Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray

I am a nut for a beauty gadget.  Chances are, if you are reading my site, you are a lot like me: you like beauty products and you obviously have a thing for technology because you are on some sort of electronic device to do so!  My most recently acquired beauty gadget is the Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray.  

Cenoire recently came out with the Novo, and the name actually means to make new, renovate, renew, refresh, or change!  This gizmo was created to beautify and moisturize the skin.  

The Novo is sleek, travel friendly, and very easy to use.  
Here are some of the specs:
Easy To Use: One-handed On/Off push button activation.
Battery operated, requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
High Capacity Reservoir:  Lasts for 8 minutes of continuous use.
Auto Shut Off Function: Use to provide moisture for 4 minutes.
Smart Battery Indicator:
            – Solid Blue Light indicates that battery is charged and Novo is ready for use.         
– Flashing Blue Light indicates that the batteries are low and should be changed soon.
Dimensions:  1.1 x 1.78 x 5.12 inches (2.8×4.5×13.0cm)
Weight:  2.5 oz.
This gadget uses Nano Technology to break the water in the reservoir down to a nano particles so it can be fully absorbed into the skin.
It is still really, really hot in Florida (and probably will be until middle to end of October) so a lot of times I just want a flash of fresh air to cool me off.  All day today I was out back by the pool and I had it out there with me.  It worked great for a refresher!  There was another day this week that I felt awful, so every hour or so I was cooling my fever-ish face down with it.  Something that I did yesterday and today was add this step into my nighttime skincare routine.  After cleansing my face I mist it, then apply the rest of my normal products.  

The mist is soooo refined!  It doesn’t feel like you are spraying water onto your face!  It feels like you are simply blowing heavy, wonderful air onto your face.  This is such a multi-tasking beauty gadget.  I am sure you can find a million and one uses for it.  For instance, it would be GREAT to take with you onto an airplane to keep your face refreshed while dealing with the dry cabin air.  
I love it for many reasons, and here are just a few:  It appeals to the beauty/skincare lover as well as the tech-gadget lover in me, it feels so great, and who wouldn’t love reviving and moisturizing their skin with something as pure as water!!!

The Ceniore Novo Atomizer Mist Spray retails for $39.99 on their website and any place that Cenoire products are sold.  Also check out the brand’s Facebook page here!
Have you ever used an atomizer?  What did you love about it?  If you have any questions for me, feel free to mention it in the comments below!

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