REVIEW: IT Cosmetics Brow Power

There is one key component to a makeup look that is neglected time and time again: brows.  I have been preaching about the importance of grooming and filling in your brows for a few years now.  For years I never filled them in because I never saw myself with them filled in versus without.  The first time I cosmetically perfected my brows I was blown away and astonished…  I never realized how bad they actually were.  One of my favorite products on the market right now is the BROW POWER automatic pencil from IT Cosmetics.

For one… I am a lazy beauty girl.  I love that this pencil is dual sided with a pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other.  The brush end never has to be sharpened and just twists right up.  No fuss!  The spoolie helps you brush through your brows to make the unruly hairs get in place.  
Another great thing about this pencil is that it is a touch waxy so that cuts out the need for an additional product.  It deposits the color AND holds the hairs in place.  I believe that because it has a sort of waxy texture that it actually keeps the product on your brows and smudge-free all day until I intentionally remove it with my cleansing routine.  Talk about travel friendly!
This pencil is pretty amazing.  It is one shade fits all.  Depending on the pressure at which you apply this pencil it can fit any shade of brow color.  The lighter you press down the lighter the color deposit, the harder you press the darker…

The next pictures are before and after shots.  Please excuse my bare face and bare brows.  I hate showing my bare brows because they are, without a better word, lacking.  They are sparse, gaps from childhood scarring, places where hair doesn’t grow from years of over-plucking/waxing… You name it, I have it…

The after results are nothing short of amazing.  My brows look full, and natural.  I love that this pencil applies a natural sort of look.  One beauty pet peeve of mine is when I can see a definitive drawn on brow.  The brows frame the face and set the stage for the rest of my makeup, the last thing I want my brows to say about me is: fake.  
There is also an added ingredient in this to restore the growth of your brow hair follicles… so any damage done in the past can eventually be remedied by this all in one product.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power retails for $24 at or 2 for $36.50 at  It is one of IT Cosmetics best sellers and for a reason.  
Have you ever tried the Brow Power pencil from IT Cosmetics?  What is your favorite brow product?  Let me know in the comments below.

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