of Japan.
Have you ever daydreamed from a particular story before?  Learned a fact (such as the people that inhabit these islands are on average the longest living) that puts you in a state of awe?  Sometimes I fail to stop and enjoy the many basic pleasures of the day to day, and questions like the two I just ask bring me back to my center.

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