Elujuda Fluent Oil For Fine Hair

I have a thick head of fine hair… Most days it just goes slack with no volume, no jush!  I am forever looking for a leave in product to help give my hair a lift or even just add a little body or thickness to the strands; I just want my hair to have some sort of presence.  I recently received the Elujuda hair treatment from Milbon and was more than excited to see how my luck stacked out with it!

Milbon is a Japanese hair care line that is breaking through to the US market.  The Elujuda hair treatment hasn’t yet been released in the US but is set to come out early 2013.  Elujuda comes in two formulas: Fluent Oil for thin hair and Mellow Oil for thick hair.  Fluent Oil (or FO) is designed to strengthen and thicken the hair, increase elasticity, and create natural movement.  Mellow Oil (or MO) is formulated to soften the hair to create natural movement.  
Obviously the one I am testing out is FO because of my fine hair.  The key ingredients in this product are: Boabob Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and Silk PPT.  
Typically I am fearful of oil based hair treatments because the heavier my hair is the more weighted down it will look.  For sake of reviewing I followed their directions step my step.  I divided my hair into sections, started at the ends worked my way up the hair strands; massaged the product thoroughly into my hair from inside/underneath-out.  With what was left in my hands I smoothed down the the product around my face and then commenced to blow drying.  I have really long hair so I used 3 pumps.  I didn’t put it all in at once though (okay, so I did the first time and it didn’t work out for me so well… lol), I split it into 2 separate batches and applied most on the mid-section down.  

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I actually REALLY enjoyed the FO.  It really made me second guess what I may have been doing wrong with all of the other oil hair treatments in my past.  I don’t know if it is the product, the technique or a combination of the two but it Elujuda FO really changed my mind about hair oils completely.  When I use this treatment my hair is thicker, stronger and it is SOOOO silky to the touch.  It didn’t leave behind any greasiness (which I do typically have a problem with on my own) but please do follow the suggested amounts on the picture above.  You may need to add or subtract due to the density of your hair.  I have a thick head of fine hair but I found that the original suggested amount was perfect for me.  
If you are interested in this Elujuda Fluent Oil or Mellow Oil, like I mentioned before, it will be released early 2013.  To keep up with the brand you can always follow their Facebook page (link here).  You can also take a look at what they have to offer currently at milbon-usa.com.
What hair treatment do you currently use?
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