REVIEW: Living Proof No-Frizz

Have you ever had one of those days where your hair is just a frizzy mess?  The days sometimes turn into weeks… then by the time you realize it a whole month has flown by.  I recently tried out the Living Proof Frizz line.  I generally have frizz free hair, but recently in FL there has been a ton of storms rolling through and my frizz level was peaking!  This line really helped get that under control!

This line has an ingredient in it that helps shield your hair from humidity, which is the biggest cause of frizzy hair.  Another thing that is great about this line is that it is sulfate-free.  So many people right now are trying to be more conscious of the ingredients in their beauty products and I am so glad that brands such as Living Proof are stepping up to the plate and giving the people what they are demanding!

The Shampoo builds into a nice lather and rinses clean without a lot of work.  The Conditioner feels very rich and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and easy to comb through.  The thing I hate most after washing my hair is knots…  I have a thick head of fine hair and it breaks and snaps easily.  I am also prone to split ends (probably due to thin strands) and when my hair feels silky and moisturized I never snag my comb on a knot.  The conditioner is definitely one I can see as a staple in my shower.
The Living Proof Frizz Weightless Styling Spray is definitely my favorite product from the line.  I spritz it into my hair after I shampoo and condition; it adds a 3rd layer of protection to the hair and it helps make my hair controllable.  Controllable not just in the sense of frizz, but actually allowing me to dictate what I want to do with my hair.  I have a hard time holding a curl and I have been using this on the days I want to use my conical wand and I can see a difference in the longevity of the curls.

This line is made to be used in conjunction with each other.  If you are using the Weightless Styling Spray you may want to consider using the Shampoo and Conditioner with it and vice versa.  If you get the chance, definitely check this out.
Another thing… kids are going back to school right now and there is nothing worse in your middle school or high school years than a bad hair day.  Help your kids keep the frizz at bay with Living Proof Frizz!  Have you ever tried anything from this brand?  What did you try and what did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.
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  • Steph And Laura

    You live in Fl? So do we! I hear you on that humidity and afternoon storms! Where do you purchase this line?

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      How funny is that? Small world! <3

  • Miranda

    I got the nourishing styling cream from Myglam and LOVE it!! It does wonders for my hair. I am almost out of the sample and need more asap!

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      It is super nice. I need some of that cream!

  • Lifeplus1

    YES! I love love love this stuff. I only just discovered it myself. I’m working on a post about it. Kind of a before and after. It’s literally the first shampoo that has followed through on it’s promises.

    L I F E + 1