Sunday Ramble: Let’s Catch Up!

It has been a while since I did a personal-type “What’s going on with me…” post.  I figured I would catch you up on what I did this week.
I did a reviewtorial (oh yeah, just created that word) earlier in the week on the H2Pro Beauty Life Vivace 1″ Flat Iron and after I did the tutorial I snapped a quick picture.  You can really see how long my hair has gotten.  Everytime I see a picture of myself like this I am even a little astonished.  It makes me laugh because 5 years ago or so I had a Victoria Beckham inverted bob and I was so petrified about how I looked with hair that short I haven’t ever given it a real cut or style since.  I have really enjoyed my long hair, and since I have let it get long I have more options with it.  I intensify the natural wavy-ness of my hair quite often recently… Summer no-fuss, no-muss.

Another thing I realized is that my stash is in utter disarray.  I have storage/organization but it isn’t working for me.  I need something more stylish and larger than the current setup I have.  I don’t want a vanity… I wouldn’t use it so it would be a waste of space for me.  I have always stood in my bathroom in front of a sink (because I wash my hands A LOT during my application process) so I want something that is functional and looks okay in a corner of my bathroom… and I am thinking that will be the IKEA Alex drawer set…  I just don’t wanna pay the hefty shipping cost for it and I don’t live close to an IKEA.
Speaking of needing to purchase things… WOAH I went nuts on a spending spree this last week.  I have had a membership for a long time now but NEVER purchased anything. Well… the recent candy inspired peep-toed pump that came out really caught my attention.  I logged in to take a peek at it and stumbled into THIS beautiful shoe.  It is the style called “Malaya”.  I really liked the candy shoes but I know DEEEEEP down in my heart that I would absolutely never wear them.  I am in LOVE with these peep-toed mules however and I would get so much use out of them.  And I am currently needing a pair of black shoes. Another thing that I love about these shoes is the versatility.  They would look AMAZING with shorts, maxi dresses, dress pants, jeans… You name it!  I can’t wait til these babies get to my front door!
Further haulage was done…  I have been trying to stop spending so much on beauty products these last few months and I have sort of stocked up on gift cards and I was making a return at my local Sephora the other day and look at all the things that crept into my basket…  *shifty eyes*  OKAY!  I put them there… they didn’t jump in themselves…  Sheesh!
The items I got on my first Sephora trip last week were the Dior Rosy Tan quint (EEEP!), Lancome Miel Glace blush, Too Faced Chocolate Soliel bronzer (this is the item I swapped out, I purchased Milk Chocolate and needed Chocolate), Dior Lip Glow, and Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine.  I have been wanting each and every single product in this picture for over a year I was just resisting temptation.  I am happy with this purchase because I let myself long after these products for so long.  Felt triumphant to make these purchases.
The very next day I went to Sephora again… I guess I was on a high from the first purchase so I went back for more items that I have been wanting for a while.  For starters, I repurchased my favorite deodorant from Lavanila (in a scent that I haven’t tried before).  I also purchased a few other items I have been dying to get which were the NARS Lhasa single, Lorac Exposed blush, Sephora 55 airbrush and the Too Faced Natural Face palette.  I repurchased the Philosophy Falling on Love rollerball… but then I threw in some sporadic other items like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream eyeshadow in #13 and the Benefit Boo Boo Zap.  I don’t regret the purchases at all but for some reason I didn’t get the same excited triumphant feeling as I did the first day.  Oh well… I love everything (that I have gotten around to trying) so far and I will definitely do reviews on some/all of the items hauled this week at some time or another.
What have you hauled lately?  Big humongous hauls or one or two items?  Let me know in the comments below… spark my interest to go buy more! LOL

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