June 2012 Favorites

I am a few days late but here it is: June 2012 Beauty Favorites.  

As you see it is a lot of products again.  :/  Sorry.  I felt I needed to mention everything I loved.  

I did a recent blog post on the Sonia Kaskuk brush set that I bought in June and I have been using all of them sooo much.  I am very impressed in the quality of them.  To be specific I love the blush brush and bent liner brush.  The blush brush is perfect.  The right density as well as the right size.  It has improved my application process.  The bent liner brush is very similar to the regular one in her line.  Only difference is that the handle is a little larger and feels a bit more sturdy in my hand.
I also want to mention the Sigma E45 brush.  I also acquired this brush this month and have been using it non-stop.  I not only wing my liner but I also enjoy winging up my eyeshadow and this brush shape is perfect for that.  I don’t know how I did the shape without it now. 

On to some face products:  I have been using the next few items daily.  By Terry Touche Veloutee has been my savior for the mornings that I need to get out the door extremely fast.  I cover my problem areas with it and am done.  
I got a kit from Sephora a couple of months ago that had a lot of go-to summer necessities and the next two items came in that kit.  To be honest, the next two items are a couple of the main reasons I bought that kit altogether.  Dr. Jart+ Premium BB cream has been one of my go-to products for the last couple months but more-so recently.  It blends into my skin quick and looks like it IS my skin.  
Origins VitaZing is one of my staple products.  I have gone through 2-3 full sized tubes of this and am now using the deluxe sample size.  I use this as a moisturizer and cover most days.  It doesn’t bother my skin and I think it suits my skintone well.  I know that some people complain that it casts an orange tint to them but I have never had that effect myself.

The next couple pictures are swatches of the product.
L to R: Dr Jart+ Premium BB, Origins VitaZing, By Terry Touche Veloutee

I know they sort of blended together in the next picture but you can see the color difference.

More face/skincare products…
Sheer Cover Concealer duo has been awesome on the go.  It has stayed in my purse the entire month.  Sometimes I need to touchup throughout the day and I have been packing this with me to do just that.  It applies nicely over powder and never looks cakey.
Bare Minerals BareVitamins Eye Rev-er Upper has been a god-send this month.  I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (mostly because I work all day and blog all night) and I have needed that extra boost to my under eyes in the morning.  It has this almost pearlescent finish which helps brighten up the area.
Giorgio Armani Youth Regenerator has been a favorite for a couple months now.  I mentioned it before and I would like to update that it is still working great.  I ADORE the scent as well as the way my skin feels afterwards.  

Brow and lash products have been a win all the way around this month.  Specifically I have been loving the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (original) mascara and it is perfect for me.  I am sad because it is dying but that just allows me room to review more mascaras for you ladies, right?  I have done several Instagram pics of myself in this mascara and I am truly impressed. 

I have two favorite brow products this time.  Revlon Brow Fantasy has been a great friend of my brows lately.  The pencil is pigmented and the color really blends in PERFECTLY with my hair color.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel has been great when I have been in a pinch and used an eyeshadow (in whatever palette I did my eyeshadow with) as my brow definer.  I would also like to mention that this is always in my purse as well.  Almost never gets removed from my purse.  Nice product to have with you when you are on the go.

Eyeshadows…  I have been keeping it simple lately.  I love the Rouge Bunny Rouge Caress of Mink loose eyeshadow all over the lid and blended out with a lighter shade.  It is a perfect taupe.  The RevitaLash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil has been the product I reach for to highlight my inner corners.  My bases have changed up a bit this month.  I have been switching out MAC Groundwork Paint Pot and Laura Mercier Cream Eyeshadowin Platinum.  I use Groundwork when I want a nice simple, more natural look and Platinum when I want to glam it up a bit.  

These products are all very different in type but they all work together perfectly.

L to R:
Rouge Bunny Rouge Caress of Mink, RevitaLash Spotlight, MAC Groundwork, Laura Mercier Platinum

Natural Lighting

 My favorite lip products this month were YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Opera, Giorgio Armani Beige 102, and Laura Mercier gloss in Opal.  These three items I did have to dig out of my purse to be able to photograph them.  
My most worn item for lips is usually a balm but when I want to add a little color I usually first reach for a gloss.  Laura Mercier Opal is a beautiful barely there color that adds a brilliant shimmer to your pout.  
YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Opera is a powerful bright pink.  These lipsticks smell so good and taste good too.  They feel amazing on the lips!  I can not rave enough about this.  The pigmentation in this shade actually stains my lips a bit, which is also nice.
I am a nude lover and Giorgio Armani in Beige 102 is my perfect pinky nude.  It has no shimmer, and it is the most perfect creamy lip product I think I have ever used.  

Swatches L to R:
Giorgio Armani Beige 102, YSL Rose Opera, Laura Mercier Opal

Natural Light

Also, I am not the HUGEST country music fan even though I enjoy much of the feel good stuff! This has been my favorite song since I first heard it…. it is sooooo me and how I spend most of any extra time I have!  Enjoy! PONTOOOOOOOOOOON!  And I love the makeup!

That is it for my June Favorites.  What were your favorites this month?  What couldn’t you live without (dramatic I know)?  Let me know in the comments below!  Give me ideas for my next purchase, ladies!


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05910318508770830006 DianaLuv

    I love favorites, you did a great job. I love how the products are closed then you open them in another picture. :) Im really curious about the By Terry Touche Veloutee what is it exactly? Do you have a review about it?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Thank you! I love packaging so I like to see the outside and inside!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      It is a concealer!

  • Anonymous

    This was a good one Laura. All the colors are beautiful. I’m really fascinated by the Dr. Jart BB cream though. I have looked at that a thousand times and thought now way – but the coverage looks nice! I also don’t see any yellow in it which I love. I may give that a try.

    I have a LM cream shadow in the tube also that I reach for all the time. Love it!


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      You should try it Char!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08090454528220241490 Charisse

    I’m v curious abt the By Terry now, haven’t tried anything from the brand. What shade do you use bb?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Hope you love it! I use a couple of different shades ATM!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04143907449862435961 Angelica

    I had forgotten how much I loved the Bare Minerals eye rev-er upper, I need to try that Mascara, & that pink YSL lipstick is gorgeous, I need to add to my YSL lipstick collection, they really do smell & taste good & feel so good on the lips.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I love the Rev-Er Upper! And it comes in handy!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18300242793705716747 Spontaneous Beauty

    Great favorites!