Manic(ure) Monday: Layla Magneffect in Fucsia Sky

Today I wanted to show you the beautiful Layla Magneffect nail polish called Fucsia Sky.  

This is a magnetic nail polish.  You lay one coat down of thepolish and after you lay the 2nd coat down you hold the magnetic lid over it and you create a design.  This magnetic lid doesn’t have a certain spot for your nail to go so you can actually position the decoration however you like.  You can see on my nails in the picture above I played with the magnet a big to see what all I could achieve.  I really like that this gives you that option.  

On the swatches above I went with them being all the same design.  Below is the hand I played a big again.  You can see that the forefinger has up and down lines.  

The polish wears nice but I had a little problem with chipping on my pinky nail.  If you look through my pasts nail pictures you can see that that happens quite often.  I have incredibly small hands and I tend to use my pinky a lot with I am typing and I think that is what causes most of the pinky chipping.  
What are you wearning on your nails this fabulous Labor Day?
*The product mentioned in this post was sent for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own, I wouldn’t wear it or talk about it if I didn’t like it.
  • Betzy’s Makeup

    Very pretty

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Thanks doll!

  • Sharlynn

    Oh my…I’ve yet to try any magnetic nail polish and it looks sooo good. I don’t think ill be able to resist much longer!