TATCHA Skincare: Secrets of a Geisha

The skin of a geisha is perfection.  Victoria Tsai, founder of TATCHA, created a 4 step ritual based on the ingredients and instructions found in a manuscript called Miyakofuzoku kewaiden (“Capital Beauty and Style Handbook”) that dates back to 1813.  It is the oldest beauty book written in Japan and possibly even the oldest beauty book in existence.  The details in the book are based on word of mouth geisha rituals passed down from generation to generation.
The 4 piece skincare ritual that was created consists of One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Rice Enzyme Powder,  Deep Brightening Serum, and Moisture Rich Silk Cream.  The brand also makes blotting papers called Original Aburatorigami.  All of the items above come in “The TATCHA Sampler Kit”.
The first step of the ritual is called PURE and it consists of the One Step Camellia Cleanser.  It is made of a blend of camellia and rice bran oil.  It is a two-in-one step for removing makeup and cleansing the skin.  All I do is take a little more than a quarter-sized amount and massage it into my skin, as well as work it into my eye makeup (including mascara).  I have used several different brands of oil cleansers, but none have removed my whole face of makeup AND cleansed every trace of mascara from my face.  After I am done with this step my skin feels perfect like I wouldn’t need to do anything else.  The cleanser leaves behind soft and hydrated skin.

The next step in the ritual is POLISHED.  In this step you exfoliate your skin using the Rice Enzyme Powder.  There are 3 different intensities of  the powder, and depending on your needs you would choose: Gentle, Classic, or Deep.  I have tried all 3 and I think that my favorite one is Classic, but the website says Deep would work best on my oily breakout-prone skin.  
For this step you need take the powder in your wet hand and form a paste/cream and then gently massage that onto your face for one minute and then rinse off.  It is non-abrasive, which totally blows my mind.  I have used exfoliators for quite a long time now and even the more gentle ones are still scratchy, and this feels like nothing more than a nice cream. If you weren’t wearing makeup before cleansing your face this step also doubles as a cleanser.

The third step in the ritual is called RADIANT and for it you use the Deep Brightening Serum.  As all of you know I am gaga over serums.  They are my favorite part of my skincare routine, and I think it is because I love the thin consistency as well as the impact they make.  Having oily skin, I get nervous with heavy creams so serums have become a staple for me.  

I have this product in full-size so I wanted to show you the packaging and attention to detail that TATCHA puts into their products.  Not only does the product come in a beautiful crafted box but it is wrapped inside of eye-pleasing paper that has information on the inside.  

This serum is amazing.  It has no bad smell (that some skincare lines have) and in my opinion it actually smells quite nice, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated.  I do see a luminous quality to my skin afterwards, and if you have been following me a while you KNOW that is what I want to achieve.  I have been using this twice a day, like directed, and when I am getting ready in the morning before makeup application this is my LAST step.  It really helps my makeup glide smoothly across my skin and keeps a young fresh quality to my skin. 

The fourth and final step in the ritual is called SUPPLE.  The Moisture Rich Silk Cream is a nice gel-cream that consists of liquid silk, squalane, royal jelly + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex.  I have been using this as a part of my night-time routine because it is a little heavy for me in the daytime.  It is a great anti-aging moisturizer and it is oil free, which is like heaven to my ears!  

The Original Aburatorigami beauty papers are also great.  I have been keeping these tucked in my purse for touch-ups!  I live in Florida and some days are just excruciatingly hot and humid.  If I am at work and run out to my car to get something, by the time I get back inside I have likely perspired or my oil production has sped up so I need to fix my face! :)  These papers are completely wonderful and have actually started a lot of conversation due to the gold flake!

I have fallen head over heels for this line, which scares me because it is priced on the higher side.  The best way to try it out is to get “The TATCHA Sampler Set” and see what fits your needs best before taking the dive into purchasing the full size products.  Not all skincare lines work for everyone so it is nice to be able to sample at a fraction of the cost.  And I want to also point out that the sizes of the samples you get in the kit are nothing to sneeze at.  And you get a full sized pouch of the beauty papers.  
The whole process is so quick and simple, but brilliantly effective!  If I didn’t already have the full size of the serum that would be the first thing on my list to purchase.  I AM going to purchase the One Step Camellia Cleanser as soon as my sample runs out.  I am astonished at how well it removes my mascara and the way my face feels afterwards, no residue… Just perfectly cleansed skin.
You can find the line at tatcha.com or Barney’s department stores.
What is your current skincare routine?  Do you want the skin of a geisha?
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  • Amanda

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I really want to check it out.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I hope you like it. I love it :)

  • Anna Ho

    I would love to try this if shipping to Canada didn’t cost an arm lol

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I’m fairly certain shipping is pretty affordable.

  • Kath TheFabZilla

    I have always admired the Japanese complexion,it’s beyond flawless.Too bad we don’t have Barney’s here in Hawaii but I’m gonna check out this line. Interesting products!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I can PROMISE you that you will find something in that mix of products that you will adore!

  • http://harajukugirlfl.wordpress.com/ harajukugirlfl

    I have been wanting to try this. The price keeps me from getting hubs approval. Gonna use the post to try and sell him. Lol

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Try the sample kit! It is much more affordable that way and it is all like half the size of the regular product!

  • kristie

    I am supposed to receive my kit this week. So excited to give it a try after this review :)


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      YAY! :) I hope you love it!

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