Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum Review and Giveaway

I have said it over and over, but I am an eye cream/treatment fanatic.  I love getting samples of eye creams or serums and I use them up until the last drop.  I have found one that I am in love with and it is the Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum.

Technically, it’s formal name is the DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C Ester Firming Eye Serum.  See why I shortened it a bit in my intro? :)
The site reads:
“Reduce the appearance of eye-area wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as you protect against future signs of aging. Our new Firming Eye Serum, with its special base and precise blending, penetrates the thin skin around eyes for quick absorption.”

The ingredients are listed on the back of the bottle, and I am not sure if most people that read my reviews understand how the specifics on reading an ingredient list but the substances listed first is what it contains the most of and the last ingredient listed is the one it contains the least of–all others are in order as well.  Well the very first thing listed is Demineralized Spring Water and then Olive Oil… two very moisturizing items!  And what I love is that I can pronounce those without any problems!  

The label also reads that you should use morning and/or night, under makeup or alone.  What I typically do is take a small dot on my finger and apply to my under eyes.  What is left over I get the corners of my eyes (inner and outer) and the lid as well.

One thing I adore about serums vs. creams is the absorption rate.  Before this product I have never actually tried an eye SERUM.  Creams tend to sit on top of the skin and moisturize the top layer but this product really gets down into your skin and penetrates several more layers than just the top.  It sinks in quickly and leaves my eye area moisturized and soothed… Odd choice of words I know but the word soothing needed to be included in some way because that is the best way to describe this product.  To put it plainly: I love it.
Another factor that makes this eye serum so spectacular is that it comes in a sanitary bottle with a pump.  Most eye serums come in little pots that you have to dip your finger into.  I am very picky about this type of thing… I usually wash my hands about 10 times during a regular makeup application process but I don’t like feeling that I HAVE to!  The pump takes away all of my worries with germs and for that I am thankful.
Specifics on the ingredients really quickly:
DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and the Wheat Protein are included in the ingredients to firm the thin skin as well as reduce puffiness.  The Vitamin C that is in this product helps to reduce the darkness that sometimes occurs under the eye.  I have said many times that I don’t have horrible dark circles but I have noticed that since using this product, I almost never notice any circles at all.  

I have been testing this product now for over a month.  I have been meaning to get this review and GIVEAWAY up for a couple of weeks now but I am glad that I had a chance to thoroughly review this so that I could give you actual results. 
The Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum retails for $19 for an entire 1 fl. oz. of product.  WOAH!  Large amount of eye cream for such a great price.  Most eye creams come in a tiny little pot and this one comes in the size of a regular facial moisturizer!  Check out Reviva Labs on Facebook and Twitter.
For the giveaway.  It is open to US residents only and I ask that you be 18+ years old OR have your parent’s permission to give your address PREVIOUS to entering the giveaway.  I will collect the winner’s address and the company is going to send you the prize.  As for the prizes, this is what one lucky winner will receive:
Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap (review here)
Reviva Labs Makeup Primer (review here)
Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum (reviewed above)
I am so pleased to give the opportunity to one of you to win 3 of my favorite products.  They are each wonderful products and I truly enjoy all 3.  I have since repurchased 2 other bars of the Seaweed Soap and can never imagine my life without it.  As for the other two products, you get so much in one bottle you wont have to repurchase for some time.  To win these items follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget.  The contest will run for a little over 3 weeks.  Thanks for all of your support and participation. 

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