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If there is one thing that I feel like I can not go without in my makeup routine, it is mascara.  Mascara to me makes or breaks my look.  I have decently long lashes but without the proper mascara you would never know it because they are light in color and quite thin.  Today I am bringing you It Cosmetics Hello Lashes!

I have had this mascara for weeks now in my basket of things I need to use and review.  It takes me so long to bring myself to open a new mascara because I hate having too many open at once.  Luckily I had a couple of the ones I was currently using dry up so I justifiably reached for this.  After I used it once my jaw dropped to the floor.  
I usually hate mascaras (all mascaras- no discrimination) on first application and sometimes up to 3-4 applications in.  This one as amazing on my very first try.  I also usually hate mascaras that have plastic bristles such as this one…. this is my very first exception to the rule.  

About the Brush:
The brush is really interesting.  It Cosmetics calls it “Magic Wand Lash Ball Detailer”.  It is designed to reach every lash, even the ones in the hard to reach inner and outer corners.  The bristles are a plasticy- rubber material.  The bristles on the long part of the wand are semi-long and spread out which is how it acts like a comb to really get the lashes separated.  The ball on the end of the wand makes it completely easy to get into the inner and outer corner of my lashes and really get the product onto the lashes.  
I have never been interested in brushes that weren’t traditional.  I have used several different mascaras with plastic/rubber bristles and just never cared for them.  That is definitely not the case with this mascara.  It is perfection in a tube. 

About the Formula:
Hello Lashes! is a 5-in-1 treatment product designed to eliminate the need for a lash conditioner, primer, lash comb/curler, lash growth serum and tint.  It claims to volume, length and separation–everything that anyone needs!  

Hello Lashes contains a truly cutting-edge formula featuring It Cosmetics’ Grow-Luxe complex (which includes peptides and apple stem cells) for lash growth and Hydra-Luxe Technology to hydrate and condition the lashes.  The lash stain in this mascara makes this a long-wearing color that will help you lashes stay darker even after your mascara is taken off!  That is FANTASTIC to me because of the natural lack of color of my bare lashes.  

This mascara is also packed with anti-aging vitamins and amino acids such as Vitamins A, C, E, ProVitamin B5, and proteins to treat and thicken lashes.  There are also anti-oxidants such as Acai and Green Tea to protect and ward off free radicals.  Also Hydro-Collagen and bees wax to give lashes instant length and volume.  It is paraben-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, and both non-comodogenic and hypoallergenic.

It also claims that it is clinically proven to increase lash volume 430%! Whoa that is a big number!  As you can see n the picture below my lashes are much more thick and voluminous  than normal so maybe the number is true… I wouldn’t even begin to know how to measure!  
While it did add volume, lengthen, and separate it also really held a curl amazingly well.  In the picture I did not use a curling tool because my lashes have a natural upturn to them but it usually straightens out when I have a lot of mascara on.  Not with this product.  

This mascara does wonders for my lashes.  And get this… this is only 2 coats.  I usually use at least 3 coats of mascara on a daily basis but I was afraid to go for more with this because…  well, because it really doesn’t need it.  I would like to mention that I don;t go as heavy handed with this mascara.  I am much softer when I apply this product.  I usually bore down deep into the lashes and wiggle but with this I mostly just use a stroking/brushing motion.

This mascara retails for $20 on and two for $29 on
I hope you found this review helpful.  I don’t have a bad word to say for it.  If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them below!

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  • Anna Ho

    holy lashes! <3

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Why thank you! :D

  • lola seicento

    OMG– now those are some fierce lashes, Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Thank you! The mascara did most of the work! xoxo

  • Amanda

    I’ve had this mascara for quite a while and I LOVE it. <3

  • PrettyInPink

    Laura what do have on your eyes ?

  • Kath TheFabZilla

    I love your super long lashes! donate some to me :-))

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