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Hello all!  I would like to start off this ramble-y post with an announcement!  New items have been added to the BLOG SALE!!!!  So go check it out! I will be adding more stuff to it as I sift through more things that I don’t use anymore.  
Ok so first off…. as I was going throguh things the other night I found so many colorful makeup items that I don’t use that I still want to put to use…. So I am excited to say that I found allllllll of these items that I am about to either review of use in a FOTD!!!  Most of them are still in fact neutrals but they are neutrals that I haven’t worn in a long time!  I am in love with the MAC Teal pigment (AND I live pretty close to the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium) so HELLO FOOTBALL SEASON! :)  That big black blob on my wrist is a BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL sparkly Barry M Dazzle Dust.  I need to do a dramatic black smokey eye using this but *IZ SCARED*! 

One of the last Instagram #PhotoADayMay challenges I did was #YourPersonality.  I feel like this little collage of pics of me sums it up.  I feel this gives off the feeling of goofy, silly, dreamy, easy-going, intense, sexy, sweet!  There are so many more layers of my personality but we will just skip those! LOL  What is your personality? 

Speaking of #PhotoADayMay, there is a new one for June!  #PhotoADayJune!  I didn’t do the first day but 2 and 3 are done!  Follow me on Instagram or Followgram.  I am LauraJean396!  These challenges are fun and when I set forth doing them I wasn’t really thinking anything except, “Yeah, okay!  I will see what happens!”  So… because these photos are things that I wouldn’t normally take pictures of and post to the internet I find that I have interacted with people that I never would have before.  I always click on the hashtag and look through all the photos for the day and I have found so many people that I follow because their iPhonetography (and since Android Market phones now have Instagram I can’t leave them out) skills are pretty bad ass!  

Another weird but fun picture I took a few days ago at a redlight going to work…. There is a new radio station in Jacksonville called Jack FM (107.3) and they play the MOST RANDOM line up of songs…. So at 7:50 AM I was blasting Prince Raspberry Beret!  :)  People are the redlight were looking but I was just moving my head and singing along!  (Yes… I AM THAT GIRL!)  

Also Sephora is having 10% off tomorrow for their 15 Days of Beauty Thrills celebration!  CODE: 15days!
Thanks for having a look-see at my random pictures!  :)  Soo!  What words describe your personality?  Leave them in the comments below!!!

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