Sample Society Box July 2012

This is my second Sample Society box from  I enjoyed my first box and even purchased a full sized item from it with the $15 off voucher…  Let’s see if the 2nd box was just as good…

It included one full sized product and 4 deluxe sized samples this go round.

I have tried the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint before in a smaller sample and it was okay, I suppose.  I neither loved it or hated it.  What I am happy about is that this sample actually has enough product in it to give it a good try, perhaps a week’s worth or product or more.  The other sample I got in ANOTHER sample box gave me a teeny tiny sample tube to try and I honestly couldn’t form an educated opinion on it.  

I really love trying eye creams and am happy to report that this box has one in it.  It is from vbeauté and it is called Eye Never.  I am petrified that my eyes will get saggy and baggy so I keep my undereyes wellll moisturized at all times.  I think I use about 2-3 different items on my undereyes a day (other than makeup).  Yes… paranoia has set in.

I have very little experience with Borghese products.  I got one mask once before in a different sampling subscription and I actually enjoyed it.  This time I am getting to try the Tono Body Creme.  

Sisley Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration is something that I am really excited to try.  I have been wanting to sample a Sisley product since I saw the LOVELY Kate from DrivelAboutFrivol  sing it’s praises.  I never tried any of it out due to the price tag (and the overwhelming amount of skincare I have in my possession which is untried) so I am very happy to be able to try before I buy.  I don’t know where I could find Sisley products in my area.  I have no uber high end shops around me so I am sort of lost. 

The full size product in this box was a Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil.  I would normally be happy about getting something like a pencil or what-not, but this color is nothing like a lip color I would wear.  I will probably be giving this to a friend soon (if I can find someone that wears burgundy lips).

My opinion on this box?  So-so.  I am happy to try all of the sample sized products that I received but the full-sized item is a flop for me.  I could probably get samples of these products at a store or counter, BUT the size of these samples are enough to make a real opinion on so I do enjoy that factor.  
If you want to get technical the Sisley moisturizer in a full size retails for $250 and the sample in this box is 1/10 of the full size amount.  So that sample alone is worth $25 and the box itself costs $15 (and you get a $15 voucher for the store with every box so the box is basically free).  All in all I am happy with it.  I get to something I have been longing to and I get a few extras.  One thing you have to keep in mind with sample subscriptions is that YOU MAY NOT LIKE EVERYTHING EVERY MONTH!  That is the point of the service: try before you buy!  You really should be happy that you didn’t waste money on the full sized product. 
What sample subscriptions do you all take part in?  Which sample service do you enjoy the most?

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  • Quinn

    Ive been thinking about adding another subscription service to my roster and I think it may be sample society. Thanks for such a great review, or unboxing :)

  • Stephanie C.

    This one actually looks kind of great! I think I’d be happy with everything besides the lip pencil, like you said. I’m still kind of cautious about these monthly boxes but they sure seem like a great way to try out new products. Do you have a favorite that you’d recommend starting out with?

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    You did get amazing samples