REVIEW: Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Heating and Cooling Pack

I usually talk about skin care, cosmetics, or even hair care lately; I wanted to bring something a little different to you today.  Sometimes we are achy or just don’t feel our best.  If we don’t feel good then we aren’t exuding the confidence we have and we may not even feel beautiful.  I have found something to help our bodies feel beautiful, which in turn will allow our natural beauty and confidence to shine through; it is the Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Heating and Cooling Pack.

Lots of things get us down in our daily lives: exercising, headaches, fevers, sunburns, back pack, accidents… LIFE!  A lot of the times we take a pain reliever and lie down and try to forget about it.  Sometimes we need actual temperature therapy and don’t ever realize it.  The Thermal-Aid Heating and Cooling Pack can aid in any sort of temperature relief you are looking for.
Depending on your needs it can be heated in the microwave for cooled in the freezer.

And what is even better is that it is all natural.  You don’t have to worry about if there are any unstable chemicals in a gel pack, you don’t have to worry about heating something radio-active, and you don’t have to worry about an electronic heating pad catching fire while you are resting.  
The pack consists of all natural corn product that has gone through a process that removes any germs, fungus, etc.  The substance actually holds temperatures for a longer amount of time and has a little weight so it can apply the pressure that is needed to penetrate the temperature therapy into the skin.

Not only is it healthy enough for a man or woman, but babies and pets are welcomed to use this.  

It is packaged very hygienically, packed inside of the box and also inside of a plastic wrapper.

And the pack itself is broken into 3 sections.  I while back I was in a major accident and tore my ACL completely in two and sprained my ankle.  I would have loved this pack back then because it has the weight and the sectioning to secure over my leg.  It would have ensured that all of my knee was getting the temperature therapy it needed.

The Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Heating and Cooling Pack gets two thumbs up from me.  I love seeing innovations in everyday products, especially when it is better for the environment and better for you.  Recently my husband used this after a rigorous 6 weeks of “additional military training” and he was sure happy to have the relief it provided.
Have you used an electronic heating pad ever?  When you did, were you nervous about having something like that against your skin?  How would you use a product like this in your everyday life!  :)  Let me know in the comments below.

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  • G A B Y

    I have the teddy bear version of this but haven’t tried it yet!

  • Red lips, Black hair

    That sounds so cool! PUN INTENDED!

    Especially that it’s natural and made from corn!

    Side note – when I say corn I always enunciate the C so people don’t think I’m saying “I love porn.”

  • Allan Mullaly

    It looks nice to have such product at home. I live in Toronto and I have various cooling and heating products so get the help by professionals for repair and services. In these days I am much satisfied with .