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Rouge Bunny Rouge has created a new makeup collection for the upcoming Fall season.  The inspiration comes from the autumn winds of the “Santa Ana” and translates into a sophisticated, yet provocative makeup look.  And, of course, right on trend with bold red lips for Fall 2012.  
If you don’t know much about the brand, then you are likely in for a treat.  I have quite a few items from the brand and they are all of the highest quality.  (Click here to see what I have posted about previously!)  They are starting to be more well-known in the beauty world and are no longer a secret by any means.

What Rouge Bunny Rouge says:
Alluding to the winds that herald Autumn, ‘Santa Ana’ is a statement for
the new season. This look of effortless sophistication is inspired by the
allure of crimson on porcelain skin, underlining the feminine silhouette
surrounded by shadows and light.

Bold, red lips with a velvet, satin finish are like your little black dress – to
be constantly reinvented, appearing elegantly fresh. Colour Burst Lipstick
‘Raw Silence’ is offset with eyes subtly defined with the new colours of
Long-lasting Eye Shadows and cheeks blooming with the warmth of
Bronzing Glow Powder.”
Create the stunning ‘Santa Ana’ look, a modern classic with timeless
appeal, with the following beauty essentials:

Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES
Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE
Liquid Foundation MILK AQUARELLE
Flawless Face Powder PRECIOUS VELVET
Bronzing Glow Powder AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL…

Long-lasting Eye Shadows WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… ‘Golden Rhea’,
‘Olive Violetear’ & ‘Umber Firefinch’ (available as Long-lasting Eye Shadow
monos and refills for our Eye Shadow Keepers)
Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS ‘Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree’
Eye Khol FELINE GAZE ‘Selene’
Big Lash Mascara AMPLITUDE ‘Pure Obsidian’

Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT ‘Raw Silence’

They give a great deal of detail on how to create the look, as well. 

“The Santa Ana story begins with face and cheeks
 Prepare the skin to receive maximum benefit from the moisturiser and make-up you apply after by thoroughly cleansing with Gentle Cleansing Water CAPTURED MIST OF SERENITY which quickly removes impurities and there’s no need to rinse. 

Once you have a clean canvas, even skin with Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES using fingertips or Foundation Brush 009. Follow withLiquid Foundation for a seamless, matt and velvety glow. A top tip from our book of beauty tricks is – when choosing foundation, select a colour that’s one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Dab Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE over any area that needs extra cover, smoothing with fingertips or Concealer Brush 004

To fix foundation and achieve a matte but natural finish, brush Flawless Face Powder PRECIOUS VELVET in downwards strokes over the entire face. Alternatively, use powder selectively such as over the T-zone – chin, nose and forehead.  
To define contours including cheekbones and add a warm, soft touch to features, apply Bronzing Glow Powder AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… with Face Contour Brush 012. To mimic a sun-kissed effect dust bronzer on all parts of your face the sun would naturally tan, such as chin, cheekbones, forehead and temples. 

The soul of Santa Ana revealed through light, smoky eyes
 To create the perfect base, cover the whole movable eyelid up to the eyebrows with Long-lasting Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… ‘Golden Rhea’, use fingertips or Large Shader 003. Then dip brush into the dark, chocolate shade ‘Umber Firefinch’ taking powder to the eyelid crease and around eyes. With Mini Shader 005, first trace ‘Umber Firefinch’ along the corners of the eyes and the bottom lash line and then change to ‘Olive Violeteare’ along the top and lower lashes to frame the eyes completely. Blend a tiny amount in the crease and outside corner to create a light, smoky look. 

‘Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree’ Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS adds translucent shimmer to the natural eye shadow shades you’ve already applied. With Crease Brush 011 lightly dust over the entire eye, starting at the lashes and ending underneath the brows. Place a tiny amount at the inner corner of the eyes and onto the brow bone under the eyebrows for a further brightening effect. Add instant definition to the lower, outside lash line with Applicator 015 and pine green ‘Selene’Eye Kohl FELINE GAZE, smooth gently to the outside edge. 

A single application of Big Lash Mascara AMPLITUDE completes the eyes. Use the black shade ‘Pure Obsidian’ for a strong look and deep gaze or for natural warmth, the chocolate brown shade ‘Golden Charcoal’.

The perfect pout of Santa Ana’s lips
 Apply Lip Balm KISS ELIXIR to smooth, moisturise and perfectly prepare lips for the intense colour that’s about to follow.

To frame pout and prevent colour bleeding, outline with Long-lasting Lip Pencil in ‘Marco’. Smudge slightly towards the inside of lips with Lips Brush 010
For the best effect, when applying an intense lip colour like Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT ‘Raw Silence’, always use a lip brush. Once colour is perfect ensure a lasting appeal by carefully taking a tiny amount of Mattifying Primer onto the brush and gliding over lips. For a more vinyl finish, add a touch of Glassy Gloss in ‘Raspberry Meringue’.”

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*The information and photos in this post were provided by PR for the brand.

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