Scherer Chameleon in Heat

I wanted to share with you a polish that I have had for months (maybe a year) and never worn.  Scherer Chameleon polish in Heat was a gift from a friend and although it is pretty I never reached for it.  I was organizing my polishes the other day and when I stumbled across it, I decided I needed to change my mani anyway.  :)

First things first:  Scherer Chameleon polishes are duo chromes that shift as you move your hand or enter different light.  
I had no idea what to expect of this polish but quickly made up my mind about it.  First off, it applied easily and dried super fast… the super fast drying part isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Because of its pearly duo-chome finish I noticed that I could see every brush stroke, and it dried before I could “correct” it.  

It applies pretty sheer, so multiple coats were necessary.  The need for multiple coats actually helped correct the appearance of the brush strokes.  After 3 coats of polish it became mostly opaque.  I don’t know if you can see in these pictures but I can faintly make out the white tips of my natural nail through the polish.  

You can see a huge difference in the shade of this polish with a flash vs. without a flash.  It shifts from a hot pinky coral to a metallic orange.  This aspect of the polish I actually enjoy A LOT.  It seemingly feels like I am wearing a different nail polish every time I look down. 
The reason I took the picture of me holding the MAC Heatherette compact is because when I have the polish up against a pink color it reallllly shifts the shade into a more hot pink look.  Well… that and I love the compact.  haha
My overall opinion on this polish is that it is good but not great.  It needs underwear… which is a nail polish junkie’s slang word for an opaque base in a similar color.  I believe that if I had proper underwear for this color then I may like it more.  I do enjoy the idea of the super quick drying formula but the brush strokes being easily visible really sort of ruined my experience with the polish itself.  I give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Have you ever tried any Scherer Chameleon polishes?  They are available at Rite Aid (which I don’t have anywhere near me… booo) and they retail for around $4.
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  • voodoogirl @ The Stepford Witch

    that’s a gorgeous metallic pink you’ve got there!

  • Angelica

    I love that compact too!!! Wish I had gotten one when it came out, love the polish color too!!!

  • Jessica

    Very cute!

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    Very pretty nails!:)