My Experience with Little Black Bag

A few weeks ago I started my membership with Little Black Bag.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a site where for $49.95 you pick your first item and then the site customizes the rest of your bag (2-3 additional items) based on a survey you fill out.  The value of the bag is always going to be at least $100.  If you don’t like the items they place in your bag you are able to swap with other people on the site until you are satisfied with your purchase (or a week passes–whichever comes first) and then you have your LBB shipped.  I will share with you my experience.
First off I chose the Deux Lux Felix Wristlet Pouch which I believe retailed for somewhere around $70 and they added a few things to my bag.  One of them was a bag that I wasn’t too fond of and a bangle that I didn’t like and makeup that I was sure that I wasn’t going to use.  The value totaled around $150 though so it was still a good deal.   Immediately I had offers to swap some items and passed on a few swaps until I had one that I wanted.  I then started searching out swaps myself.  I may have accepted other people’s swaps too soon and took a loss on my “value” because I was just so excited to get started.  
Deux Lux Felix Wristlet Pouch
This is the wristlet that I chose first.  I had probably 1000 offers for people wanting to swap for that but I was smitten and had to have it.  Glad I stuck to my guns and kept it.  It is by far my favorite thing that came in the package.  The picture below is the inside.  Super nice and perfect for date nights. 
The next bag I am showing is what I ended up trading the bag that I wasn’t very fond of for.  It is cute but I totally didn’t realize how small it was.  It is my fault because the dimensions are posted on each item but still… I was a little surprised at how small it was…. the wristlet and the purse are almost the same length horizontally and vertically.  Of course the R&Em Mini Brooke Satchel has more room on the inside…

R&Em Mini Brooke Satchel
But just barely…  Regardless though, I am happy with it.  I am actually thinking I am going to swap out my bag tonight after I write this post.  I usually carry around a Michael Kors leather handbag and it is very rainy in Florida right now so it may be better for the days that I don’t want to carry around leather goods and possibly ruin them.

Another item I got early on are these Betsy Johnson Frog Studs.  They were just too cute for words and I own no Betsy Johnson jewelry so I had to have them.  I am so glad I got them.  I have worn them a few times since purchasing and I really like them.  Just a touch of cute! :)

Betsy Johnson Frog Studs
See how cute they are?  *squeeeeee*
 Last thing that I got in my LBB is this Ben Amun Metal Bangle.  This was the last piece that I swapped for and as soon as I got it I had the bag shipped.  I went through several trades to acquire this one.  It is nice and I am happy I swapped for it.  Definitely going to be a staple bangle in my collection.  It will mix well with so many of my other items.  
Ben Amun Metal Bangle
So tell me, have you opened a Little Black Bag account?  If you haven’t you totally should, but I am warning you that it is addictive.  I wanted to do another one immediately after having this one shipped but held off and I am glad.  I want to take time to enjoy these goodies before moving on and getting something else.  If you would like you can check out the YouTube video I did where I unboxed in on video!!!  CLICK HERE! for that!
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*I started by membership with a Perk from,  I did pay for this but I received an extra item as a Perk.

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  • Jessica

    super cute earrings good pick

  • Amanda

    love that wristlet!