Review: Elizabeth Grant Island Coconut

The scent of coconut in the summertime is like a wish I never consciously made granted.  I have been indulging my senses with the Elizabeth Grant’s Island Coconut collection.

Elizabeth Grant’s says:
Escape to the Islands with this sensual blend of coconut against your skin. The three piece Island Coconut Kit transports you to a tropical getaway as you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize to a more beautiful, healthier skin.”

One of the most important parts of my skincare routine is exfoliation, whether it be for the face or body.  The Body Scrub in this kit is amazing.  It has the scrubby bits in it but they aren’t overly abrasive, and they sit in a nice thick moisturizing base.  I was reading through all of the ingredients trying to figure out what exactly makes it so luxurious and I came to a conclusion: all of them.  I honestly feel that while you are scrubbing it into your skin you are coating your body with a thick buttery layer and it really allows your dead skin to flake off and your moisture to be sealed in.  I am astonished by how much I enjoyed this.  I have used SEVERAL body scrubs in the past and none of them held in the moisture like this one does.  

You can see the little scrubby bits in the picture above. :)

The Shower Gel is pretty and pearlescent.  It is pleasing to the eyes as well as the nose.  It also has a great list of nutrients.  I noticed that while I am using this in the shower in the morning I tend to take a little longer than usual.  It really is a nice scent and it lathers VERY WELL.  I use it with a shower poof as well as without one.  I find that the lather is a bit more condensed when I don’t use a poof.  

I was trying to capture the beautiful pearlescent quality in this picture but instead all I could manage to get was a bit of blur.  :)  

Last but not least is the Body Lotion.  It is the perfect follow up to the shower gel, and it smells a tad bit sweeter.  I mentioned before that I love layering products to help with the longevity of a scent.  It smells great of course but it is a great moisturizer.  Instead of being a body lotion it feels more creamy.

I have been using these products for a couple weeks and I have seen a difference in the skin on my arms and legs.  I have been exfoliating 2-3 times a week (which I normally keep it to once but it is summer and I am showing more skin) and using the shower gel and body lotion daily.  My skin is softer and more supple and honestly, I don’t really notice any lines (which I will chock up to usually being dehydrated),  For some reason I have an oily face and hair but my body is as dry as the Sahara and drinks up lotion before it has even had a chance to set.  The entire kit retails for $24.99 at (link to the kit here).  
Is there a scent that you can’t seem to live without during the summer?  Also, do you layer your scents?  Let me know in the comments below!
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  • Jessica

    omg this sounds amazing great review i swear i can smell this yumyness haha

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      It is super nice! And smells wonderful!

  • keltie

    I actually received a full size of the body wash in one of my beauty boxes. I haven’t used it yet but now I know that I’ve got something great to look forward to!

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      You had better get to using it! :)

  • Beauty Thesis

    This entire kit sounds divine, I love coconut! :]

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      ME TOO! :)